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Neutral11.- Determine the pH of each of the following solutions, and classify each as acidic,basic or neutral.a)[H+]= 5.6 ...
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Reviewing concepts 2


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  1. 1. Name _________________________________________________ Group _______________Date __________________________________________________ List # _______________ Reviewing concepts1.- Use the symbols <,>, and = to express the relationship between the concentration ofH+ and OH- ions in acidic, neutral, and basic solutions.2.- Write the chemical equation that represents the self-ionization of water.3.- Classify the following acids as strong or weak.a)H2CO3 b)HCN c)H2SO4 d)HNO3 e)HC2H3O24.- Consider the pH of the following items: root beer pH=5.8, pickles pH=3.5, glasscleaner pH=7.8, kitchen cleaner pH=10.9, cranberry juice pH=2.9. Place the items inorder of most acidic to most basic. __________________________________________________Which item has the highest [H+]? ____________Which item has the highest[OH-]?_______5.- Use the data in the table below to answer the following questions.Substance Ammonia Lemon Antacid Blood Soft drinkpH 11.3 2.3 9.4 7.4 3.0 a) Which substance is the most basic? _____________________________________ b) Which substance is closest to neutral?___________________________________ c) Which substance has a pOH of 11.0?_____________________________________ d) Which substance is the most acidic?_____________________________________6.- What is the [OH-] in an aqueous solution in which [H+]=5.4 x 10-3 M?7.- What is the pH and pOH of the solution described in question #6 ?8.- What is the pH of a bile sample that has a [H+] = 1 x 10 -8 M? Is the solution acidic orbasic?9.- Identify the acid, base, conjugate acid and conjugate base in the followingequation: NH3 + H2O <--> NH4+ + OH-10.- Complete the following table:[H+] [OH-] pH pOH Acidic, basic or neutral 1 x 10 -6 M -52.8 x 106.4 x 10 -12
  2. 2. Neutral11.- Determine the pH of each of the following solutions, and classify each as acidic,basic or neutral.a)[H+]= 5.6 x 10 -6 b)[H+]= 9.2 x 10 -9c)[H+]= 7.2 x 10 -12 d) [OH-]= 6.3 x 10 -512.- What factor determines the acidity of a solution?_________________________________13.- What is the range of pH values in the following solutions:a)basic b)acidic c)neutral14.- What method(s) can you use the measure the pH of a solution?15. What happens to the [H+] as the pH of a solution increases?16.- What factor determines whether an acid or base is strong or weak?17.- Classify the following bases as strong or weak.a)NaOH b)Al(OH)3 c)Mg(OH)2 d)NH318.- Neutralization reaction occur when an acid and a base react to form salt andwater. Which of the following reactions are neutralization reactions?a)HNO3 + NaOH  NaNO3 + H2O b)HCl + LiOH LiCl + H2Oc)Zn + HCl ZnCl2 + H2 d) HCl + NaOH  NaCl + H2O19.- Antacids, like milk of magnesia, are used to neutralize the HCl (gastric juice) in ourstomach. Does the pH of the stomach increase or decrease? Explain.20.- What is the concentration of[ H+] and [OH-] in pure water at 25 C?