2.2 occupations and workplaces
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2.2 occupations and workplaces






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2.2 occupations and workplaces Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Jobs and Workplaces
  • 2. What is your job? I’m a __________. doctor Where do you work? I work in a hospital _________.
  • 3. What is his job? He’s a doctor. What is her job? She’s a nurse. What is their job? They’re dentists.
  • 4. He’s an architect She’s an engineer They’re bricklayers. They work in a construction.
  • 5. They’re workers. He’s the supervisor. They work in a factory.
  • 6. She’s a cook/chef. He’s a waiter. / She’s a waitress. She’s the manager. They work in a restaurant.
  • 7. Office He Accountant is a salesman. Bussinesswoman a businesswoman. Lawyer She is She is a secretary. Secretary Salesman She is a manager. They work in an office.
  • 8. He’s a taxi driver He works in the streets. She’s a housekeeper. She works in a house. She’s a hair stylist. She works in a beauty He’s a farmer. He works in the fields.
  • 9. In/at I work I work at in El Molcajete’s restaurant. He works He works a restaurant. in a factory. at Charlie’s chocolate factory.
  • 10. Are you a doctor? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. Is she a secretary? Yes, she is. / No, she’s not Are they farmers? Yes, they are. / No, they’re not.
  • 11. Do you work in a hospital? Yes, I do. /No, I don’t. Does she work in a restaurant? Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t
  • 12. Conversation 1 A: Where do you work? B: I work at Giorgio’s restaurant. A: Are you a waiter? B: No, I’m not. I’m a chef. A: Oh! That’s great!
  • 13. Conversation A: What is your job? B: I am a doctor. A: What is her job? Is she a doctor, too? C: No, I’m a nurse. A: Where do you work? C: We work at Betania’s hospital. 2
  • 14. These are my friends Jessica and Alex. Jessica is a teacher. She works at La Fragua High School. Alex is an architect. He works in a construction on Second Street. They are my best friends in the world.
  • 15. H.W. Bring a photo or picture of your family