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Presentation brazil


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  • 1. Rotary InternationalDistrict 4430Brazil
  • 2. Brazilian Flag Green represents the forests; Yellow represents thewealth; Blue represents the water; White representspeace; The Stars represent the 26 states and the Federal District.
  • 3. Central East of South America Discovered of April 21stin the year 1500 by thePortuguese CaptainPedro Alvares Cabral Our country is 5th largestarea wise behind Russia(1st), Canada (2nd), China(3rd), and USA (4th).
  • 4. s•Territorial Area  8.514.204km²•Population almost190.000.000•Language Portuguese•Kind of governmentDemocracy•National Currency R$Real (0,49 dollars)•Climate Tropical•Capital Brasília•Religion  71% RomanCatholics. Evangelicalismwith 22,2%, Spiritism with2,0% and non religion are8,0% of the population.
  • 5. Currency- R$ Real (Coins)
  • 6. Currency- R$ Real
  • 7. COUNTRIES THAT BORDER AND AREALLIED WITH BRAZIL• BORDER Paraguay,Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia,Peru, Colombia, Venezuela,Surinam, and French Guyana.• DO NOT BORDER Chile andEcuador• MERCOSUL Brazil,Argentina, Uruguay, VenezuelaParaguay was suspended andBolivia are in process to beaccepted
  • 8. GeneralCharacteristics•Production: agriculture, sugar-cane, soybean, corn, manyedible animals, plenty of industries, energy, oil, vehicles,ethanol and coal.• Ethnic group: White (54%), mixed (40%), Black (5%) andAsian (1%).• Transports: railroad, highway, motorway, vehicles,marine and airway.• Income per person per year: 2710 US$.• Internal production: 500.000.000.000 US$• License and Drink Age: 18 years old• Vote Age: 16 years old optional, 18 obligatory• Education: Publics and privates.•Rate of literates: 86%• Health: Our government is unable to keep it. Peopleshould have private one.
  • 9. President•Dilma Vana Rousseff•Government Period:2011- 2015
  • 10. Brazil’s Regions
  • 11. Brazil- North More than half of the worldsestimated 10 million speciesof plants, animals and insectslive in the tropical rainforests.One-fifth of the worlds freshwater is in the Amazon Basin The North covers 40% ofBrazil and contains 6% of thepopulation
  • 12. Brazil- Northeast Northeast is popular worldwideas a vacation center because ofits perfect weather and evenmore perfect beaches There are over 2,000 miles ofbeaches The Northeast is rich withBrazil’s culture, history andfolklore. Part of that folklore isthe food
  • 13. Brazil- Central West The Central West varies fromthe futuristic designs of thenation’s capital, Brasilia, tountouched and unexploredbackwaters The Pantanal Matogrossensearea is one of the largest andrichest reserves of wildlifeknown and the AraguaiaRiver is considered to hold theplanets most abundant sourceof fish
  • 14. Brazil- Southeast The Southeast covers 11% of Braziland contains 43% of the population São Paulo is the business capital ofBrazil. It is Latin America’s largestindustrial and commercial center. As a tropical resort, Rio de Janeirooffers a wide expanse of goldenbeaches, folklore, typical foods andmusic. It has our biggest carnivaltoo.
  • 15. Brazil- South The South is home tocountless Europeanimmigrants. They have allmade their mark on the South. The South’s main attraction isa place called Foz deIguaçu, in which contains 275waterfalls and the largesthydroelectric power plants inthe worldBotanic GardenWaterfalls
  • 16. Purchasing Power In Brazil Brazil is 7th in the world inPurchasing Power Parity withmore than US $ 2 trillion dollar The prediction is that Brazil willrise to 5th place in 2015 justbehind Germany1. USA2. China3. Japan4. Germany5. France6. England7. Brazil
  • 17. São PauloHDI: 0.841GDP U.S. $ 443 600 102 000GDP per capita $ 39 450.87
  • 18. Brazil Today 450 brand new carmodels available 88 kinds of tomato sauce 120 kinds of beer 200 models of sportsneakers
  • 19. Soccer!!Robinho and KakáPeléChampion 5 times!
  • 20. Typical FoodRice and Beans Typical brazilian dishFeijoada Barbacue
  • 21. •Tom Jobin•Milton Nascimento•Chico buarque•Caetano Veloso•Maria Rita•Ivete SangaloThe girl from Ipanema - HeloPinheiro
  • 22. FamilySome of my friendsMy House