Caring for your tie


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Here are 6 Fashion Tips on How to Care for Your Tie.

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Caring for your tie

  1. 1. Caring ForYour Tie6 TipsTo KeepYourTie Looking GreatGabrielle Callan Top Wide Calf
  2. 2. Tips for Caring forYour Tie If you properly carefor your tie you willprevent damage to thefabric and have yearsof wear.A poorlytreated tie has a shortlife and you will needto replace it muchsooner than if you takethe following steps.
  3. 3. Take It Easy One of the mostcommon mistakes incaring for a tie is to takeoff by yanking at the tieto remove it and untiethe knot.When you dothis you could pull thefabric and damage thetie. Carefully loosen thetie and take it off andthen untie the knot.Thebest way to untie is toreverse the steps usedto tie the knot.
  4. 4. Keep It Untied Always untie your tiewhen you take it can causepermanent wrinkles tothe fabric and unduewear if you leave ittied for long periods.Also, allow a few daysbefore you wear thesame tie again, thisallows the tie toreturn naturally to itswrinkle-free state.
  5. 5. Store It Rolled Always store your tiesby loosely rolling them.To roll a tie, begin byholding the narrowend against your palm,and then winding upthe rest of the tie, withthe wide end on theoutside. Lay the roll ona flat surface on thecoiled side.This is alsothe best way to packyour ties when youtravel.
  6. 6. Keep It Clean Don’t ever machine wash atie it will stretch the fabricand leave the tie unkempt. Silkties are fragile even drycleaning can cause them tolose their luster. If you stain the tieimmediately take it to the drycleaners and let them knowwhat the stain is.They shouldbe able to tell you if they canremove the stain by handcleaning it or if you shouldjust replace the tie. Much like suede boots waterspots will stain your tie andcologne can cause the colorto fade.
  7. 7. Trim Loose Threads If you see a loosethread on your tie,resist the urge to pullit off.You could causean unfortunateunraveling that willrender the tie useless.Use scissors or nailclippers to trim thethread as close to thetie as you can.
  8. 8. Wrinkle-Free You can lightly iron the tie(without steam) at lowtemperatures to smooth outstubborn wrinkles. Hotironing is not good for ties asit weakens the fabric.Also,make sure you change theiron’s fabric setting to matchthat of the tie before youbegin ironing.You can alsosteam out the wrinkles byhanging the tie in thebathroom during a hotshower, don’t allow water tospray the tie though.To drythe tie, roll it up in a cleantowel for a day.You will have awrinkle free tie the next day.
  9. 9. Finally... A little care andpatience is all it takesto have tie that lastsyears and looks great.You can read morefashion tips at ourblog here.Gabrielle Callan Top Wide Calf
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