Health and Wellness from the Inside Out...

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Health and Wellness BEYOND diet and exercise, incorporated into living the TOTAL SUSTAINABLE lifestyle. Wouldn't you like to live free from stress, worries and stagnation in your business, …

Health and Wellness BEYOND diet and exercise, incorporated into living the TOTAL SUSTAINABLE lifestyle. Wouldn't you like to live free from stress, worries and stagnation in your business, professional and personal lives? Well then, follow us...

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  • 1. “Develop, Empower to be Fit” (D.E.F.) Healthy Body, Mindful Existence, Wealthy Spirit Health Promotion & Wellness Campaign Inspired in part by Healthy People 2010 and Alliance for a Healthier Generation Going to the MAX and beyond “diet” and “exercise” Gabrielle Bourne Productions 1
  • 2. “D.E.F.” Campaign Program Series ”Live Long and Prosperous” Promotes TOTAL SUSTABILITY* in the following areas… • Development (Business, Professional, Personal) • Empowerment (Women & “Kid Power”) • Fitness (Boot camp, Post Natal, First “Major”) *Education = knowledge AND is KEY to a stress-free and productive lifestyle. *Manage your health AND optimize your Wellness “intention”. *”Where attention goes…energy flows…results show…” Gabrielle Bourne Productions 2
  • 3. Health Promotion & Disease Prevention • Screenings • Health education • Awareness • Supportive work environments • Activities Aims to reduce behavioural risk factors in order to improve employee health thereby resulting in lower healthcare cost and increased productivity. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 3
  • 4. Small to Mid-sized “Perceptions” • Lack of time, money and expertise. Larger employers are more equipped. • Lack of reward – healthcare insurance premiums based on “community rating,” not employee impact. An employer could implement an excellent program, reduce health risks and even healthcare utilization yet premiums would likely continue to rise. However medically high risk employees are medically high cost employees, dependent on increased risk factors. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 4
  • 5. Small to Mid-sized “Misperceptions” • Contributions towards employee health coverage are tax deductible* • Employers with employees who have “pre- existing” conditions cannot be denied group health coverage by insurers, albeit they may charge higher insurance premiums. *Employees cannot deduct health insurance premiums when bought on their own. These are “false” beliefs some employers hold to be true. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 5
  • 6. Self-Insured Employee Health and Bottom line • Take on risks associated with providing health benefits to employees directly. • High healthcare utilization negatively affects employer profit. • Potential risks and rewards are the catalysts for broader range of health promotion and disease prevention interventions to maximize impact on employee health. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 6
  • 7. Organizational Benefits: Productivity and Performance • A healthier workforce contributes to individual productivity. • Increased productivity directly impacts organizational performance. • Improved quality of products and/or services. • Decreased absenteeism (MIA) • Decreased presenteeism. (NIA) Link between health, productivity and performance. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 7
  • 8. Benefits: External and Internal “Perception” • A successful health promotion and wellness program can provide leverage for negotiating with insurers and workers compensation carriers. • An experience employer can make more informed decisions related to purchasing of healthcare benefits or considering self-insurance. • Community impact perception and reputation of an “employer who cares.” Gabrielle Bourne Productions 8
  • 9. Strategies: Getting Started • Modification to the work environment to encourage healthy behaviours. • Development of policies that build health into the work culture. • Initiatives to raise awareness and education. • Enhancement of preventative care benefits. Getting started does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 9
  • 10. Key Factors: • Behavioural Risk Factors - Tobacco use - Alcohol/Drug use - Physical inactivity - Overweight/Obesity - Physical Environment • Interventions - Health Screenings - Health Risk Appraisals (HRA) - Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Fitness Challenge / Weight Management / Nutrition - Safety/Loss Prevention Gabrielle Bourne Productions 10
  • 11. Personal Behaviour Contribution to disease development or exacerbate existing health problems From Healthy Workforce 2010 (www. An updated 2000 census shows steady rise in Tobacco and Diet/activity pattern related deaths, whilst other causes have decreased. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 11
  • 12. Employer “Major” Concerns Related to Employee health • Healthcare Costs – 69% • Occupational Injury – 59% • Employee Performance – 65% • Ability to Recruit – 68% • Ability to Retain – 65% • Employee Morale – 45% • Aging Workforce – 12% Source: 1999 National Worksite Health Promotion Survey Gabrielle Bourne Productions 12
  • 13. 10 Step Process for an Effective Health Promotion Program 1. Establish a Planning Committee. 2. Assess the interests and needs of leadership and other employees. 3. Develop mission statement, goals and objectives and design the program. 4. Develop a timeline and budget. 5. Select incentives. 6. Acquire resources. 7. Market the program. 8. Implement the program. 9. Evaluate the program. 10. Modify the program (Continuous Quality Assurance) Gabrielle Bourne Productions 13
  • 14. Employee Benefits: • General Well-being (Body, Mind and Spirit) • Improved Quality of Life • Better Focus. • Job satisfaction. • Foster positive interpersonal connections. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 14
  • 15. Successful Wellness program dependent on healthy organizational culture • Employees communicate openly. • Leaders support diversity of opinion. • Employees have fun. • Policies support wellness. • Employees are encouraged to grow. • Employees work together as a team. • Employees’ skills and talents are matched to their job. • Flexible work schedules are available. • Employers consider employees their most valuable asset. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 15
  • 16. Wellness Committee • Composed of cross-section of employees representing various occupations, levels and subgroups with the organization. • Plans, promotes and runs program. • Does not handle biometric screening procedures, counsel clients, or handle confidential health information. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 16
  • 17. Goal and Objectives Wellness Program • The Goal is to enhance the health of individuals and the organization. • Two types of objectives: Process and Outcome. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 17
  • 18. Process Objectives • Number of participants screened. • Number of participants completing HRAs. • Satisfaction of program participants. • Number of participants medically referred and saw their physicians. • Number of promotional activities. • Number of participants seen in follow-up. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 18
  • 19. Outcome Objectives • Number at no and low risk, moderate risk, high risk. • Number at no cardiovascular disease (CVD) risks. • Number of participants who improved fitness level. • Number of participants with high blood pressure who lowered their blood pressure. • Number of participants with risk factors who saw their physician and are being treated for high blood pressure or cholesterol years later. Many HRAs track this type of information and provide group aggregate reports. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 19
  • 20. Health Screening • Provided by health professional trained in wellness-screening techniques and counseling. • Employee assessment consists of brief health history, blood pressure and cholesterol. • Follow-up appointments set up for those identified “at risk.” Gabrielle Bourne Productions 20
  • 21. Health Risk Appraisal • Computerized assessment tool and reviews: - Family history - Health status. - Lifestyle. HRA seeks to identify precursors associated with premature death and serious illness. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 21
  • 22. Menu of Services* • Classes • Mini-groups • Guided self-help • Individual counseling/coaching *Designed to support changing lifestyles. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 22
  • 23. Wellness Touches • Preventative screenings • HRA • Health Screenings • Coaching • Community wellness activity • Group Education • “Lunch ‘n’ Learn” or “Break and Take” • Newsletter/educational communication Gabrielle Bourne Productions 23
  • 24. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions VISION: Sustainability through a healthy body, a “mindful” existence and wealthy spirit. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 24
  • 25. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions MISSION: To enrich the lives of individuals and to develop a strong healthy mindset and lifestyle changes through a series of “wellness touches” with generational benefits to Develop, Empower and to be Fit. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 25
  • 26. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Outcomes: • Understanding + Knowledge = Empowerment • Experience + Awareness = Implementation • Lifestyle Changes + Practice = Generational benefits Gabrielle Bourne Productions 26
  • 27. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Outputs: • “Lunch ‘n Learn” or “Break and Take” • Health Screenings/Assessments • Community Activities/Education Gabrielle Bourne Productions 27
  • 28. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Outputs: “Lunch ‘n Learn” or “Break and Take” • Serves as prelude to Health & Wellness Expo and generate excitement and anticipation. • Serves to further enhance the information process. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 28
  • 29. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Outputs: “Health Screenings/Assessments” • Serves as a “preventative” vehicle for better health. • Serves to promote “active” participation in staying and being well. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 29
  • 30. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Outputs: “Community Activities/Education” • Serves in partnership with individual efforts. • Serves to promote communal “togetherness.” Gabrielle Bourne Productions 30
  • 31. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Production Services: • Process Development – Creation of Production processes and resources including, but not limited to Rules/Guidelines, procedural manual, forms and evaluation system. (weeks 1-4) • Operations – Management of Production processes and resources including, but not limited to implement operational plan, program design, preparatory activities, facility management, agenda, topics, speakers/presenters, donor/sponsors, invitations, training, briefings and debriefings, collect and analyze data, wrap ups and follow ups, project outcome data report, preparation of reports, final event report (weeks 1-18) Gabrielle Bourne Productions 31
  • 32. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Production Services (cont’d): • Logistics – Procurement, Maintenance and Distribution of Production processes and resources including, but not limited to on-site programming, venue, registration, printing, collection of fees, and collateral materials. (weeks 2-16) • Marketing – Promotion including, but not limited to media kits, press releases, and E-marketing (weeks 2-18) • Administration – Organization of Production processes and resources including, but not limited to “Save the Date,” name tags, evaluation process (weeks 2-16) Gabrielle Bourne Productions 32
  • 33. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Gabrielle Bourne, Executive Producer Wellness and Human Resources Consultant with proven disciplines in the areas of Strategic Planning, Event Programming, Logistics/Operations, Development and Administration. She has over 17 years experience working with non-profits, 10 years in Human Resources and 8 years in the US Army Reserves as a Civil Affairs Specialists working with media, local civilian leaders and Brass. She spent six (6) years on the Board of the American Heart Association in Los Angeles, California where she lobbied for legislative changes in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. She was also on the Board of Directors of Korean American Democratic Committee, as well as on the advisory Board of LA’s Best Afterschool Enrichment Program. Gabrielle is an experienced and talented Projects Coordinator and Event Programmer. In 2008, Gabrielle Bourne launched Gabrielle Bourne Productions to support wider community-related grassroots initiatives. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 33
  • 34. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Projects/Event Coordination Highlights: • Town of Jupiter, FL Health Fair & Wellness Expo (2009) • The Club at Admiral’s Cove Health Fair & Wellness Expo (2009) • Primal Quest Expedition Racing, South Dakota, Transition Team (2009) • Primal Quest Expedition Racing, Montana, Transition Team (2008) • Nissan Open PGA Golf Tournament, Volunteer Director (2001-2003) • L.A. Watts Summer Games, Los Angeles, Interim Director (2002-2003) • Foster Family Picnics, Los Angeles, Operations Director (2001-2003) • Sibling Dinners, DCFS, Los Angeles, Operations Director (2001-2003) • Eco-Challenge, New Zealand, Transition Team (2001) • Women's Legacy Conference, Los Angeles, Programming Associate (2001-2002) Gabrielle Bourne Productions 34
  • 35. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Projects/Event Coordination Highlights (cont’d): • Inaugural Womens' Legacy Conference, Los Angeles, Coordinator (2000) • Westside Walk and Health Expo, WLA, Entertainment Chair (2000-2001) • Prism Awards, Los Angeles, Registrations Coordinator (2000-2002) • Eco-Challenge, Morocco, Transition Team (1998) • Eco-Challenge, Australia, Transition Team (1997) • Baywatch Beach Walk & Health Expo, Santa Monica, Funding (1996-1998) • Eco-Challenge, British Columbia, Transition Team (1996) • Hitachi Tradeshow, Las Vegas, Coordinator (1993-1996) • AFI Film Festival Special Events/Tributes (1992-1996) • Governor’s Conference for Women, aka Womens’ Conference (1991-1993) Gabrielle Bourne Productions 35
  • 36. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Kathryn Robertson, SPHR, Associate “Kat” has a diverse background with experience in both non-profit and for-profit sectors.  Her health education background includes stints with the American Cancer Society and the state pilot Wellness Program of the Northeast Health District, a State of Georgia Public Health agency.  With ACS, she managed the administration and training for volunteer based programs in an eight county area.  As a member of the Wellness Program team, she planned and implemented wellness training programs to target groups in a ten county region.  In conjunction with the CDC-Atlanta and the Carter Center, Kathryn assisted in the organization and supervision of the region’s Heath Risk Behaviors telephone surveys, including compilation and evaluation of program statistics.  She was a key member of the multi disciplinary Health Risk Appraisal Team which developed collateral materials, and marketed/implemented educational curriculum for adult / teen programs. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 36
  • 37. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Nuts & Bolts • Purpose – To develop a “Wellness” Conscious community and support employee partners, residence and community citizenship to achieve a sustainable lifestyle with generational benefits. • Timeline – Launch dates are minimum (6) months. • Cost – FREE to communities through Sponsorship and Exhibitions. This funding option allows vendors relate to a “value-added” event. • Fiscal Responsibility – Monthly reports are generated to fiscal agent to track the “costs of doing business.” Gabrielle Bourne Productions 37
  • 38. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions Nuts & Bolts (cont’d) • “Pre-production” – Responsibilities, Supplies, Physical Space planning, Screenings, Secondary vendors, Refreshments. • Production – On-site set-up, registration and coordination. • Post-Production– On-site “strike,” assessment and evaluation. Gabrielle Bourne Productions 38
  • 39. Health & Wellness Expo Event Productions THANK YOU! Gabrielle Bourne Productions 39