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  • 1. Click to proceed... All artwork design in this presentation were created by Gabriella Choice of text: Xiby Remembering Remembering
  • 2. Remembering is good; it helps us to be in touch with the significant events and persons in our lives. We can learn from the past, grow from the past, be consoled by the past, and of course, be upset by the past.
  • 3. Sometimes, and sadly so, we can become stuck in the past. Ideally our remembering should be a springboard for our celebration of the life that we have this day.
  • 4. Now I'm sure that most of us at some point, longed for a time past that was easier or better or happier. Rather than go back and hang on to it, what we could do is be encouraged by the memory, knowing that we could have such an experience and look ahead to creating new memories.
  • 5. When we get stuck in the past we are chained, if you will, and held back from seeing the possibilities that are before us in any given day. The call is to live in the now and do it in the Presence of the Lord.
  • 6. As we remember in a special way the life of our Lord, we have before us the example of how to live. That lesson is found in His loving, forgiving, embracing, caring, touching, challenging, image after image, lesson after lesson of the better way.
  • 7. It is the way that makes new memories - that become treasures in our hearts, and become the springboard leading us to celebrate a new day.
  • 8. We cannot go back and change yesterday, and we have no idea what tomorrow will bring but we have today to make the Gospel real, to live in the now and live it filled with the presence of the Lord. [email_address]