Building a network that notices

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  • 1. Becoming Findable… Building a Network that Notices Gabriella O’Rourke @GabyORourke #Noticeable
  • 2. The trouble with networking…
  • 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. Why you need to be noticed What does it take to be #Noticeable Using the tools of networking Being strategic – finding good connections 5. Differences in the way men & women network 6. 10 steps to a better network
  • 4. Build good relationship habits… …and leave a lasting impression
  • 5. nities do not float “Opportu They are firmly like clouds. ed to individuals” attach Reid Hoffman
  • 6. Doing good work is essential for professional credibility... …but is insufficient to be
  • 7. What DOES it take… …to be noticed?
  • 8. Ask yourself “Am I paying attention?
  • 9. Be curious…
  • 10. Be strategic –find your best connections • Former school/college/University/work contacts • Work colleagues • Networking events • Clients • Authors • Speakers • Bloggers • Editors/Publishers • Service providers • Your clients’ contacts • Former interviewers • Candidates who beat you
  • 11. The Tools of Networking
  • 12. Don’t wait until you need something…
  • 13. Do the heavy lifting…
  • 14. Add value…
  • 15. Differences?
  • 16. Men…
  • 17. Men…
  • 18. Women…
  • 19. The best… Purposeful Proactive Personable Precise
  • 20. 10 Steps to a better network… Google Yourself Update LinkedIn Post an update/share content Support someone else’s thinking (encouraging comment) Share what someone else is doing – help them build their profile Reach out and touch “thank you”, “congratulations”, “just catching up” A table of inspiration – make connections happen Follow someone and show them you value their work Pay attention to the small stuff What’s in it for them? How can you help?
  • 21. Image Credits Gaping Void cartoons reproduced with kind permission of the Gaping Void Team. See all of Hugh Macleod's cartoons on tech and business culture at Other stock images courtesy of the following contributors at Adamr Just2Shutter Michelle Meiklejohn Cooldesign ScottChan David Castillo Dominici Seaskylab Sippakorn Supertrooper Lit igat ion Cor porat e Pr opert y Governm ent For more information about our firm and our practice groups, please visit our website at Lit igat ion Cor porat e Propert y Governm ent 4100 -66 Wellington Street West, PO Box 35, Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario, M5K 1B7