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Final thesis __
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Final thesis __


Sneel_002 is a swimming robotic water-snake, constructed to explore lifelike, sinuous motion in an aquatic robot. It is designed to navigate unknown territory and extreme terrain. …

Sneel_002 is a swimming robotic water-snake, constructed to explore lifelike, sinuous motion in an aquatic robot. It is designed to navigate unknown territory and extreme terrain.

Sneel_002 is an open-source, biomimetic, locomotive, aquatic robot. The electromechanical design of Sneel_002 mimics the structure and motion of a real water snake, as a test to explore swimming behavior in an undulating linear robot. The inspiration for Sneel_002 originates from a fascination with reptilian forms of motility and the implications of modelling hardware from biological structures and functions. Sneel_002 uses a custom-written software library to propagate an oscillating wave down a line of servo motors that comprise the robot’s body. The current model is a platform for the development of other low-cost snake drones, with semi-autonomous navigational control for waypoint following, and sensing capabilities for obstacle avoidance. Worldwide applications for Sneel_002 include remote marine data collection of salinity / toxicity levels, nuclear level monitoring, pipeline or underwater exploration, fishery monitoring, and oil-collection.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • SOUNDUP, TURN COMPUTER, RC, mouse off screen, ClickerHello…my name is gabriella Levine.I am introducing Sneel , a robotic swimming snake--
  • I love snakes – and always have. II’ve grown up keeping terrariums and aquariums of snakes.These are 4 snakes I got to know quite well in Arizona while researching desert snakes. --More pics?
  • I’ve even eaten rattle snakes 2 times for dinnersTaking photo claire central california are preparing roasted rattle snake--
  • I am fascinated with the sinuous way that snakes move. Subsequently, the conceptual basis for my Thesis, SNEEL, is inspired by investigating this wave like motion that is not only inherent to snakes but to all organic creatures. --Inpsiration…
  • A lot of my work is DRIVEN BY USING structures and processes occurring in the natural world, and applying them to the designs of the work I’m fabricating. This is called BIOMIMICRY.3. SOME EXAMPLES of biom sys, include –modelling the flexibility of an elephant trunk . modeling-lightweight structure of birds that allow them to fly--protei
  • One project I’m working on is a biomimetic sailing robot called Protei AS depicTed here. -A open source COMMUNITY DRIVEN, INT’L project to develop a new technology for an open source ocean cleaning robotic sailboat, -cheap to build & sustainable-originally built oil-collecting sailboat that pulls an oil-absorbant sponge --
  • Hereare two of prototypes I worked on wprotei team-Through TESTING, Snakelike vehicle , rather than hulled boat, maneuvers more efficiently while pulling heavy load like garb..
  • As a NEXT STEP for protei, I thought that a swimming snake might be good underwater exploratory tool. So I made a physical framework for Sneel in December.This here is the FIRST prototype for swim snake robot that is driven by multiple motors throughout the bodyHERE PUT IN VIDEO OF WHAT IT IS SEEING
  • From what I learned from the previous prototype, I began making v2, and here’s a little abt the software development physical fabrication.
  • 1.Sneel doesn’t have a pump or a propellor but locomotion is driven by motors acting as joints rotate back and forth based on sine wave function propagating down body.-Like a real snake that undulates to swim2. In order to achieve this I replicated a snake’s undulation in SOFTWARE, 3. I made Graphical reps of the output angles of each motors over time, 4.x axis corresponds to time; y axis corresponds to angle; each colored line corresponds to a different motor, or dot, from the animated simulation5.See each motor rotating SINE WAVE slightly out of phase from each other, as the wave undulates from the head to toe.--Software libraryThese are graphs I made software motions studies looking at the servos and the amplitudeEPLAIN a graph!!! NEW GRAPH NO M!!! Each line represents the motion of an indiv servo, slightly out of phase, in each successive servo propagating the same waveHead sends it to next vertebrate etcSome simulation
  • I wrote a software library to easily generate wave locomotion based on motor oscillation. 50 ms loop through the whole cycle
  • -diagram of the control firmware & relationship between the classes.
  • Each loop cycle, The main program, AT THE TOP -references a class that propagates a sine wave down a line of motors. -listens to a wireless RC protocol communicating to the snake joystick
  • 2 classes implemented-IworteservoWave class to control wave behaviro, and I use Arduino servo library to contorl each motor
  • The servo wave class controls wave period, wavelength and amplitude.
  • -visualization of the type of built in control for the wave structure,By modifying wavelength, period, and amplitude of the wave.
  • -in future I plan to implement sensor class to address issues like semi-autonomous behavior for obstacle avoidance , way point followingsosneel can swim by himself. -narrow sea caves and rough ocaen conditions and still return home
  • Moving onto the BODY of Sneel, -Each JOINT is a servo MOTOR that mimics a snake VERTEBRATE.-The joints are linked together using titanium BRACKETS which altogether replicate a SPINAL COLUMN structure
  • -The ACTUATION of the motion is controlled by a microcontroller, located in the front of Sneel, serving as the BRAIN.-The WIRES sending the SIGNAL from the brain to the body run through the entire body, like NERVES.
  • ELECTRONIC ARCHITECTURE and the hardware elements all based on OPEN SOURCE platforms: arduino, zigbee
  • WATERPROOFING Sneel was a challenge, but accomplished using a lot of epoxy and glue.Each joint, SEAL IN SKIN-I didn’t want him to leak anywhere or get hurt… so I spent so many hours making sure… then finally I got him ready to go swiming--
  • sound
  • 1.Good first run. Successful swimming, no leaks!!!!Big plans2.Sneel is OPEN SOURCE. Document his design and construction online.3.biomechanics of water snake motion and there are a lot of mechanical and software developments for better swimming behavior4.Better sensing capabilities7.Self modulating so it can change into different sizes--
  • Sneels ultimate purpose is to eventually be used as a platform for developing adaptable, amphibious robots that can explore unknown territories and extreme environments that humans cannot get to.1.practically,sneel can eventually be used toto perform tasks both on land and water, I worked as a firefighter hereOther crisis management and natural disaster relief-Nuclear activity,-Fishery monitoring; remote marine data-Finding leaks in pipelines-crushed buildings or crashed cars; search and rescue; fire management; chemical spills, nuclear explosions--
  • I was pleased that he swam somewhat like a real snake and hope to get him out there in the world to swim moreSome of his buddies--
  • That’s Sneel.I had the help and support from so many amazing people at the ITP community. Thank you very much
  • I even tried him on the grass
  • And in the leaves.
  • I even tried to put him in a tree
  • Took him uptown on the train
  • Put the finishing touches on
  • Double checked to make sure he was ready
  • And put him in. And controlled him with the remote control.
  • Here he swims.
  • …pause.
  • But he likes the water best.
  • 1.26Dif environments


  • 1. w
  • 2. Sea Snake Cottonmouth Water Snake
  • 3. ww
  • 4. Sneel Cottonmouth Snake