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Boysstate 2013 v2

  1. 1. 78th Premier Boys State Eastern Illinois University Charleston, Illinois • June 8-14 2013
  2. 2. 1 Credits Thanks to Premier Boys State President Joe McCraith, Vice President Arthur E. Rawers, Secretary Jay Dellow, Treasurer Richard E. Snodgrass, Frank Yocum and Louis Sass. The 78th Annual Premier Boys State yearbook was produced at Eastern Illinois University and was printed by Wave Graphics of Mattoon, Illinois. Photographer & Editor —Gabriel Grant 78th Premier Boys State
  3. 3. Spirit of Boys State 2 Learning about and participating in the functions of government may be the best way young men can learn the American system of government, according to the Illinois American Legion. American Legion Premier Illinois Boys State was the first of its kind in the United States, established 78 years ago by the American Legion, Department of Illinois, which is why it is proud to claim the title Premier. As a mythical 51st state of the Union, Premier Boys State teaches citizenship and the workings of government through experience. The late cofounder Hayes Kennedy described the original concept of the activity: “Boys State is pure democracy in that all of its citizens may vote and hold office. Its government is operated of, by and for the people.” “In Boys State,” Kennedy said, “good citizenship means loyalty, good sportsmanship, cooperation, dependability, responsiveness and keen interest in the week’s activities. “Good citizens think before they talk and act only after mature consideration of their plans.” “Good citizens,” wrote Kennedy, “are true Americans.”
  4. 4. 3 Iwas born on June 14th, 1786. I am the refuge of the World’s oppressed People. I am the sentinel of Freedom. I am the emblem of the greatest sovereign nation on earth. My Red Stripes... symbolize the blood spilled in defense of this glorious nation. My White Stripes...signify the tears shed by Americans who lost their sons. My Blue indicative of God’s Heaven under which I fly. My Stars...clustered together, unify 50 States as one, for God and Country. “Old Glory” is my nickname, and proudly I wave on high. Honor me, respect me, defend me with your lives and fortunes. Never let my enemies tear me down from my lofty position, lest I never return. Keep alight the fires of patriotism, strive earnestly for the spirit of your Republic. Worship Eternal God and keep his commandments, and I shall remain the bulwark of peace and freedom for all mankind. I am Your Flag
  5. 5. 4 PremierBoysState
  6. 6. 5 2013
  7. 7. Boys State Assemblies 6
  8. 8. 7 Ido solemnly swear to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of Premier Boys State and to perform to the best of my ability the duties and responsibilities of citizenship. So help me God. With these words over 500 young men began their week at Boys State 2013. The boys attended classes in the mornings, including sessions on parliamentary procedure, judicial process, executive process, electoral process, and the legislative process. Each afternoon the boys participated in team sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, flag football and soccer. In addition to the sports activities in the afternoon, the House and Senate were in session, the Band practiced for its nightly concert, and the State Police and Leadership classes were held. The boys played an active role in their mock state government. Boys State consisted of eight counties. Each county had three cities and each city had four wards. From these counties, cities and wards the boys chose their political and elected official positions such as city, county and state political committees, aldermen, mayors and county supervisors. At the state level they elected a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General and Comptroller. They also elected members to the House of Representatives, the Senate and Supreme Court. The boys were arbitrarily assigned to two political parties, the Nationalists and the Federalists. Throughout the week, the boys participated in political party caucuses in their the city and county to select their candidates for the city and county elected offices. At the state level, they attended their State Party Conventions leading to the state primary and finally the state general election. At each of those party meetings candidates made nominating speeches. The night before the State general election, the candidates for State office appeared at the evening general assembly where Rallies and speeches were heard. “We few . . . we happy few . . . we band of brothers.” William Shakespeare Henry V On my left stands my brother On my right stands my brother Behind me, my brothers stand tall . . . proud . . . and free And before us, our future “We band of brothers” Now and forever All we can be
  9. 9. Boys State Elections 8 Over 500 Boys State citizens took part in elections designed to teach them about voting and the electoral process in a democratic society. This hands-on experience has helped keep the tradition of Boys State alive for 78 years. As they arrived at Eastern Illinois University, each boy became a citizen of one of the 24 cities. They each received a party designation as Nationalist or Federalist. Four cities combined to form a county. These eight counties comprised Boys State. The cities, counties and the state created a structure for the election process. With political and residency affiliations, the politics of Boys State closely paralleled traditional elections at the city, county and state levels. Realism guided the proceedings as the candidates were required to follow election regulating campaigns and campaign spending limits. Each city had selected three election judges who were in charge of conducting the elections, tallying the results and reporting the results to the State Election Central for certification of the winners. Candidates were selected through party caucuses using the system of party convention. In addition to the election of Boys State officials, citizens were elected to serve as senators, representatives, supreme court justices, and county and city officials. VOTE VOTE VOTE The essence of leadership is quiet determination. - Tom Johnson -
  10. 10. OIt is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work.... -Abraham Lincoln- Supreme Court TJ Collins Chief Justice Austin Burnette Justice Casey Bunge Justice Patrick Bell Justice Matthew White Justice Elliott Hill Justice Sean Placey Justice Aaron Nance Justice 9 Boys State Officials Patrick Bell Governor Trevor Matusik Lt. Governor Laurence HendersonSecretary of State Alex Kaper Attorney General Allan Daly Comptroller Richard Berner Treasurer Boys State Leaders Thomas Hellios Senate President Aaron Royer House Speaker P
  11. 11. 10 Campaigning 2013
  12. 12. 11 PremierBoysState
  13. 13. Boys State Classes 12 The Judicial Process Class focused on the role of the courts to adjudicate disputes between parties in civil cases or preside in criminal cases brought by the State. The Adversary Process was examined, including a lawyer’s role in defending someone regardless of whether they believe their client to be guilty. The seminar concluded with a review of the basis for the rule of law and its importance in the life of the nation. Jay McCarron and David Benedict were the Judicial Process Class instructors. Legislative Process Class The goal of any legislature is to represent its constituents’ wishes with the passage of constitutional laws. The Legislative Process Class centered on the role and function of the federal and state legislatures in a democratic society including processes by which laws are enacted. Discussed were the steps in which a bill becomes law. Staff member Joe McCraith was the instructor. We agreed that some counter movement must be started within the ranks of youth to develop a better understanding of our system of government and to instill in them a desire to preserve it. —Hayes Kennedy Founding Father of Boys State Why couldn’t we bring in high school boys of exceptional ability from all over the state at some central point for a week’s functional study of government? —Hayes Kennedy Founding Father of Boys State Judicial Process Class
  14. 14. 13 Discussing how government and its agencies function was the goal of the Executive Process Class. In this seminar, citizens of Premier Boys State discussed government financing, budgeting and implementing the government’s responsibility to its citizens. The state’s taxing system was one of the topics, and the boys learned many of the details about how, from where and why taxes are collected and dispersed. The boys also learned how they can better understand, monitor and affect the financial activities of the levels of government that invariably affect them. Instructing the Executive Process Class was Bruce Veach. Executive Process Class At Boys State we try to establish that our government is not a relic of the past. It has not outrun its usefulness and it should not be replaced by what Eastern Europe has today. It is just as firm, just as fair and workable as the day it was founded, and all it needs is a clear understanding of its structure, and a desire, willingness, and determination on the part of its citizens to preserve it. —The Boys State Goal, 1935
  15. 15. Boys State Classes In the boys in the Electoral Process Class the citizens explored the importance of responsible citizenship. They learned about the duties inherent in participating in a modern democratic society including the critical importance of being an informed voter. The Electoral Process Class discussed with the citizens the improtance of attaining the knowledge necessary to serve their country as citizens. The Reverend Gary Gummersheimer was this class instructor. Electoral Process Class We could train them in the functional aspects of each segment of our government. Hayes Kennedy Founding Father of Boys State After having been at Boys State in 1968, each year I am still amazed how much we can change young men’s lives as mine was changed so many years ago. Boys State allows kids from small towns to realize that they can compete with kids from big cities and they all can work together to make a difference. Rev. Gary Gummersheimer 14
  16. 16. Law Enforcement Class 15 Removing misconceptions about the law enforcement profession was a goal of the Law Enforcement Class. Removing misconceptions about the law enforcement profession was a goal of the Law Enforcement Seminar. Through this class, the citizens learned that the purpose of criminal laws is to protect the rights of citizens with punishment of those who violate those laws being society’s means of ensuring that those rights are not violated. The citizens were provided insight into the extensive training that law enforcement officers go through to carry out their duties completely and responsibly and an understanding of how the practice of law enforcement influences them as citizens. Citizens observed a police dog as part of their instruction. This class was instructed by Staff member Dustin Barnett, an Illinois city police officer. The Public Affairs program is designed to encourage thoughtful research and presentation skills. Each County selects a team of citizens which is given a topic of current interest, usually in the form of a question. The team decides which side of the question it will choose and then using the internet, research the topic to develop its facts. Next the team prepares an argument for presentation utilizing a program such as PowerPoint©. The team then makes its presentation to a panel which gives the team a score. Public Affairs
  17. 17. 16 Boys State Conventions Boys State-ment The Boys State-ment is a daily publication produced by a citizen news staff overseen by Staff advisor John Donovan. Citizens from each county gathered daily to write articles on topics of interest and prepare them for posting. Each day an electronic copy was available on the Boys State website (www. for citizens, family, friends and the public. State-ment Staff Front row: Alec Brown, Abhishek Nigam, Cameron Thomas, Andrew Trandai. Middle row: Jacob Widner, Matthew Dudak, Darius Ansari. Back row: John Donovan, Aaron Nance, Matthew Trimble.
  18. 18. 17 2013 PremierBoysState
  19. 19. Boys State Sports 18
  21. 21. 20 Leadership101 Leadership 101 recognizes that learning about leadership cannot only be within a classroom but can also be learned through team building activities. The Eastern Illinois ROTC program participated in the Leadership 101 seminar by engaging the seminar participants in exercises that tested a leader’s presence, communication, and decision making skills through physical challenges and teamwork. In addition to the process of leadership, the participants learned about practical applications of leadership in the stories and experiences of the dynamic instructors. The academic portion was led by Jody Stone of Eastern Illinois University.
  22. 22. 21 General Assemblies
  23. 23. 22 Boys State Band Band Front row: Director Dustin Huckstep, Dillon Daniels, Derek Baunach, Alan Burggren, Evan Seggebruch, Jacob Smith, Jericho Villena, Justin Johnson, Cameron Lippert, Kole Rakers, Thomas O’Donnel, Thomas Whitcombe. Middle row: Patrick Anderson, Joshua Norlin, Cody Sanders, Joseph Marks, Darin McBride, Joshua Baez, Michael Pufunt, Andrew Clark, Nathan Williams, Mark Snider, Geordie Lindemann, Brett Van Zee. Back row: Alex Nash, Jonah somers, Alex Stabenow, Baily Martins, Mike Pope, Ian MacDonald, Jacob White, Lucas Stimach, Christopher Smith.
  24. 24. 23 Boys State Militia First Battalion Staff: Capt. Adam El-Badawi, Lt. Col. Jose Pantoja, Capt., Sean Barnett, Capt. Zachary Meditz, Maj. Collin Wegener. Regimental Commander and Staff: Col. Andrew Matthews, Lt. Col. Brad Bavery, Maj. Alex Kaper, Maj. Matthew White, Maj. Kaleb Smith. Second Battalion Staff: Capt. Tynon Cleveland, Lt. Col. Caleb Cline, Maj. Shane Miller, Maj. Alan Hafer. Third Battalion Staff: Capt. Jaison Banks, Capt. Chase Mangioni, Lt. Col. Gunner Fletcher, Capt. Ian Davis, Capt. Weston Stoddard, Maj. Travis Royer. Fourth Battalion Staff: Lt. Col. Wesley Zhao, Capt. Nate Debs, Maj. Daniel Lindauer, Maj., Jonathan Molburg, Capt. Carl Zarbock, Ethan Simpson. Guide-ons: Andrew Carter, Zach Crall, Brew Beeler, Ben Perry, Ulises Bonilla, Keith Kennedy, Norrlyn-Michael Allen, John Loris. Service Flags: Joseph Marks, Eddie Durham, Blane Schutz, Brad Vahling, Nick Pudik, Brady Waltz, Samuel Braunseis. Color Guard: Brandon Wilson, David Floyd, Joshua Hardy, Jose Rivas.
  25. 25. 24 78thPremierBoysState
  26. 26. 25 2013
  27. 27. 26 Leadership of Boys State Attorney General Alex Kaper Hayes County Mahomet, IL Lieutenant Governor Trevor Matusik Kennedy County Lake Villa, IL Comptroller Allan Daly Savage County Winnebago, IL Secretary of State Laurence Henderson Kennedy County Peoria Heights, IL Governor Patrick Bell Keller County Canton, IL Treasurer Richard Berner Kennedy County Danville, IL Speaker of the House Aaron Royer Gleason County Woodstock, IL President of the Senate Thomas Hellios Stelle County McHenry, IL Chief Justice TJ Collins Hayes County Gurnee, IL
  28. 28. 27 Boys State House of Representatives Front row: Isaac Dallas, Zach Bell, Clerk Alexander Renn, Speaker Aaron Royer, Rafael Molina, Adam Woodside, Murphy Affolder. Middle row: Matthew Kaplan, Evan Monroe, Alexander Tate, Tommy Justison, Matthew Bertler, David Elovitz, Anthony Eterno, Jaison Banks. Back row: Rashad Clay, Ben Scamihorn, Thomas Wei, Blake Miller, Danny Nick, Sahil Chatterji, Devante Sloan, Andy Muno, Mitchell Temperly. Boys State Supreme Court Front row: Austin Burnette, Casey Bunge, Chief Justice TJ Collins, Patrick Bell. Back row: Matthew White, Elliott Hill, Sean Placey, Aaron Nance. Boys State Senate Front row: Andrew Trandai, President Pro Tem Thomas Hellios. Middle row: Ryan Wang, Michael Pufunt, Brandon Wilson. Back row: Jacob Veitch, Connor Robinson, Grant Gingerich. Boys State Governors 1995: Steven Yenchko, Chatham 1996: Sean Stephenson, LaGrange 1997: Frank J. Harts, Rock Falls 1998: Langston Hughes, Waukegan 1999: John Feeney, Monticello 2000: Christopher Hightower, Danville 2001: Kevin Maliszewski, Glen Carbon 2002: David Wiest, Mapleton 2003: Curt Rendall, Winthrop Harbor 2004: William Thorndike, Morrison 2005: Josh Boykin, Rockford 2006: Darius McCray, Chicago 2007: Adam Skierkiewicz-Chovan, Mokena 2008 Jacob Becraft, Metamora 2009: Brian Elliot, Macomb 2010: Garren Randolph, Monmouth 2011: Cornelius Allen, Belleville 2012: Brad Basala, Matherville 2013: Patrick Bell, Canton 1975: Brad Hall, Streator 1976: Harold W. Otto, Arcola 1977: Brad Whitehead, Monticello 1978: Anthony J. Williams, Chicago 1979: Eric R. Ewell, Wheaton 1980: David Hilliard, Peoria 1981: Oran L. Alston, Waukegan 1982: Joe Wiegland, Palatine 1983: Greg Smith, Rantoul 1984: Darrin Gayles, Peoria 1985: David Higgins, Joliet 1986: Ernest Frazier, Chicago 1987: Mark Guy, Askhum 1988: Canon Lambert, Glen Ellyn 1989: John T. Clendenin, Sparta 1990: Curtis Gannon, Libertyville 1991: John Sims, Country Club Hills 1992: Elliott Rodgers, Champaign 1993: Mark K. Santilan, Glen Ellyn 1994: Maurice L. Rabb, Moline 1955: Tim Gover, Mattoon 1956: Kenneth Crocker, Robinson 1957: Robert Hewitt, Loves Park 1958: Ronald Harrington, Canton 1959: Paul E. Rowley, Bartonville 1960: Fred Denkman, Skokie 1961: Steve Cunningham, Bridgeport 1962: Thomas Walter Hill, Canton 1963: Michael Hasselberg, Peoria 1964: Tim Battaglio, Belleville 1965: Rodney Peacock, Champaign 1966: Rich Chase, Danville 1967: James LeRoy Cole, Freeport 1968: James Peters, Quincy 1969: Benjamin Bridges, Illinois 1970: Steve Cuda, McHenry 1971: Steve Ricks, Waukegan 1972: Tom Garrison, Urbana 1973: Gregory Boone, Evanston 1974: Albert T. Thomas, Lake Forest 1935: Robert Anderson, Berwyn 1936: A. G. Grebe, Peoria 1937: Robert Curzon, Champaign 1938: Bob Clement, Forest Park 1939: John Cannon, Maywood 1940: Louis Condon, Rock Island 1941: Arthur Lennon, Joliet 1942: Don Wynn, Mt. Morris 1943: Dave Brown, Bloomington 1944: Al Cook, Aurora 1945: Not held due to World War II 1946: Ed Bruske, Chicago 1947: Clifford Stout, Freeport 1948: Wayne Sullivan, Kewanee 1949: Richard Muraski, Rockford 1950: Kenneth Merwin, Woodstock 1951: Alex R. Seith, Aurora 1952: Federick Borsch, Hinsdale 1953: James MacDonald, Aurora 1954: James Gardner, Robinson
  29. 29. 28 Boys State Awards Oration Winners: Steven Harrison, Stelle, 1st; Saumya Jain, Savage, 2nd; Abhishek Nigam, Gleason, 3rd. Essay Winners: Matthew Livingston, Kennedy, 1st; Ryan Wang, Geiger, 2nd; Philip Shih, Geiger, 3rd. McCraith Model Citizen Winners: Saumya Jain, Savage, 1st; Sean Placey, Kennedy, 2nd; TJ Collins, Hayes, 3rd. Geiger Leadership Winners: TJ Collins, Hayes, 1st; Aaron Royer, Geiger, 2nd, Saumya Jain, Savage, 3rd. Boys Nation Senators: Winners: Saumya Jain, Savage, TJ Collins, Hayes. Alternates: Aaron Royer, Geiger, Thomas Hellios, Stelle. Lucas Model Citizen Winners: Mark Noftz, Keller, 1st; Steven Harrison, Stelle, 2nd; Michael Pasternock, Hayes, 3rd.
  30. 30. Overall Model County for the Week KENNEDY COUNTY Samsung Scholar Timothy Grote Hayes County Green Oak, IL Service Awards In 1997 Samsung Corporation awarded five million dollars to the American Legion to provide scholarships for both Boys State and Girls State. Each year ten $20,000 scholarships and ninety $1,000 scholarships are awarded, two to each state in the United States. This Year’s Premier Boys State scholarship recipient, Timothy Grote, is from Green Oaks, Illinois. Each year members of staff are recognized for their services rendered to American Legion Premier Boys State as volunteers. 15 years: Bryan Callaway, Kevin Wilbur 20 years: Mac Meade Doug Howell Jeff Brown 10 years: Derek Templeton, Brody Walworth, Marty Zvonar, Jonathan Keefe, Joy Wilson, Louis Sass (no picture). 29 30 Years: Bruce “Slats” Veach 5 years: Andy Biever, Michael Cooley, Merritt Bennett.
  31. 31. 30 City of Rawers Row 1: Andrew Lewis, Ryan O’Donnell, Thomas Graf, Andy Muno. Row 2: Cameron Early, Rylan Terrasse, Kevin Hamilton, Adam Hageman, Andrew Cores, Zach Taylor, Brannon Hutchinson, Benjamin Rogers. Row 3: Tim Going, Nathan Ward, Andrew Porter, Tanner Riggen, Kaleb Hood, Colton Gropp, Chase Mangioni, David Floyd, Austin Brown, Christopher Callahan, Christopher Magee. Clyde Minish Assistant County Counselor Jacob Bogolia Christopher Magee Rawers City Counselors Sanzotta City Counselors Snodgrass City Counselors Charles Mueth Mark Foley Greg Allton County Counselor Conatser County Timothy Going Brian Hausman
  32. 32. 31 City of Sanzotta Row 1: Garret Krohne, Jericho Villena, Wes Anderson, Zachary Allen. Row 2: Lucas Altobella, Bryce Kille, Jake Vahlkamp, Brandon Wilson, Austin Bower, Eric Johnson, Joshua Hardy, Joshua Norlin. Row 3: Brian Hausman, Matthew White, Aaron Black, Cory Fehlberg, Derek Hay, Benjamin Perry, Adam Woodside, Matthew Gendusa, Alex Stabenow, Dalyn Romig, Charlie Mueth. City of Snodgrass Row 1: Charles Tomas Jr., Murphy Affolder, Gavin Leep. Row 2: Jose Rivas, Lowell Huston, Alexander Whitehurst, Brenton Atchison, Tristan Voss, Caleb Cline, Aaron Jeffers, Nathaniel Cummings. Row 3: Mark Foley, Jacob Martini, Jacob Yetter, Alexander LaMendola, Adam El-Badawi, Nikita Rogers, Matthew Dudak, Cody Sanders, Andy VanZandt, Rohan Rao, Jacob Bogolia. Rawers Officials State Representative���������������Andy Muno County Supervisor����������������� Austin Brown County Supervisor�������Brannon Hutchinson Mayor�������������������������������Kevin Hamilton City Clerk���������������������������Andrew Porter City Treasurer�������������������������David Floyd Alderman������������������������������Thomas Graf Alderman������������������������������ Kaleb Hood Alderman������������������������Benjamin Rogers Alderman���������������������������Chris Callahan Sanzotta Officials State Representative�������Adam Woodside County Supervisor�������������Brandon Wilson County Supervisor��������������Matthew White Mayor��������������������������������������Bryce Kille City Clerk��������������������������Alex Stabenow City Treasurer���������������������������Zach Allen Alderman��������������������������Jake Vahlkamp Alderman��������������������������Lucas Altobella Alderman������������������������������ Aaron Black Alderman���������������������Matthew Gendusa Snodgrass Officials State Representative��������Murphy Affolder County Supervisor������������Andy Van Zandt County Supervisor������������������� Caleb Cline Mayor.................������������������� ake Martini City Clerk������������������������������� Tristan Voss City Treasurer�������������������������� Rohan Rao Alderman������������������������ Adam El-Badawi Alderman�������������������������Alex Whitehurst Alderman������������������������Brenton Atchison Alderman���������������������������Charles Tomas Conatser County Officials State Senator��������������Michael Pufunt Circuit Court Judge�� Chase Wonderlic County Sheriff�����������������Blane Schutz County Clerk�������������������� David Ngo County Coroner����������� Darin McBride County Treasurer������������Reis Desantis State’s Attorney����������� Sam Braunseis Supreme Court Justice����Aaron Nance
  33. 33. 32 City of Atteberry Row 1: Jesse Xochihua, Dustin Shinn, Alec Wilcosky, Eli Dawdy. Row 2: Jacob Walhout, Joey Lovelle, Justin Johnson, Nick Anderson, Darius Ansari, Michael Pope, Craig Morris, Luke Gault. Row 3: Dustin Barnett, Aaron Kopp, Benjamin Scamihorn, Timothy Oehrlein, Alan Jefferson, Alton Whitted, Michael Leverton, Thomas Miller, Sam Dobel, Joshua Snyder, Jay McCarron. David Higgins County Counselor John Donovan Assistant County Counselor Derek Templeton Atteberry City Counselors Adam Chrismore Geiger County Grant Purdy Merritt City Counselors Dustin Barnett Besson City Counselors Jay McCarron Latroy Duckworth
  34. 34. 33 City of Besson Row 1: Juan Franco, Roderic Berry, Tyler James. Row 2: Austin Burnette, Jacob Perry, Nick LeBaugh, Patrick Anderson, Tyson Brown, Jonathan Molburg, Ian Burgin, Alan Hafer. Row 3: Derek Templeton, Peter Magine, Jared Galvan, Lucas Knussman, Weston Stoddard, Jonah Somers, Jaison Banks, Brian Spargo, Evan Mazurek, Luke Mackey, Grant Purdy. City of Merritt Row 1: Steven Isbell, Aaron Royer, James Mroz, Dominic Sinclair. Row 2: Omar Cheeks, Tyler Pence, Dylan Taylor, Philip Shih, Brendan Girouard, Mark Snider, Nathan Lopez, Barry Stewart. Row 3: Adam Chrismore, Ryan Wang, Ian Davis, Jonathan Reynolds, Corey Lofton, Luke Long, Matthew Trimble, Daniel Lindauer, Ravi Vasnani, Matthew Bohnert, Latroy Duckworth. Atteberry Officials State Representative����������Ben Scomilhorn County Supervisor����������������Thomas Miller County Supervisor������������������Craig Morris Mayor��������������������������������Allen Jefferson City Clerk�����������������������������Darius Ansari City Treasurer���������������������������Mike Pope Alderman�������������������������������� Joe Lovelle Alderman����������������������������Alton Whitted Alderman������������������������������Aaron Kopp Alderman�������������������������Timmy Oehrlein Besson Officials State Representative��������������Jaison Banks County Supervisor������������� Nicke Le Baugh County Supervisor���������Jonathan Malburg Mayor��������������������������������Euan Mazurek City Clerk����������������������������Jared Galuan City Treasurer�������������������������� Alan Hafer Alderman����������������������������������Ian Burgin Alderman�������������������������������Jacob Perry Alderman����������������������Weston Stoddard Alderman�������������������������������Juan Franco Merritt Officials State Representative��������������Aaron Royer County Supervisor������������������������Phil Stish County Supervisor����������������� Ravi Vasnani Mayor����������������������������������������Ian Davis City Clerk������������������������������ Jimmy Mroz City Treasurer��������������������� Nathan Lopez Alderman����������������������������������Luke Long Alderman������������������������������Steven Isbell Alderman����������������������������Jack Reynolds Alderman�������������������������Daniel Lindauer Geiger County Officials State Senator������������������ Ryan Wang Circuit Court Judge�� Dominick Sinclair County Sheriff�����������������Jaison Banks County Clerk�����������������Darius Ansari County Coroner����������Daniel Lindaver County Treasurer���������������Phillip Shih State’s Attorney��������Matthew Trimble Supreme Court Justice��Austin Bumette Awards 2nd Essay������������������������ Ryan Wang 3rd Essay��������������������������� PhilipShih 2nd Geiger������������������������������ Aaron Royer Boys Nation Alt����������������������� Aaron Royer
  35. 35. 34 Gleason County City of Gazza Row 1: Thomas Lewis, Philip Senn, Manuel Altamirano, Gerald Swanson. Row 2: Abhishek Nigam, Neil Hofstrand, Austin Trevino, Travis Royer, Sean Cory, Evan Monroe, Dominic Ghilardi, Kody Goberville. Row 3: Richard Neufeld, Elliot Hill, Christopher Smith, Cole Sanford, Rodney Wienke, Jay Penn, Jon Hobbs, Scott Metzger, Noah Debates, Forrest Boggs, Addison Ferry. Andrew Tissier Assistant County Counselor Richard Neufeld Gazza City Counselors Garren Randolph Kirby City Counselors Larry Tyderek Lofton City Counselors Erick Owen Doug Howell County Counselor Addison Ferry Cole Board
  36. 36. 35 City of Kirby Row 1: Dillon Daniels, Jose Pantoja, Dalton Sacre. Row 2: Harold Landon, John Haynes, Cornelius Bell Jr., Evan Seggebruch, Braden Guinn, Rafael Molina, Collin Wegener, John Schueler. Row 3: Cole Board, Mohammad Rashed, James “Jimmy” Vogt, Zachary Crall, Joey Nedland, Tyler Burch, Davantae Berry, Chase Branson, John Hightower, Sean McCarty, Larry Tyderek. City of Lofton Row 1: Darnel Byrd, Zachary Meditz, Zach Bell, Vasu Patel, Andre Trandai. Row 2: Sushruth Pattekar, Dallas Jones, Ryan Newman, Jacob Smith, Zachary Sanders, Peter Cork, James Sullivan, Justin Klein. Row 3: Erik Owen, Brian Stroner, Michael Murdock, Sean Essex, Matthew Schluter, Ty Zanardelli, Ethan Morton, John Sommer, Zachary Plese, Nathan Debs, Garren Randolph. Gazza Officials State Representative������������ Evan Monroe County Supervisor���������������Neil Hofstrand County Supervisor�����������������Thomas Lewis Mayor�����������������������������������Forest Boggs City Clerk�������������������������Rodney Wienke City Treasurer���������������������������Jon Hobbs Alderman���������������������������Neil Hofstrand Alderman�������������������������� Abishek Myam Alderman���������������������� Christopher Smith Alderman�����������������������������Cole Sanford Kirby Officials State Representative����������� Rafael Molina County Supervisor�������������� Cornelious Bell County Supervisor������������� John Hightower Mayor������������������������������ Joey Nehlannel City Clerk������������������ Mohammed Rashed City Treasurer�������������������Collin Wegener Alderman��������������������������������� Zach Crall Alderman��������������������������� Sean McCarty Alderman�������������������������������John Haines Alderman����������������������������Dillon Daniels Lofton Officials State Representative�������������������Zach Bell County Supervisor�����������Sushruth Pattekar County Supervisor���������������Ryan Newman Mayor�����������������������������Tyler Zandarelly City Clerk������������������������������Dallas Jones City Treasurer���������������������� Ethan Morton Alderman�������������������������������Jacob Smith Alderman�������������������������������� Justin Kline Alderman���������������������������Nathan Debbs Alderman���������������������������James Sullivan Gleason County Officials State Senator������������Andrew Trahdai Circuit Court Judge��Michael Murdock County Sheriff���������������� Nathan Debs County Clerk�������Mohammad Rashed County Coroner������������ Ethan Morton County Treasurer�����������Zach Sanders State’s Attorney��������� Tyler Zanardelli Supreme Court Justice�����������Elliot Hill Awards 3rd Oration����������������Abhisek Nigam Speaker of the House�����Aaron Royer
  37. 37. Michael Cooley Hayes County City of Badamo Row 1: Jordan Ford, Thomas Justison, Beau Marshall. Row 2: Joshua Baez, Alexander Voigt, T.J. Collins,, William Troman, Timothy Gersten, Brian Aguilar, Mark “Ben” Lafrentz, Dane Schielein. Row 3: Sean Denoyer, Jacob Strutner, Nick Phalen, Kyle Phillips, Timothy Grote, John Jackson, Noah Palmer, Matthew Kleszynski, Wesley Becton, Phillip Davis, Michael Cooley. Mac Meade County Counselor Chad Meents Assistant County Counselor Badamo City Counselors William Meister David Benedict Hudson City Counselors Mahoney City Counselors 36 Nick Appleby Sean Denoyer Jordan Pfeiffer
  38. 38. 37 City of Hudson Row 1: Ricardo Wells, Edward Rennels, Johnathon Shaw. Row 2: Matthew Coley, Gunner Fletcher, Quintan Slott, Connor Ruf, Driston Mitchell, Keyce Benge, Alexander Renn, Lucas Tozzi. Row 3: Wil Meister, Connor Robinson, Vince Mahr, Brett Willis, Dominic Simpson, Ulises Bonilla, Stephen Hayes, Marques Webster, Zachary Moutria, Brendan Rickey, Jordan Pfeifer. City of Mahoney Row 1: Zachary Schaidle, Hunter Asche, Edgar Basurto- Fuentes, Mike Pasternock, Jacob White. Row 2: Hale Brown, Alex Kaper, Anthony McCormack, Kyle Hand, Sean Barnett, Trenton Miller, Jeffrey Hayes, Ethan Petersen. Row 3: Nick Appleby, Nathan Early, Lucas Stimach, Dirk Husemann, Matt Alwood, Kaleb Smith, William Ringhofer, Mateusz Lopez, Jacob Lochhead, Rashad Clay, David Benedict. Badamo Officials State Representative���������Thomas Justison County Supervisor�������������������Phillip Davis County Supervisor�������Matthew Kleseynski Mayor���������������������������������������� TJ Collins City Clerk���������������������������Beau Marshall City Treasurer���������������������Wesley Becton Alderman��������������������������������� Alex Voigt Alderman����������������������������������Josh Baez Alderman�������������������������Timothy Gersten Alderman�������������������������������Ben Jackson Hudson Officials State Representative������������������Alex Renn County Supervisor�����������Connor Robinson County Supervisor����������������� Ulises Bonilla Mayor������������������������������������ Vince Mahr City Clerk��������������������������Brendan Rickey City Treasurer����������������� Dominic Simpson Alderman��������������������������������Ricky Wells Alderman��������������������������������Josh Hayes Alderman��������������������������������Lucas Tozzi Alderman����������������������Marques Webster Mahoney Officials State Representative��������������Rashad Clay County Supervisor����������������������Jeff Hayes County Supervisor������������Mike Pasternock Mayor�������������������������������Dirk Husemann City Clerk�������������������������������Kaleb Smith City Treasurer�����������������������Hunter Asche Alderman���������������������������Ethan Peterson Alderman��������������������������������Alex Kaper Alderman���������������������������������Kyle Hand Alderman����������������������������Edgar Fuentes Hayes County Officials State Senator����������Connor Robinson Circuit Court Judge�����������Alex Kaper County Sheriff���������������� Ulises Bonilla County Clerk��������������� Beau Marshall County Coroner����Matthew Kleszynski County Treasurer����������Edgar Fuentes State’s Attorney��������������� Vince Mahr Supreme Court Justice��������T.J. Collins Awards Samsung Scholar���������������� Tim Grote 3rd McCraith�����������������������TJ Collins Chief Justice������������������������TJ Collins Attorney General��������������Alex Kaper Boys Nation Senator������������TJ Collins 3rd Lucas�������������Michael Pasternock 1st Geiger���������������������������TJ Collins Model County East Wing������������������� Volleyball����������������������������������������� Basketball����������������������������������������
  39. 39. Chris Jensen Gaither City Counselors Ritchie Jensen 38 Keller County City of Gaither Row 1: Justin Naugle, Marc Allen, Anthony Eterno, Sean Sutton. Row 2: Zachary Fanning, Christopher Happ, Spencer Cooper, Jacob Munson, Eric Gier, Camden Yoder, W. “Coleman” Mitchell, John Howard. Row 3: Jonathan Keefe, Ryan DeTamble, Maxwell Van Rheeden, Jared Hupp, Triston Dixon, Thomas O’Donnell, Conall Brannon, Brandon Robbins, Connor Reis, Joseph Lauzon, Mike “Woody” Makuta. Jason Hill County Counselor Tyler Knowles Jonathan Keefe Merritt Bennett Thompson City Counselors Strode City Counselors Garrett Miller Assistant County Counselor Mike Makuta
  40. 40. 39 City of Strode Row 1: Oscar Medina, Andrew Clark, Michael Torres. Row 2: John Rossi, Bryson Painter, Austin Scheibe, Logan Leitschuh, Jaire Vaughn, John Runyard, Lance Athey, Alexander Griffin. Row 3: Ritchie Jensen, DeMorris Burrows, Ryan Burge, Gerald Schmitt, Christopher Phillips, Andrew Willman, Michael Hanlon, Nick Rice, Culley Kinsella, Matthew Bertler, Merritt Bennett. City of Thompson Row 1: Alexander Brown, Reed Scheve, Rancy Burns, Nicholas Opie. Row 2: Andrew Matthews, Jacob Widner, Bradley Asselmeier, Andrew Burton, Nathan Dyer, Jacob Veitch, Patrick Bell, Jacob Ditzler. Row 3: Chris Jensen, Jordan Morris, Brendan Schmidt, Jake Wilson, Drew Beeler, Anthony Boyd, Mark Vories, Matthew ZillmerMark Noftz, David Elovitz, Tyler Knowles. Gaither Officials State Representative����������Anthony Eterno County Supervisor����������������� Triston Dixon County Supervisor��������������������Joe Lauzon Mayor���������������������������������Tom O’Donell City Clerk�����������������������Brandon Robbins City Treasurer�������������������������Sean Sutton Alderman���������������������������Jacob Munson Alderman��������������������������������Mark Allen Alderman���������������������������� Zach Fanning Alderman�������������������������������Connor Ries Strode Officials State Representative���������Matthew Bertler County Supervisor�������������������Lance Athey County Supervisor������������� Logan Leitschuh Mayor���������������������������������������� Dick Rice City Clerk������������������������Andrew Willman City Treasurer��������������������������� John Rossi Alderman����������������������������John Runyard Alderman�������������������������������Lance Athey Alderman������������������������������� Ryan Burge Alderman��������������������������� Bryson Painter Thompson Officials State Representative������������� David Elovity County Supervisor����������������Anthony Boyd County Supervisor��������������� Jordan Morris Mayor�����������������������������������Jacob Veitch City Clerk������������������������������� Mark Nofty City Treasurer���������������������NIcholas Opie Alderman������������������������������ Drew Beeler Alderman������������������������������ Drew Burton Alderman������������������������ Brad Asselmeier Alderman������������������������ Brandon Schmitt Keller County Officials State Senator�����������������Jacob Vietch Circuit Court Judge������Calley Kinsella County Sheriff������������������ Mark Vores County Clerk������������������� Mark Noftz County Coroner�������� Anthoney Elerno County Treasurer��������� Nicholas Opie State’s Attorney������������ John Runyard Supreme Court Justice������� Patrick Bell Awards Governor������������������������� Patrick Bell 1st Lucas������������������������� Mark Noftz
  41. 41. Jeff Swanson City of Corum Row 1: Andrew Carter, Justin Garber, Nicholas Gross, Holt McKenney. Row 2: Matthew Carls, Michael Zarbock, Grant Gingerich, Noah Klick, Devante Sloan, Cormac O’Halloran, Parker Simonaitis, Osvaldo Calzada. Row 3: Jeff Swanson, Connor McKeehan, Jospeh Behrens, Hans Noyes, Tyler Patterson, Alexander Thomas, Tom Steen, Syed Sufyan, Jeffrey Fuller, Robert Schyns, John Feeney. Corum City Counselors AJ Martin Smith City Counselors 40 Gonzales City Counselors Aaron Mowery County Counselor John Feeney Assistant County Counselor Kennedy County Wayne Wagner Brad Basala Yashua Bhatti Josh Clark
  42. 42. 41 City of Gonzales Row 1: Cameron Thomas, Sahil Chatterji, Liam Neumann. Robert Rigler, William Stephan, Evan Conn, Cory McCallister, Chase Black, Emilio Quinones, Brad Bavery, Adam Johnson. Row 3: AJ Martin, Matthew Livingston, Jacob Nichols, Kaleb Kwiatkowski, Charlie Rueb, Thomas Whitcombe, Alex Stickler, Daniel Cassida, Alex Bash, Brennan Pivnicka, Brad Basala. City of Smith Row 1: Sam Rose, Darien Jackson, Joshua Schafer, Jonathan Stockton. Row 2: Matthew Kaplan, Trevor Matsuik, Matthew Phillips, Tommy Dee, Nicholas Romero, Michael Cahill, Kole Rakers, Richard Berner. Row 3: Wayne Wagner, Sean Placey, Alan Burggren, Brett Van Zee, Chance Baker, Jack Fox, Connor Nolan, Brian Gerike, Laurence Henderson, Andy Wojcik, Josh Clark, Yashua Bhatti. Corum Officials State Representative�����������Devante Sloan County Supervisor����������������Robert Schyns County Supervisor�������������� Andrew Carter Mayor����������������������������Parker Simonaitis City Clerk�����������������������Michael Zarbock City Treasurer�������������������� Nicholas Gross Alderman�������������������Cormac O’Halloran Alderman����������������������Oslvado Calzada Alderman��������������������������Holt McKenney Alderman�������������������������������� Noah Klick Gonzales Officials State Representative������������Sahil Chatterji County Supervisor���������� Cameron Thomas County Supervisor������������� Emilo Quinones Mayor������������������������Thomas Whitcombe City Clerk������������������������������ Brad Bavery City Treasurer������������������������ Alex Stickler Alderman�����������������������������Robert Rigler Alderman����������������������������������Alex Bash Alderman�������������������������������Chase Black Alderman������������������������Cory McCallister Smith Officials State Representative��Laurence Henderson County Supervisor������������������������Jack Fox County Supervisor�������������� Richard Berner Mayor���������������������������������Chance Baker City Clerk��������������������������Darien Jackson City Treasurer�������������������������Tommy Dee Alderman�������������������������������Kole Rakers Alderman������������������������������Andy Wojcik Alderman���������������������������������� Sam Rose Alderman����������������������������Brett Van Zee Kennedy County Officials State Senator������������Grant Gingerich Circuit Court Judge����Tom Whitcombe County Sheriff��������������Jonny Stockton County Clerk�������������� Darien Jackson County Coroner������������Sahil Chatterji County Treasurer��Laurence Henderson State’s Attorney����Connor McKeeham Supreme Court Justice������Sean Placey Awards Sec. of State������� Laurence Henderson Treasurer���������������������Richard Berner Lt. Governor����������������Trevor Matsuik 2nd McCraith������������������Sean Placey 1st Essay�������������� Matthew Livingston Overall Model County����������������������
  43. 43. Dakota Stipp 42 Savage County City of Brown Row 1: Nathan Williams, David Ngo, Samuel Braunseis., Row 2:Brian Casey, Dillon Gerischer, Taylor Garrett, Eric Masini, Saumya Jain, Daniel Emanuel, Benjamin Karpus, Michael Hallstrom. Row 3: Dakota Stipp, Andrew Bunker, Nickolas Pudik, Christian Moresco, Blake Miller, Alexander Chenoweth, Gregory Fara, Dennis Ledbetter, Dalton Kaufmann, Bryce Brown. Troy Hinkel County Counselor Brody Walworth Assistant County Counselor Brown City Counselors Bennett City Counselors Nicholes City Counselors Dylan Greger Samuel Newberry Jake Palmer Daniel Tully Joe Aumuller
  44. 44. 43 City of Bennett Row 1: Joseph Marks, Delwis Aguinaldo, Alex Gowin, Brady Waltz, Andrew Jacobs. Row 2: Daniel Zeh, Jackson Daly, Thomas Wei, Joseph Rechnmacher, Kevin Mendoza, Reis DeSantis, Blane Schutz, Justin Velasquez. Row 3: Samuel Newberry, Kyle Brazas, Eddie Durham, Nate Serven, Daniel Sullivan, Aaron Nance, Brad Vahling, Allan Daly, Ethan Simpson, Ted Magyar. City of Nicholes Row 1: Logan Podowicz, Gage Hector, Chase Wonderlic. Row 2: Cody Mifflin, Damien Burch, Ryan Hoffman, Derek Baunach, Sam Collins, Jake Owens, John Loris, Michael Pufunt. Row 3: Joe Aumuller, Danny Nick, Ian MacDonald, Stephan Fortuna, Chris Clyde, George Lindemann, Jackson Page, Bradley Sprouls, Darin McBride, Brendan Ahern, Dan Tully. Bennett Officials State Representative�������������� Thomas Wei County Supervisor������������������Brady Waltz County Supervisor�����������������KP Mendoza Mayor������������������������������������� Daniel Zeh City Clerk�����������������Joseph Rechemacher City Treasurer����������������������� Reis Desantis Alderman���������������������������� Aaron Nance Alderman������������������������������� Alex Gowin Alderman������������������������Justin Velasquez Alderman������������������������������Ted Magyar Brown Officials State Representative���������������Blake Miller County Supervisor����������������Taylor Garrett County Supervisor������������������Saumya Jain Mayor�������������������������������� Sam Braunseis City Clerk�������������������������������� David Ngo City Treasurer������������������Dennis Ledbetter Alderman������������������������������Bryce Brown Alderman��������������������� Michael Hallstrom Alderman��������������������������������� Greg Fara Alderman��������������������������������Ben Karpus Nicholes Officials State Representative��������������� Danny Nick County Supervisor���������������� Jackson Page County Supervisor������������������ Cody Mifflin Mayor������������������������������������Mike Pufunt City Clerk�������������������������Ian MacDonald City Treasurer�������������������Bradley Sprouls Alderman����������������������������Darnien Burch Alderman����������������������������������John Loris Alderman��������������������������������Chris Clyde Alderman������������������������Logan Podowicz Savage County Officials State Senator��������������Michael Pufunt Circuit Court Judge�� Chase Wonderlic County Sheriff�����������������Blane Schutz County Clerk�������������������� David Ngo County Coroner����������� Darin McBride County Treasure�������������Reis Desantis State’s Attorney����������� Sam Braunseis Supreme Court Justice����Aaron Nance Awards Comptroller����������������������� Allan Daly Boys Nation Senator�������Saumya Jain 3rd Geiger���������������������Saumya Jain 1st McCraith�������������������Saumya Jain 2nd Oration�������������������Saumya Jain Model County West Wing������������������ Soccer����������������������������������������������� Football�������������������������������������������
  45. 45. 44 Stelle County Chuck A. Runyard County Counselor City of Madden Row 1: Christian Foster, Thomas Hellios, Tynon Cleveland. Row 2: Tony Kestel William Forsman, Giovanni Dell’Aqulila, Danei Gee, Antoni Talaga, Isaac Dallas, Dustin Frieders, Samuel Gebelhoff. Row 3: Kyle Swalls, Jon Mattern, David Cowart, Casey Bunge, Bradley Efflandt, Evan Schwenk, Broderick Fawcett, Maxwell Kunde, Iam Kilby, Luis Zendejas, Jerry Connolly. Mathers City Counselors Madden City Counselors Greg Runyard Assistant County Counselor Ian Fleming Jerry Connolly Andy Biever Runyard City Counselors George Pecoraro Steven Syler Kyle Swalls
  46. 46. 45 City of Mathers Row 1: Joe Strater, Daniel Sheldon, Wesley Zhao, Steven Harrison. Row 2: Brian Cudiff Jr., Nathaniel Jackson, Jimmy McCarthy, Zachary Benkovich, Joshua Schroeder, Mitchel Reuter, Shane Miller, Cameron Lippert. Row 3: Ian Fleming, Baily Martins, Luke Staunton, Ian Gidcomb, Lance Sperry, Jeremiah Sullivan, Raymond Vogel, Ryan Matthews, Eliot Crane, Alexander Tate. City of Runyard Row 1: Sam Przygoda, Ben Shwaiko, Pedro Avila, Carl Zarbock. Row 2: Corey White, Jack Lucie, Justin Reynolds, Harith Kassar, Jacob Roach, William Thompson, Jacob Hanewinkel, Andrew Copple. Row 3: Steven Syler, Alexander Petri, Ethan Dixon, Cameron Deedrich, Matthew Singerich, Noah Yantis, Nathan Ruffatti, Keith Kennedy, Mitchell Temperly, Tim Webb, George Pecoraro. Madden Officials State Representative��������������Isaac Dallas County Supervisor������������ Antonio Tallaya County Supervisor�����������������������Ian Kilby Mayor....���������������������������� David Cowart City Clerk�������������������������������Daniel Gee City Treasurer��������������������Thomas Hellios Alderman������������������������ Maxwell Kunde Alderman�����������������������������Casey Bunge Alderman������������������������������Isaac Dallas Alderman��������������������������Dustin Frieders Mathers Officials State Representative���������Alexander Tate County Supervisor�������������� Mitchel Reuter County Supervisor�����������Jimmy McCarthy Mayor.....�������������������������Josh Schroeder City Clerk.�����������������������������Ian Gidcomb City Treasurer�����������������Cameron Lippert Alderman.��������������������������� Luke Staunton Alderman.���������������������������������Ray Vogel Alderman.�����������������������Jimmy McCarthy Alderman.�����������������������������Elliot Cranen Runyard Officials State Representative����� Mitchell Temperly County Supervisor������������������Ethan Dixon County Supervisor��������� Mitchell Temperly Mayor....... ����������������������� Justin Reynolds City Clerk.. ���������������������������Corey White City Treasurer���������������������Cam Deedrich Alderman������������������������������Noah Yantis Alderman������������������������������Dedro Avila Alderman���������������������������������Tim Webb Alderman�����������������������������Ben Shwaiko Stelle County Officials State Senator��������������Thomas Hellias Circuit Court Judge.............. Alex Petri County Sheriff..............Christian Foster County Clerk...................Corey White County Coroner................Ethan Dixon County Treasurer.......Timmy McCarthy State’s Attorney.......... Steven Harrison Supreme Court Justice..... Casey Bunge Awards 1st Oration�������������������� Steven Harrison 2nd Lucas���������������������� Steven Harrison Boys Nation Alt���������������Thomas Hellios President of the Senate����Thomas Hellios Softball���������������������������������������������
  47. 47. Department of Illinois Bernie Stegmueller Department Sr. Vice Commander PREMIER BOYS STATE Corporation Officers Joe McCraith—Chairman Arthur E. Rawers—Vice Chairman Jay Dellow—Secretary Richard E. Snodgrass—Treasurer Members: **James Aiu **Jeffrey A. Brown Jack Carrico Jerry Connolly **David Fever Michael Flanagan **Kevin Gordon **Rev. Gary P. Gummersheimer Brian Hausman Hsienjan Huangn **Randolph Johnsto Chris Jensen Allen Kirkpatrick 46 Boys State Staff Art Rawers Vice Chairman Photographer Yearbook Editor: Gabe Grant, EIU School of Technology AMERICAN LEGION Premier Boys State Executive Board Jay Dellow Secretary EIU Staff Matt Boyer- Housing and Dining Kevin Linker- Assistant Director of Sports Jody Stone- Assistant Housing Director Wayne Wagner Department Commander Joe McCraith Chairman Toby S. Little Mac Meade William T. Meister Sr. Clyde Minish Robert E. Noonan Louis Sass David A Scott James C. Shaw Ben R. Strode Kevin Wilbur John York Martin Zvonar (**) denotes S.A.L representatives Richard E Snodgrass Treasurer
  48. 48. 47 James Aiu Director of Technology Jack Carrico Citizen Services Dave Fever Election Officer Barry Cicero Athletics Gary Jenson Department Assistant Adjutant Daniel Lisella Contests Awards Gary Gummersheimer Director, Electoral Process Class Graham Peck Assistant Web Master Marty Zvonar Assistant Director of Militia and Formations Bob Cleary Administrative Assistant Dustin Huckstep Band Director Chuck Neff House of Representatives Advisor David A. Scott, Sr. Citizen Services Joy Wilson Registrar Jeff Brown Director of Counselors Bruce Veach Director, Executive Process Class Kevin Wilbur Director of Athletics Louis Sass Director of Administration Walt Denning Athletics and Transprotation Frank Yocum Election Department and Administrative Services Terry Jelenick Citizen Services Bob Noonan Director of Militia and Formations Vitas Paskauskas Citizen Services Randy Johnston Executive Director
  49. 49. 48 Office of the President 600 Lincoln Avenue Charleston, IL 61920-3099 Office: 217-581-2011 FAX: 217-581-2490 June 30, 2013 Dear Participants of the 2013 Session of Illinois Boys State: You are leaders. Each of you, by participating in Illinois Boys State, are prepared for significant leadership in your college career and afterward. Your college experience will be a tremendously important one for you. I encourage you to find the college that is the best match for your goals, abilities, and values. Visit the campuses of colleges and find out everything you can about the schools that interest you. When you are considering colleges, I strongly encourage you to return to Eastern Illinois University to see the energy and community spirit of the University in full session. We offer small classes, have an accomplished faculty of devoted teachers who are experts in their fields of study, support a myriad of student activities, enable opportunities for service and leadership development, and possess a strong commitment to student success. I invite you to become part of the Eastern family and learn what thousands of students have learned for well over a hundred years—Eastern Illinois University is an excellent educational institution, committed to student success and preparing tomorrow’s leaders. Sincerely, William L. Perry President
  50. 50. American citizenship is my most priceless possession. I believe in the Constitutional form of government of the United States -which grants me the right to worship God as I choose and, as a citizen, equal opportunity and equal educational rights. It is my obligation to participate in and contribute my effort to the civic and political welfare of my community, state, and nation. I resolve to learn and understand government and the civic needs of my community, and I hereby dedicate myself to the task of arousing and maintaining a like interest in fellow citizens. Therefore, may the experience of Premier Boys State be ever with me as a reminder of my obligation to my country.