EuroVoice December 2009


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EuroVoice December 2009

  1. 1. The EuroVoice December 2009 SPECIAL ISSUE Pan-EU Leadership Conference, 2nd October 2009 1
  2. 2. The EuroVoice December 2009 HBA Europe Board of Directors 2010 The President’s Voice President: Friederike Sommer, Founder Friederike Sommer Training&Consulting 2009 President elect: Jolanda Groenhuijzen, Managing Director, MyLanda GmbH Year of growth! Vice-President: Isabelle Buckle, Business Director Strategic Global Account Applied Biosystems Immediate Past President Barbara Gerber, Senior Director Client Services Europe, InterbrandHealth Treasurer: Gabriele Matthias, Novartis Dear HBA EU members, Research Foundation end of year is usually the time for drawing the Secretary: Kelly Teasdale, Global Client and year's balance sheet and as my mandate as Affiliate Development, Chandler Chicco President of HBA EU is coming to a close I am Companies happy to share with you positive learnings from Mentor: Cathy Sohn my experience of working with the Board as a Senior VP, Worldwide Business Development, team. I feel that these are valuable insights that GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare can be transferred into our professional and personal life. Directors at large 2009 has been a challenging year in which to lead our young HBA European chapter, which is Membership: Annelie Stapela only in its 4th year of existence. As a Board of VP Commercial Operations, R-Squared Directors we were faced with lower financial Executive Search and Selection resources to run the programs and with less free Programs: Dragana Zivkovic time to dedicate to the HBA due to higher Business Analyst, Novartis Pharma AG pressure from our jobs. Nevertheless by the end Mentoring: Britta Luescher, Corporate of the year a rich program of 26 local events Citizenship and D&I Executive Animal Health, plus 1 Pan Euro event were held across 6 Novartis countries in Europe, including 2 new EuroVoice: Silvia Pellegrini, Client Services countries: Belgium and Germany. The topics debated reflected our members' needs as Director, Sudler&Hennessey expressed by them, giving insights into Corporate Relations: Deborah Wong, changing industry trends, showing how to Corporate Relations, Novartis Pharma AD develop further skills for advancing our career, Advocacy: Cherie Faiella, Executive Director, and grow as leaders. Office of the Chairman, Ernst&Young LLP Volunteers: Gaia Pieraccini, Managing -Continued next page- Director, Mederis Join the Ranks Marketing: Yasmina Eroglu, Head of Not a member yet…? Marketing EEMEA, Oncology Novartis Pharma Get Connected - Join today's leaders AG committed to professional growth for women. Women in Science: Christine Billy, Scientific Get Involved - Gain powerful networking and Coordinator, Novartis Pharma AG; Linn leadership opportunities. Hjortsberh, Project Manager, Archimed Medical Get Ahead - Take advantage of career Communications AG enhancement & learn about industry issues and trends. For more information visit 2
  3. 3. The EuroVoice December 2009 “The President’s Voice” Distinguished keynote speakers always made sure that all was relevant to the current rocky climate in healthcare and the general economical recession giving perspectives and tools pertinent to how we could master our career for the best and what our role could become. On top of a pleasing 15% membership growth another major milestone for our growth was achieved: the first HBA EU Senior Advisory Board composed by 13 Top Senior Executives from major healthcare companies, academics and politicians was created and started working as a strategic think-tank for the Chapter advancement. What was the secret behind the significant results achieved by the Board despite tough current economy? Passion and dedication are the fundamentals for success in whatever you might be doing in your personal and professional life. However in the case of a no-profit organization such as HBA, sharing a clear sense of working for our own communal benefit - women in our field -was a very powerful motivating agent that increased significantly and beyond expectations the level of cooperation within the team and the quality of the performance. Sharing problems with the team and discussing solutions was vital to nurture collaboration and fuel creativity. It was amazing to observe how the diverse mix of seniority, nationalities and professional experience within the Board generated brilliant and effective solutions to overcome problems and barriers we met while unfolding our yearly plans and programs. The feedback on the results obtained- regardless of praise or critics - were instrumental to keep the team spirit up and kept us going as it showed that our actions were having a positive impact and did not go unnoticed. Even critics were taken positively as a stimulus to learn and improve. The Board experience, I believe, was a wonderful environment where more junior members could get easy access and interact with more senior members and take advantage of their broader experience. Furthermore senior members enjoyed the privilege of contributing to the development of the younger generation of leaders whilst being exposed to their fresh ideas. Public recognition for the contribution and success of an initiative proposed was also a formidable motivating element: gaining visibility for our communal and individual achievements is still something women in many European countries are battling for. Multitasking is one of the feminine features which can easily lead to burning out, particularly when you are factoring HBA activities into your busy job and personal life schedule. I am sure each of us working for HBA on the Board and the larger group of volunteers can testify how matching these two roles taught them to better prioritize tasks and helped them improve their way of managing responsibilities. Finally I felt that working with a professional team 100 % composed by women, was a unique opportunity to verify that the myth about women-against-women competition is just a stereotype. It is a myth, let’s not perpetrate it! My year as Chapter President taught me very special lessons that I am now ready to apply also in my professional and personal life. The HBA motto says “required experience for a healthy career” and I can certainly subscribe to it. Yours sincerely, Dr. Barbara Gerber HBA EU President, 2009 3
  4. 4. The EuroVoice December 2009 “Advance your Career and Impact in Uncertain Times” a summary of the HBA Europe conference 2009, Zürich 1-2 October by Linn Hjortsberg, Project Manager, Archimed Medical Communication AG The financial crisis has shaken up the world, including the healthcare sector. These rocky times require you to develop your own potential to remain an attractive employee/employer and continue to be competitive. Particularly in this climate of economic uncertainty, a “Yes, I can” attitude is required to not only survive, but thrive. In her opening address of the annual meeting of the Europe chapter HBA Europe President Barbara Gerber summarized her view with a quote of Eleanor Roosevelt; “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. On October 1-2, some 70+ healthcare professionals gathered for the annual meeting of the HBA Europe chapter to discuss topics around “Career Advancement in Economic Uncertainty, Developing as an Entrepreneur, Retaining Talent in Tough Times”. The conference highlighted themes such as taking calculated risks, driving innovation, pushing the limits and developing a winning leadership style. Workshops, panel discussions and presentations led by senior industry speakers provided important insights for taking control of one's career, whatever the economic climate. The meeting was set in the Limmat Hall along the beautiful Limmat river in Zurich. The atmosphere in the warehouse inspired building felt modern, friendly and relaxed, which was reflected in the mood of the guests. The coffee break discussions were vivid, engaging and sometimes hard to interrupt to give space to the next speaker.
  5. 5. The EuroVoice December 2009 “Advance your Career and Impact in Uncertain Times” -continued- One who truly believed in the beauty of his dreams is Alexander Tsiaras (Founder /CEO Anatomical Travelogue LLC) who told, in the keynote lecture, the inspiring story behind his company: the Visual MD, an educational portal for patients and non-healthcare professionals. Using images from the latest imaging technology, the visual MD allows the patient to travel through the human body and explains the mechanisms of common diseases in a visual, easily comprehensible, and completely groundbreaking manner. Alexander is an outstanding example of a true entrepreneur. His talk left the audience breathless, and brilliantly set the stage with a “can do” attitude for the rest of the meeting. Barbara Annis, leading expert in Inclusive Leadership and Gender Initiatives, provided striking demonstrations of the biological differences between male and female brains. With amusing examples she exemplified how these differences influence our perception, communication and logic and can lead to the typical situations of conflict that we are all too familiar with. However, these differences also create advantages. As the male and female brain often complements each other, the key to success lies is in the combination. To learn more about how great minds actually think UNLIKE, read Barbara's book “Leadership and the sexes”. Michelle Gasden-Williams (VP& Global Head, Diversity & Inclusion, Novartis AG) shared her experience of driving diversity and inclusion within Novartis. She demonstrated how important it is for women to stay authentic to their leadership style while still taking the diplomacy of the corporate environment into consideration. A common denominator for many highly successful women is their ability of finding a balance between political correctness and personal values, to have political savvy.
  6. 6. The EuroVoice December 2009 “Advance your Career and Impact in Uncertain Times” -continued- Authenticity was a word repeated more than once during the course of this meeting. In a panel discussion – facilitated by Friederike Sommer (Managing Director Sommer Consulting) - Anne Walsh (Head Global Communication, GSK), Andrea Saxer (Head HR Novartis International), Dr. Max Ferguson Noble (VP Commercial Operations, R-Squared) and Dr. Jolanda Groenhuijzen (President & Managing Director, MyLanda) shared their experience and advice on how to be an attractive employer/employee in rocky times. The panel agreed that staying true to values and core competence, and focusing on strengths is increasingly important in times of uncertainty. To help stay in charge of your career, also during corporate restructuring, they advised to set up clear long term goals and find out where you want to be in the new organization. Never sit around and wait for the change to happen, but be prepared; keep an up to date CV, network, and be visible. Communication and voice coach Bill Young (President, Co-Founder at Young Vienne, Inc.) completed the conference with a workshop on “Presence”. Bill pointed out how important it is, especially for women, to know not only what to say but HOW to say it in order to make our voice heard. Through examples and practical exercises the audience learned how to think, act and speak in order to get the message across. Visit the HBA website for further information and the ‘Why Dot Pharma’ website into-health-care-one-woman-at-a-time/ for additional interviews, photos and videos from the meeting. Many thanks to all speakers and sponsors, the HBA Europe board, volunteers and participants for making this meeting a successful, eye-opening and inspiring event!
  7. 7. Euroleader’s The EuroVoice Voice Angelica is a member of the nominating committee of the HBA board and December 2009 will contribute each issue this column dedicated to highlighting the individuals of leadership in the industry today… welcome to Euroleader’s Voice ! Angelica Mirza  Partner‐ Amrop Global Executive Search angelica.mirza@amrop‐ Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden General Manager, Catalyst Europe AG Guest speaker at the HBA EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ZURICH OCT 1 & 2 2009 What points do you think we should be aware of regarding “Women’s Leadership Style”? Gender differences in managerial style may be mainly in the eye of the beholder. It would be hard for anyone in business to avoid all the recent discussion regarding approaches to leadership. Buzzwords include ‘authoritarian’ or ‘hierarchical’ versus ‘coaching’, ‘participative’ or ‘facilitative’ management. Given the growing interest in innovative approaches to human capital and management, it’s natural that policy planners wonder what is the most effective approach to managing staff and resources. One theory asserts that ‘feminine leadership’ has advantages which previously went unrecognized in the corporate community. The emphasis on positive aspects of women as managers is certainly welcome. But perhaps this argument and others place too much emphasis on the imagined differences of women or men managers. In fact, there are more similarities than there are differences between men’s and women’s managerial styles. While dwelling on the differences is ultimately counterproductive, it’s important to appreciate the evolving notion of female management style. Examining assumptions about whether there really are male and female management styles is a first step toward developing the best corporate leaders. What in your opinion are some of the dangers in women’s organization and sterotypes that occur ? Certain personality traits or characteristics have long been closely linked with gender. Women, probably as a result of their conventional role as care providers within the family, have been most often characterized as nurturing, supportive and passive. Men, on the other hand, have been thought of as more dominant, aggressive and independent. These overall societal stereotypes heavily influence our notions of male and female managers’ style in the business arena. In a climate where global competition is keen and leadership talent is both critical and scarce, organizations cannot afford to overlook any of the leadership talents that women embody. To ensure that vital leadership talent is effectively assessed and deployed, Catalyst believes that organizations must heed the advice of women leaders and take steps to address stereotyping. Catalyst invites you to participate in an important global research project! Tabi Haller one of the speakers at the HBA EU Leadership Conference and representing Catalysts, has asked the HBA to promote their survey which focuses on women and men working in the bioscience sector with specific emphasis on those employed in the pharmaceutical industry. The goal of the study is to provide groundbreaking insights into how career pathways and emergent industry trends impact the career aspirations, workplace perceptions, and future directions of women and men in all functions and levels of the pharmaceutical industry. The HBA encourages you to complete the online survey: Start Survey: Access Code: catalystbiosci 3
  8. 8. Euroleader’s The EuroVoice Voice Angelica is a member of the nominating committee of the HBA board and December 2009 will contribute each issue this column dedicated to highlighting the individuals of leadership in the industry today… welcome to Euroleader’s Voice ! Angelica Mirza  Partner‐ Amrop Global Executive Search angelica.mirza@amrop‐ Anne P. Walsh VP Global Communications GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals Guest speaker at the HBA EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ZURICH OCT 1 & 2 2009 What in your opinion is “Authentic Leadership”? For me Authentic leadership is not new but is certainly increasingly important in the age of digital communication, globalisation and stakeholder multiplication and empowerment. It is firmly rooted in a respect of ones own values and a deep knowledge and reinforcement of the organisations values. To be an authentic leader requires a rare mix of the soft skills and strategic vision skills and to provide a bridge between these. It requires a good knowledge of the organisation from inside as well as the myriad of internal and external stakeholders. What do you think are the “Risks” in Authentic leadership? The biggest risk is not choosing to work for an organisation whose values you truly buy into. Its hard to fake it! But once there our organisations change so rapidly it is important for the leader at each step to reflect and understand/buy back in to the new look environment before being able to encourage buy in from others around her/him. I believe to be authentic a leader needs to have the capacity to step back, understand and challenge. Only then will she/he be able to authentically support the change. Alexander Tsiaras Founder / CEO Anatomical Travelogue LLC & LLC Guest speaker at the HBA EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ZURICH OCT 1 & 2 2009 What are your general comments to the members of HBA after the conference? 1) Be less civil in making the case of the total lack of parity in the work place 2) Define the HBA Europe mission, and build a representative website that clearly shows the passion of the people involved and also the value (human and professional) for those who join!! 3) Engage entrepreneurs and smaller business. It is almost exclusively big business focused, in the way that HBA focuses on how to speak to HR, cooperation in the work place, how to create the right resume, etc. As the industry is changing it is not encouraging women to be the principal change agents but rather internally secure. It is not that women should story tell more, it is that everyone should story tell more and better. As Eleanor "Tabi" Haller-Jorden at the conference mentioned, "no one's life has ever been changed by a pie chart". Data in in itself can be deadly boring. It is story that gives data its soul. If you want someone to understand, remember and take action to your message, then embed your message in a great story. In America many women are demanding parity in the work place. Their collective voices are having impact. They have an advantage because there are some laws to support them, they are a very large community sharing a common language and as diverse as America is, they share a similar business culture. Still parity is too slow. European women as a collective obvious have the disadvantage of no common language (though English is the shared business language it is not quite the same as it being native), vastly different cultures, and therefore the European women do not have the powers in numbers that their American counterparts have. In some case though, as in the case of the Norwegians, 40% of the C Suite must be woman versus Italy where Tabi's statistics show that it will be over 663 years before women reach parity with men. In Europe you have enormous statistical shifts (about parity) between countries, greater than those between American and European. 3
  9. 9. The EuroVoice December 2009 EuroExcellence: Recognising Leadership within HBA Europe 2010 EuroExcellence Award Winners GABRIELE MATHIAS Contributing to the Growth & Success of the European Chapter Scientific Research Associate, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Novartis Research Foundation 2009 HBA Europe Director of Women in Science CHERIE ANNE FAIELLA Contributing to the Growth & Success of the European Chapter DRAGANA ZIVKOVIC Special Award Executive Director, Office of the Chairman, Ernst & Young Ltd Business Analyst, Novartis Pharma AG 2009 HBA Europe Director Advocacy, Chair, Senior Advisory Board 2009 HBA Europe Director of Programs RENEE PLAWNER TANNENBAUM BARBARA GERBER Promoting the Advancement of Women in Healthcare Special Award Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Director Client Services Europe, EVP Elan Pharmaceuticals & Interbrand Health Member of the HBA Europe Senior 2009 HBA Europe Chapter President Advisory Board 7
  10. 10. The EuroVoice December 2009 MEET THE NEW 2010 HBA EUROPE BOARD as elected at the Annual Business Meeting on Oct. 1st! Friederike Sommer President Gabriele Jolanda Isabelle Barbara Kelly Matthias Groenhuijzen Buckle Gerber Teasdale Treasurer President Vice Past Secretary Elect President President Dragana Britta Annelie Cherie Zivkovic Luescher Stapela Faiella Programs Mentoring Membership Advocacy Deborah Yasmina Gaia Christine Billy -Jean Eroglu Piraccini Linn Hjortsberg Wong Mktg & Volunteers WIS Sponsorship Comm. WOMEN IN SCIENCE (WIS) WIS is an HBA programme dedicated to fostering the advancement of women working in a scientific function. WIS operates in sub-groups who discuss and research topics and then share their findings with the group at large during monthly dinners. The output of the research work can be a publication, training, conference, etc. Each WIS member is offered to either work with a sub-group on an already identified topic or to select a topic on which she wishes to initiate sub-group activities. Sub-groups in Basel and Paris are currently working on: • How do analysts judge an R&D portfolio • How to transition from academia to industry • How to transition from one company to another or from a function to another • Boss/associate relationship and its impact on job satisfaction and career development • Innovation in Europe
  11. 11. The EuroVoice December 2009 **UPCOMING HBA EUROPE EVENTS** Networking Event with Roger Dixon. Project Management: The Key to the Future. Basel, January 12, 2010 Networking Event with Carsten Edwards. Putting Market Access at the Heart of Commercialization. London, February 10, 2010 JOIN HBA EUROPE ON FACEBOOK! Our facebook profile will allow you to become friends with HBA Europe on facebook, keep up with the latest news and updates, get email: invitations to upcoming events and, best of all, password: socialmedia network with all other HBA Europe friends. HBA EUROPE MEMBER NEWS We are proud to announce that the Industrial Designer Society of America awarded an excellence prize to AMPLIFIT 3, a project led by Manuela Genesio, Global Professional Marketing Manager at Amplifon. The award was given on the grounds of excellence and innovation in developing an interactive methodology to select the most appropriate acustic device according to the patient’s needs. Congratulations to Manuela, who states that “as a woman, one of the most challenging aspects was coordinating a team of only men – and all very expert at their job-. The sensitivity typical of us women was a winning weapon in the process!”.
  12. 12. The EuroVoice December 2009 One Flaw In Women Their hearts break when a friend dies. Women have strengths that amaze men.... They grieve at the loss of a family member, They bear hardships and they carry burdens, yet they are strong when they but they hold happiness, love and joy. think there is no strength left. They smile when they want to scream. They know that a hug and a kiss They sing when they want to cry. can heal a broken heart. They cry when they are happy Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. and laugh when they are nervous. They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you They fight for what they believe in... to show how much they care about you They stand up to injustice. The heart of a woman is what They don't take "no" for an answer makes the world keep turning. when they believe there is a better solution. They bring joy, hope and love. They go without so their family can have. They have compassion and ideas. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They give moral support to their They love unconditionally. family and friends. They cry when their children excel Women have vital things to say and cheer when their friends get awards. and everything to give. They are happy when they hear about HOWEVER, IF THERE IS ONE FLAW a birth or a wedding. IN WOMEN, IT IS THAT THEY FORGET THEIR WORTH. . Poem submitted by Angelica Mirza