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Safari photo eng

  1. 1. The safari photo will consist of two stops: visiting one place of compact residence of immigrants andspending some time in the centre of Strasbourg. For the first part use the entire questionnaire. For thesecond part use only questions 1-7 from the questionnaire.Do not forget to take pictures with intervieweesThe suggested questions are:Each group interview one person at a time and take a picture with him or her.Questions 1-7 should be asked BOTH in the centre of Strasbourg as well as on the tram stop nearest tothe Adoma Foyer dhébergement you are assigned to.1. Do you know how many countries are in the EU?2. Do you consider people from other EU countries as immigrants?3. Do you know personally any Roma people? Do they cause any inconveniences in your life?4. Do you support forcible repatriation of unemployed immigrants?5. Do you support forcible repatriation of Roma immigrants whether employed or unemployed?(Questions 3 and 4 can be anonymous)6. Ask the interviewee whether they know what Adoma Foyer dhébergement is?Put the answers (Y/N) in the table below. Draw a similar table if you need more spaceQuestion Interviewee №№ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9123456For the next question, one person from the group interviews and, if needed, translates the answers to thegroup. Group may ask some questions and this representative person will ask it or translate to theinterviewee.7. Try to find somebody who speaks your language. This way we will not be forced to ask people questionsabout their ethnicity. Ask this person(s) to tell as much as possible about the examples of discriminationthey have ever experienced. Try to direct their answers using the information from the training sessions ofthis and previous days. Each interview +10 pointsNEXT QUESTIONS ARE TO BE ASKED IN AND ON THE WAY TO THE ADOMA FOYER DHÉBERGEMENT ONLY– NOT TO ASK IN THE CENTRE OF STRASBOURG:8. On the way to each Foyer, stop several times and ask more people how to get to a particular address(asking for the address only and not saying that we need to find Adoma place). Make a note wheneversomeone suggests that this address is not safe. If people do not suggest anything about its safety ask themyourselves whether they consider this street or area safe.
  2. 2. Organize your answers in this table below. Put Y in the blank field where relevant. Separete answers by acomma. Later we will be able to count all Ys from each group etc.Suggested by theintervieweeQuestion asked byyouNear and inside (if allowed) the Foyer:9. Take pictures of local realities (ask for permission if you want to take picture of some people). We willlater vote for the best picture- the winning team +100 points10. Ask the residents questions 1-2.Put the answers (Y/N) in the table belowQuestion Interviewee №№ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 91211. First team to complete all the tasks -20 points (we need to do it good and not just fast). Coming latefor dinner – cold dinner or no dinner.Completing all the tasks with photos +100 points. The best way to score additional points is to take as manyinterviews as possible. Also take the best picture of the immigrant realities and get additional score. That iswhy good photographers should be valuable for the teams as well as people who can easily establishcontacts with unfamiliar people.We will have six groups of seven people each.Groups N 1 and 4 visitAdoma Foyer dhébergement at the address 300 avenue de Colmar;Groups N 2 and 5 visitAdoma Foyer dhébergement at the address 2 rue de Lausanne;Groups N 3 and 6 visitAdoma Foyer dhébergement at the address 50 rue de soultz.Different groups start from different tram stops.Arrival 20h: “Restaurant Sahara” : 3 B ,Rue Marais Vert 67000 Strasbourg"