Future watch 2011


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Future watch 2011

  1. 1. FutureWatch Executive Summary Sponsored by: For the full FutureWatch2011 report, visit the research section of the MPI Content Portal at www.mpiweb.org/Portal/Research/FutureWatch.1
  2. 2. Technology. Strategy. Relationships. yesterday’s events. Instead, meeting pro- fessionals will find that in presenting the value of their events to company leaders, We listened. You say that the meeting industry will board trustees and stockholders, they better understand their own roles within see unparalleled change in the coming year, that organizations and better prepare for the future of meetings and events. technology will bolster communication, that ROI and strategic meetings management will be vital to your Optimism is high among senior industry professionals, according business success, that new and existing connections to the IMEX Global Insights Report, which surveys a standing panel of with your peers will lead to smarter events. This is 45 senior industry professionals. The report’s results point to a rise FutureWatch 2011, and these are your stories. in events and budgets in 2011. Green initiatives remain on the The global financial crisis forced many an industry that has long pushed back agenda, as do developments in industry practitioners to accept what against what was viewed once as a direct virtual meetings. a handful of their peers already had— threat to in-person events. Meeting that meetings must meet the strate- professionals maintain that face-to-face Here’s a peek at some of the gic imperatives of their organizations meetings are far better equipped to results: and provide detailed proof of ROI. forming lasting relationships, business The failing economy caused meet- partnerships and revolutionary ideas, of respondents say the ing suppliers and planners to collabo- rate in new and different ways, creating but acknowledge the sufficiency of on- line meetings, especially in some sectors 58 % number of meetings will increase this year, stronger intra-industry relationships that such as education. while 37 percent say it will last for years to come. And as bud- FutureWatch 2011 results show that will stay the same, and gets became more and more tight, many the tides of the meeting industry have only 5 percent say it will meetings moved to cyber space—a trend shifted, and there will be no return to that will continue through 2011. decrease Technology, it seems, has finally gone mainstream in Meetings Strike Back expect a significant 18 % increase in budget this year, 39 percent foresee a slight increase and Year-to-Year Trend in Projected Meeting Statistics 24 percent sense that budgets will remain the Projected Change same 25% say demonstrating ROI 20% 25 % from meetings, events and incentives in de- 15% tail—and in a way that 10% management fully under- stands—is either their 5% most or their second 0% most important priority -5% say they are fully com- -10% 42 % mitted to CSR and 26 percent say they are 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 currently developing 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 CSR policies Overall Attendance 12% 23% 19% - 4% 5% 2% Planner Budgets 14% 19% 11% -9% -3% 2% Spend Per Meeting 7% 6% 23% 2% -1% 5% Number of Meetings 7% 12% -1% -9% 3% 8% Length of Meeting 6% 2% 0% -3% 0% 0%2
  3. 3. This is your 7% Coordinators Respondents by Position FutureWatch. We surveyed 459 of your industry peers (including members from 67 MPI chap- 22% Senior Managers ters in 20 countries) and asked about their meetings for the coming year. We 26% Executives interviewed them on the phone and asked about upcoming challenges. We reached across borders and oceans and 9% Sales asked where the global meeting and business event industry was heading. Here’s who answered. 6% Other BY THE 30% Managers NUMBERS Respondents by Region Planners Number of meetings 8% being planned by Europe 2010: 182.2 11% organizations 2011: 196.1 Canada 11% USA Number of meetings 3% 76% Asia .5% being planned by 2010: 48.7 respondents 2011: 50.4 Central America .7% Africa .5% Number of delegates 2% Australia .25% per meeting 2010: 543.4 2011: 555.1 Average spend per 5% meeting 2010: $188K 2011: $197K Where Meetings and Events are Traveling To Number of locations 6% evaluated per meeting 2010: 5.8 2011: 6.1 Average net revenue from all meetings by 4% 2010: $1.8M Canada organization 2011: $1.9M Europe U.S. Suppliers Number of meetings 11% overall to be served 2010: 467.9 by organization 2011: 520.0 Number of meetings 11% overall to be served 2010: 128.2 by respondent 2011: 142.2 Destination U.S. Canada Europe C. America S. America Asia Other Number of proposals being prepared by 14% From Canada to 11% 82% 5% 2% 1% 0% 1% respondent 2010: 195.2 From Europe to 10% 2% 82% 1% 1% 3% 4% 2011: 223.5 From U.S. to 87% 2% 6% 2% 1% 3% 3% *All money in US dollars3
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY » Government Meeting Profession- More than three-fourths (78 percent) In July 2010, MPI conducted focus als, who are employed by government were executives (26 percent), senior groups with MPI members to learn how agencies or public universities to plan or managers (22 percent) or managers (30 to improve FutureWatch 2011. While oversee meeting logistics, strategy and/or percent). The largest single respondent the survey has evolved over the past finances group was that of corporate planners, eight years, the clear message for the who comprised 19 percent of respon- » Meeting Management Professional next iteration of the study was to make dents, followed by hotels, which com- Planners, who are independent planners, FutureWatch 2011 shorter and smarter prised 17 percent of respondents. consultants or employees of meeting by significantly reducing the number of management companies acting primarily One hundred twenty-five meeting questions and concentrating more on in planning roles professionals participated in individual what meeting professionals see as the telephone interviews designed to dis- » Meeting Management Professional future of the industry. The 140-ques- cover why meeting professionals work Suppliers, who are independent plan- tion, online survey of 2010 was replaced the way they do, how changes will be ners, consultants or employees of meet- with a 30-question, online survey and introduced in their organizations and ing management companies acting pri- augmented with in-depth telephone in- what the expected outcomes will be. The marily in supplier or sales roles terviews to discover how the industry is average length of the interviews was 15 changing, and where those changes are » Supplier Meeting Professionals, minutes. expected to lead. Respondents included who are vendors of products or services Members from 67 MPI chapters and the following. to the meetings industry, including em- 20 countries took part in FutureWatch ployees of facilities, DMCs, audiovi- » Corporate Meeting Professionals, 2011. Seventy-six percent were from the sual and production companies, florists, who are employed primarily by corpora- U.S., 11 percent from Canada, 11 per- transportation providers and CVBs. tions to plan or oversee meeting logistics, cent from the E.U. and 2 percent from strategy and/or finances Results of FutureWatch 2011 have a other areas. statistical accuracy of 95 percent, +/- 5 » Association and Nonprofit Meeting percent. Four hundred fifty-nine meet- Professionals, who are employed primar- ing professionals took part in the online ily by associations, nonprofit organiza- survey. tions or private universities to plan or oversee meeting logistics, strategy and/ Planners accounted for 54 percent or finances of respondents; the rest were suppliers. For the full FutureWatch2011 report, visit the research section of the MPI Content Portal at www.mpiweb.org/Portal/Research/FutureWatch. About MPI Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the Editorial Support meeting and event industry’s largest and most vi- Bill Voegeli, President, Association Insights brant global community, helps our members thrive Jessie States, Assistant Editor, One+ by providing human connections to knowledge and Design Support ideas, relationships and marketplaces. MPI mem- Jason Judy, Graphic Designer, MPI bership is comprised of more than 23,000 mem- bers belonging to 71 chapters and clubs worldwide. FutureWatch 2011 is an official supplement For additional information, visit MPIWeb.org. to the January 2011 issue of One+, the official publication of Meeting Professionals Interna- Meeting Professionals Middle East tional. International Headquarters PC5 Offices, 3030 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1700 Education City, Printed by RR Donnelley & Sons Company Dallas, TX 75234-2759 Doha, Qatar © 2011, Meeting Professionals International. tel +1-972-702-3000 tel +974-454-8000 All Rights Reserved fax +1-972-702-3089 fax +974-454-8047 EMEA Canada Europe/Africa 6519-B Mississauga Road 28, Rue Henri VII Mississauga, Ontario L1725 Luxembourg L5N 1A6 tel +352-2687-6141 Canada fax +352-2687-6343 tel +905-286-4807 fax +905-567-71914