19th century
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19th century






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19th century 19th century Presentation Transcript

  • 19thcenturyArts
  • * Encouraged by the heroic ideas of theFrench RevolutionRomanticism
  • the lock - FrAgonArd View slide
  • Artists used their works forhighlighting national identity.Thomas Gainsborough painted manypictures of royalty, as did Jacques-Louis David, who was Napoleon’sofficial artist. View slide
  • The artist displayed exoticism bypainting new and foreign things,including far away places and oddobjects. This idea is illustrated inThe Lion Hunt, by EugeneDelacroix.
  • Horror of the supernatural- thescary creatures and such oftenseen in romantic artwork. Goya isa supreme example of this. Amonghis works, Los Caprichos are someof the most noted, and they have todo with the horrors of thesupernatural
  • Romantic spirit was all aboutloosing formal constraints,giving way to artists to showtheir individual ideas andemotions.
  • Many artists painted landscapesthat usually showed eithernationalism in painting andsketching the land near them, orthe exoticism and adventure offar-away places. Also, artistsoften used nature to conveyemotions.
  • During the Romantic Period,heroism became important.Many people, like Beethoven,believed that the common mancould be heroes.
  • Pre-Raphaelites"The Pre-Raphaelites sought ...torestore to painting thenaturalness and simplicity theyinsisted it has lost after Raphaelby demonstrating in their own artthe superiority of realism--freshlyobserved nature transferred tocanvas--to timid emulation.”
  • Arts and Crafts movementThe Arts and Crafts movement originated asa reaction against the mass-produced goodsof the Industrial Revolution and the intricateand elaborate art forms of the popularVictorian style of art, architecture, furnitureand design. The movement embraced aphilosophy of handmade products andestablished a preference for simple formsand unadorned designs.
  • NaturalismIt describes a true-to-life stylewhich involves the representationor depiction of nature with theleast possible distortion orinterpretation.
  • ImpressionismImpressionist paintings werecharacterized by short andsmall brush strokes whichwere used to emphasizedfleeting glances of the subject.The painters like to workoutdoors where they canclearly see and portraychanges in the light patterns
  • Pointillism
  • Post-impressionism
  • Paul Cézanne
  • Paul Gauguin