Quotes from cannes lions 2012


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Quotes from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, 2012

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Quotes from cannes lions 2012

  1. 1. Quotes from
  2. 2.  “Once an idea is expressed, it belongs to the world. The challenge is to find an expression that immediately resonates with the entire world.”
  3. 3.  Adoro propaganda, mas a verdade é que ela cria cada monstrinho egocêntrico.. Translation: I love advertising, but the truth is that it creates every egocentric little monster..
  4. 4.  “Find or create the relevant truth. Communicate it in a fresh and unseen way and the people will care.”* “If the client is not scared, your idea is not good enough” “The best advertising does not look like advertising” * Derived from the ideas of William Bernbach
  5. 5.  "We are fetishizing social. Its time to take stock of what is going viral and why.”
  6. 6.  "You must do work that youd be willing to bet your career on"
  7. 7.  “Brands arent judged by what they promise, but by what they do”
  8. 8.  “The more you let go of your assumptions, the more we do that, the more you will get a phenomenal payoff” “Millennials dont see failure as a blemish but the opportunity to reinvent themselves”
  9. 9.  “Everyone has a voice and everyone wants to be heard.” “Its about being relatable and being honest says - millennials can smell a fake from a mile away”
  10. 10.  "Were moving from a world where we plan campaigns for the future to one where we adapt campaigns to the moment"
  11. 11.  “When you fail in life you hit rock bottom and then you have no option but to bloody succeed”
  12. 12.  “There is difference between a viral ad and PR. Both have a value & are not mutually exclusive”
  13. 13.  “Creativity is not inventing, it’s combining two things that already exist”
  14. 14.  “Is creativity now about one big idea or many little ones that add up?” #awscchat
  15. 15.  “ The world is too interdependent to solve issues in isolation” “The world, as we know, has a lot of problem. But were fortunate to be alive at this time”
  16. 16.  “The 4Ps of the marketing mix are now Purpose, Presence, Proximity and Partnerships”
  17. 17.  “Create socially relevant content - move from ADS to ASSETS that are shareable”
  18. 18.  Key Trends on the Ground  Creative Relevance  Go Offline  Back to Basics  Mobile Makes it Easy  Youth Crave Connections
  19. 19.  “Harness real passion”
  20. 20.  “I don’t look at impressions. I look at engagement. That is the yardstick.”
  21. 21.  “The main shift has been to actively consider engagement as part of the mix versus focusing on the more traditional measures of reach and frequency.”
  22. 22.  “Creativity has the power to transform human behavior.”
  23. 23.  “When the world zigs, zag.”
  24. 24.  "When they look at you and say, ‘You’re crazy,’ maybe you’ve found a good idea.”* “Having a great idea is not the key. The key is fighting with passion and persistence to bring it to life” “Don’t just think outside the box, create a new box.”* Found the quote thanks to (Caren Kelleher) -@Caren – I’m unsure if she is the one who actually expressed the idea.
  25. 25.  “Combine relevance with emotion. And you get the kind of ideas I like.” “Adapt the technique to your idea, not your idea to tour technique” “Don`t be afraid of change, that is the big message”