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Openmagazine: automating multi-channel content creation for your digital first business
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Openmagazine: automating multi-channel content creation for your digital first business



eZ OpenMagazine is a connector between eZ Publish Enterprise and popular desktop publishing suites, like InDesign. ...

eZ OpenMagazine is a connector between eZ Publish Enterprise and popular desktop publishing suites, like InDesign.

Key Features:

1) Automation of the content download operation.
2) Full compatibility with Adobe InDesign
3) Consistency of the graphic styles and content structure designed with Adobe InDesign in your eZ Publish installation, and creation of IDML files
4) Association of any type of content within eZ Publish to the structures previously created with InDesign through an intuitive web interface
5) A services oriented architecture (SaaS)



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    Openmagazine: automating multi-channel content creation for your digital first business Openmagazine: automating multi-channel content creation for your digital first business Presentation Transcript

    • From print to web and beyond: a multichannel journey with Open Magazine Mirko Battisti lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Print Publishing Industry is not doing too well decreasing revenues (magazines) sales advertising -40% since 2008 -6% since 2008 Source: stateofthemedia.org lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • The print publishing industry is not doing too well. We will concentrate on Companies that print magazines here. Their sources of revenues are SALES and ADVERTISING. Sales are dropping, and Advertising doesn’t pay as much as it used to. Why is that? lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Print Publishing Industry is not doing too well weak economy shift to digital lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Mainly, two reasons: • we live in times of weak economy • we are witnessing a shift to the digital world both by customers and the advertising industry There's little we can do about the weak economy, and it would be hard to stop the digital shift... lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • 2010 2012 Mobile browsing Source: royal.pingdom.com 3,8% 10% +162% 0 6 12 18 24 30 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Notebooks Smartphones Tablets Millions Source: Morgan Stanley Research percentage of all trafficdevice sales lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • ...because it's just happening. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. Sales numbers are impressive. Percentage of browsing through mobile is even more impressive in terms of growth. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Tablets and magazines 60of tablet owners have purchased DIGITAL CONTENT % newspapers 15% e-books 35% magazines 39% Source: www.poynter.com lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • We should be interested in what people do with their mobile devices, and especially with tablets, since a magazine is more likely read on a tablet. (And anyway in a few years time we wouldn't even know the difference between the two.) Those numbers tells us: people owning a tablet are willing to spend money to read digital magazines. So what can a Company that print magazines do? http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/177591/study-tablet-users-more-likely-to-buy-magazines-e-books-than-news-newspapers/ lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • What can be done lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • two things: 1. cut costs, optimizing their workflow, to avoid work that is still done by hand 2. go digital. To do that they need some smart people who know their way around technology, and possibly a CMS with multichannel capabilities. Does that sound familiar? lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Behind a paper magazine lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Behind a paper magazine Advertising TOC / Contributions Music Talent Showcase Top Look Fashion lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Now, let’s say this is the designer who works at Fake Magazine. Using Adobe InDesign he creates the layout for the magazine sections. He works on space occupation for contents provided by editors. He also inputs those contents into InDesign. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Oops! I did it again! lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • When he thinks he is done, he is not: some changes comes along from the editors. In a word document. So he need to do some copy and paste. But then another change is requested, and another one, and another one, just before the magazine goes to print. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Content is the key editor designer before after editorial work organizational work creative work organizational work before after lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • What if there was a way to get the content out of InDesign, place it into a common Content Repository, where editors could access it to make changes, and, once changes are over, put content back into InDesign? This way, designers could concentrate on the creative work. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Set content free lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • and what if the common repository was a Content Management System with Multichannel capabilities? Like eZ Publish? That is what OpenMagazine does: it connects InDesign with eZ Publish. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine Article Object attributes: image title abstract text TAGS image title abstract text lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • How? Roughly: InDesign gives you the ability to tag content. This tagging feature allows Open Magazine to map InDesign content into eZ Publish content. For example, if an article is made up of Image-Title- Abstract-Text, those become attributes of an Article object inside eZ Publish. STYLES AND FORMATTING ARE PRESERVED!!! lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Now, it's not like you plug it in and you can sit and relax while it saves money for you. There is some work to be done before even plugging it in. The workflow needs to be analyzed before knowing if Open Magazine can be of any help. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine Print lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Let's assume this is the workflow our client uses to produce their printed magazine. After analyzing it step by step, you can choose if and where it makes sense to apply Open Magazine. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine Print lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • setup Open Magazine Print web mobile ebook -40% -15% -50% lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine will need some setup time (during which InDesign templates are analyzed and standardized). It will then help saving time on some steps, while on others it will not add any value to the process. And, since the content is managed inside eZ Publish, the client can exploit its multichannel capabilities and serve the content to a variety of channels and media. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Let’s talk R.O.I. ❖ Resource optimization ❖ Content flow automation ❖ InDesign licenses? ❖ More channels = more potential reach } } lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • So where are the advantages? • Resource optimization: everybody does what they do best • Content flow automation: no more copy/paste • Or maybe editors use InDesign to edit content: if it is like that, money is saved on InDesign license, since all the editing is done inside eZ Publish. • More Media: more potential reach. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine Impact IMPACT depends on publication type Economies of scale more magazines more efficient startup lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • The impact of Open Magazine depends on the type of publications: there are cases where standardization of templates is easy, others where it's simply impossible. Also, you can have economies of scale getting into the picture, for those clients that manages a large number of magazines: the setup phase can be more efficient. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Real Case: Vita Trentina -10 Magazine structure definition Content production % -50% Space constraints definition-60% Content assignment to InDesign templates-80% (now done inside eZ Publish) (should fit the placeholders in InDesign Templates) (including Advertising) digitalfirst! w ith lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • This is a real case of application. Vita Trentina: they went digital first with Open Magazine. The numbers on the left indicate how much time they saved for those steps of their production workflow. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Who is using it already? Novactive - FRANCE Vita Trentina - ITALY CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference) - ITALY Red House Marketing - BAHREIN network of 150 weekly magazines weekly magazine publishing and marketing eZ System partners lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • A business model Open Magazine can be found on the eZ Market. http://ez.no/Products/eZ-Market/Explore-the-eZ-Market/eZ-OpenMagazine lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine is available on the eZ Market. EZ System is helping us marketing Open Magazine, and in turn we think Open Magazine elevates eZ Publish appeal for those magazine publishing companies that want to go digital. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine can flex and adapt to a client’s needs. But it’s not for everybody. Open Magazine can leverage collaboration. Before you go photo by Mustafa Dedeoglu lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Open Magazine is a project rather than a product: it is extremely flexible and adaptable to the need of every client. In our experience we have seen so many different workflows that it cannot be otherwise. Clients might need to slightly change their workflow in order to optimize it. If they are not willing to do that, then Open Magazine is not for them. If you think Open Magazine can add value to one of your projects, and if you need help with it, maybe we can do business together. By that we mean a collaboration that gives benefits to all the parts involved. lunedì 4 marzo 13
    • Thanks for listening. info@opencontent.it Image Attribution: http://zpaolo.deviantart.com/art/LEGO-6891-High-Resolution-212099524 http://www.jeromeibuyan.com/2013/02/magazine-writing.html http://www.europeandme.eu/3heart/150-rise-of-women-fall-of-men http://www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com/idream-of-ipad http://www.behance.net/gallery/Grafik-Magazine-Structure/623937 http://supermarkethq.com/product/t-shirt-nous-savons-red http://bellashabby.blogspot.it/2010/12/my-interview-with-apartment-therapy.html http://urbanfragment.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/alfreds-birds/ http://www.21articles.com/Article/1207/Dealing-with-Anxiety-How-to-Deal-with-it http://amyjolauber.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/come-on-in-the-waters-fine/ http://wallpoper.com/wallpaper/lego-spaceship-365193 http://www.retrotechgeneva.com/2010/08/hermes-baby-orange-portable-manual.html Mustafa Dedeoglu lunedì 4 marzo 13