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The 2nd edition of Gaboli's quarterly newsletter on alumni management and alumni news

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Alumni India Dec2010

  1. 1. ALUMNI INDIA December 2010(A Gaboli Initiative)Welcome back to our second edition!After a tremendous response to our inaugural issue, the Gaboli team is excited to bring you Alumni India‘round 2’. It’s been an exciting quarter for us - a refreshing visit XLRI, Jamshedpur at the annual “Homecoming2010” soaking in the atmosphere as 200+ alumni from around India returned to their alma mater for two daysof bonding. After we began our association with XLRI a year ago – coming back to see the strong bondbetween the school alumni was special to us. We launched the Microsoft email and Collaboration platform,Live@Edu for IIM Bangalore’s 4500 alumni which has got a great response. Finally the partnership withFinancial Times saw gaining great branding and new subscriptions from the exclusive offer to Gaboliusers.Interestingly, from our first issue, where we discussed the concept of alumni relations and alumni services, wehave seen subtle but sure change in the market. Alumni clubs are going online, students are reaching out tomore alumni, small start-up schools want to cater to year old alumni; these are significant changes in a nascentmarket. This trend follows, as institutes notice that their alumni are spread across the world and keeping intouch online is the best way forward.For this reason we start our latest issue with an interview with Hiro Kinashi, Executive Director, AIESEC Japan’sAlumni Association. We chose to highlight Mr. Kinashi as he’s possibly one one the longest serving alumnidirectors (20 years!). Leading the integration of AIESEC alumni across Asia, Mr Kinashi talks about the manychallenges and initiatives to address how to keep alumni connected across countries. Andy Shaindlin who runsthe alumni focused blog, Alumni Futures, presents a thought provoking piece fom his travels in Europe. Ourexcerpt examines this in light of alumni relations and the potential alumni hold as brand ambassadors forinstitutions. We follow these two very outward looking pieces with an update of the campus events at XLRIfor its alumni. To sign off this year ending issue we have a quick update on Gaboli and our ever expandingoperations!As always, if you have comments, suggestions or queries, we look forward to hearing from you. Moreimportantly, if you have a story, an article or experienceto share then do let us know and we’ll try our best to “The School should provide apublish it in this newsletter. Write to us continuous, life-long learning avenue for the alums - That is the aim forUntil the next issue and the upcoming New Year – our Alumni Relations department”cheers! Wish you a fantastic beginning to 2011. Mr. Ajit Rangnekar, Dean, Indian School of BusinessEditorial TeamAmit, Vineet, TarunAlumni-India is a quarterly newsletter regarding news, events, articles in the realm of Alumni relations by institutes of higher education inIndia. This initiative is spearheaded by Gaboli (, a leading provider of alumni management software and services.
  2. 2. ALUMNI INDIA December 2010 (A Gaboli Initiative) An interview with Hiro Kinashi, Executive i. Weve just changed the name and the logo of Director, AIESEC Alumni Association in Japan. the Association to make them relevant worldwide (from OBAIESEC to AIESEC Alumni Mr Kinashi is a prolific AIESEC Japan Association) alumnus leading pan Asia alumni ii. Weve restructured the board of the Alumni Association to cover more people initiatives for AIESEC Japan geographically and generationally Alumni Association. He is iii. Weve started to prepare for the 50th currently working with students Anniversary of AIESEC in Japan, which we are and alumni to reconnect 500,000 going to celebrate in 2012 alumni across Asia by 2012. We spoke to him about how technology has 3. How do the alumni stay in touch with helped alumni management. each other? How are you growing your network with the advent on social tools? 1. What is your role as the Director, Alumni ( facebook, alumni portal, LinkedIn) for AIESEC Japan? iv. Our alumni stay in touch with each other There are several roles I have been implementing through many small group gatherings as well more than 20 years: as local city gatherings (usually each LC organizes alumni gatherings twice a year) and i. To develop and maintain the database of the monthly alumni gatherings alumni members (currently 8,320 names) v. We have own alumni site in Japanese, whichii. To keep informing the alumni about events has almost 1000 members happening around the country through the vi. Since most of AIESEC members want to newsletter (twice a month) and the AAJ Home communicate internationally, we encourage Page them to use Facebook and LinkedIn. Now,iii. To coordinate regular alumni gatherings more than 1000 members are using Facebook (monthly in Tokyo and Osaka, quarterly in and 300 are on LinkedIn. Nagoya, and occasionally in New York, vii. For those members from the 60s, 70s and 80s London, Singapore, Hong Kong, shanghai, etc) who do not use such social tools, the alumniiv. To coordinate networking with overseas office is trying to bridge each member via the alumni associations or members, especially in database (but the difficulty remains due to the Asia Pacific region protection of privacy) v. To advise national (MC) and local (LC) AIESEC offices on how to bridge AIESEC members and alumni 4. What are the activities that go on invi. Collect and maintain the historical documents Japan or the world that you think are of AIESEC in Japan, and also trying to locate best or scalable (planned, unplanned, ex-trainees who took traineeships in Japan regular, chapter wise)? So, we depend on the current technologies and we i. Integrated Alumni Gathering (once in every 5 years, since the 10th Anniversary in 1972), LC cannot maintain all our activities without it. Alumni gatherings, the monthly alumni gathering (regularly since 1996), the alumni golf outing (twice a year since 1979) 2. Tell us more about exciting AIESEC / ii. Visiting neighbour alumni associations (in AIESEC Japan alumni initiatives (recently, Taiwan and Korea) important, the ones this year etc) iii. Encourage alumni gatherings across the Asia Pacific region (Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, etc.) Alumni-India is a quarterly newsletter regarding news, events, articles in the realm of Alumni relations by institutes of higher education in India. This initiative is spearheaded by Gaboli (, a leading provider of alumni management software and services.
  3. 3. ALUMNI INDIA December 2010 (A Gaboli Initiative) Theres a difference between a universitysiv. We are planning to organize the regional communication officer using Facebook to share alumni gathering in Asia Pacific once every information about the institution, and alumni or two years students using Facebook to share their opinions about the place. Whatever we want to do for alumni we have rely Some questions arise: on the alumni database. So far, 32000 names and Will university managers eventually adapt data have been collected in Asia Pacific. Our mid- to the collaborative, networked aspects of term goal is 50,000 by 2012 when we celebrate the Internet? 50th Anniversary of AIESEC in Asia Pacific region. Will they eventually stop relying on one- 5. Any / what specific services are provided way content, using social platforms to to alumni in Japan? broadcast magazine articles and press releases? i. To make various alumni related information The research side of the academy relies heavily on accessible. Not only domestically but also network effects to share and publish internationally. information. Scholarly journal citations areii. To introduce alumni to each other, including proxies for connections in a network – they those alumni who are residing overseas and connect authors whose work depends on mutual international alumni in Japan relevance. Furthermore, they publish publicly andiii. To provide a networking platform across LCs, as widely as possible so as to benefit everyone. But generations and professions many of the international student recruiters ativ. To provide a learning opportunity at a forum EAIE are publishing information primarily (or which is held occasionally (planning to make it solely) to benefit their own institution. regularly too) When will institutional leaders fully support and For more about Mr Kinashi please visit his LinkedIn invest in distributed communication (like the page. content on social platforms), instead of assuming its something "young people do"? Probably not until the people currently in lower- and mid-level Educational Marketing – What is authentic and management positions rise to the top ranks of how is User Generated content changing institutional leadership themselves. Theyre the marketing for educational institutions on the ones who best recognize, through first-hand web? experience, the outcomes that widespread use of social technologies is generating. This article is an extract from A final thought occurred to me as the group by Andy Shaindlin. From dispersed and our workshop discussion faded from his travels in Europe, Andy touches upon how the hall. institutions are adapting to the internet to share Which of these two alternate futures is more information and marketing messages. Upon likely? closing he wonders how marketing messages will change to cater to the need for authentic Scenario 1: At some point soon, mere marketing will cease to attract any attention at all. Ads that information. rely entirely on manufactured images and broadcast "stories" will be invisible to an audience The excerpt... increasingly accustomed to so-called authentic voices and content. This will make the recruiters Despite the talk about "user-generated content," or fundraisers job one of brokering true stories many universities talk about themselves on user- dominated platforms. Alumni-India is a quarterly newsletter regarding news, events, articles in the realm of Alumni relations by institutes of higher education in India. This initiative is spearheaded by Gaboli (, a leading provider of alumni management software and services.
  4. 4. ALUMNI INDIA December 2010(A Gaboli Initiative)that reflect users experiences, instead of text adorning the main hallway is a great way tomanufacturing fantasies designed to appeal to greet a visitor old and new.peoples desires. th 2.The 19 JRD Tata Oration on Business Ethics:Or Tarun Das, former Chief Mentor, CII and President,Scenario 2: Marketers become so adept at Aspen Institute enthralled students, faculty andmanipulating content that users will be left alumni with a series of anecdotes where ethics andwondering what is authentic and what is hype, business were in conflict and the decisions hewhich stories, profiles or brands are the real thing,and which ones are made up to fill a niche created took. Mr Das For a current student, his storiesby the demand for the services or programs they which spanned a timeline from the 1950s to India’sare in the business of providing. liberalization and current growth were a great lesson in how sustained growth needs to marchFor the full, original article visit Alumni Futureshere with ethics hand in hand.Here is where we believe alumni step in. As former 3.Alumni v students – Sports and the incredible ndstudents, faculty or staff – alumni are the primary XLRI bonhomie: On the 2 day of thebrand ambassadors and some of the most Homecoming alumni and students mingled over apowerful voices when it comes to user generated game of cricket and session of tug-of-war. Withcontent. While marketing material and websiteswill be used to push opinions by the kala khatta doing the rounds and a long relaxedestablishment, real decisions will be made on lunch to follow the morning served as time forforums where independent opinion is voiced. alumni and students to get to know each other and swap notes about the latest on campus.This closely reflects what Jeremiah Owyang said awhile ago Throughout the event XLRI reflected what makes it"The corporate website is an unbelievable very special – warmth and empathy in a tight knitcollection of hyperbole, artificial branding, and community. From students volunteering to helppro-corporate content. As a result, trusted out alumni to student run parties XLRI stands outdecisions are being made on other locations on the as a community you want to be a part of and notinternet" only a place to study at.-- The picture below reflects some of that...Celebrating Alumni relationships – Annual AlumniHomecoming XLRIGaboli launched it’s OneSchool platform foralumni at Xavier Labour Relations Institute,Jamshedpur last year at the Golden Jubilee‘Homecoming’ – XLRI’s annual alumni event. Wewere back this year again at the Homecoming thisyear from 20th – 21st November excited to see thatXLRI manages to draw people from across India for 1: Two statues gifted by the batch of 1982 showing a boyits flahgship two day event. Through the two day and a girl studying. The boy is day dreaming looking at theevent a few sessions stood out girl and the girl is pretending to stare into her book which is open on a blank page!1.Launch of the XL archives: XLRI has a rich history Useful links:dating back to 1948 and is India’s oldest businessschool. Fitting this heritage the school unveiled its XLRI’s Twitter Streamarchives in the main admin block (that was the firstbuilding to come up on campus). The collage and Local News Coverage on HomecomingAlumni-India is a quarterly newsletter regarding news, events, articles in the realm of Alumni relations by institutes of higher education inIndia. This initiative is spearheaded by Gaboli (, a leading provider of alumni management software and services.
  5. 5. ALUMNI INDIA December 2010(A Gaboli Initiative)Gaboli – What we have been up to! Gaboli customers includeGaboli is about to turn two years old! What is IIT Bombayexciting for us is that we’re moving our XLRI Jamshedpurdevelopment centre from Pune to Bangalore. IIM Bangalore (Alumni)We’re paring down our contractual staff and Indian School of Business, Hyderabadbuilding up our technical team which will soon Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Managementtouch 10 people in Bangalore. Studies, Mumbai New Delhi Institution of ManagementIn the last quarter we have started productconsulting for India’s leading education services Pearl School of Business, New Delhicompany, Educomp. We are starting an end to end Skyline College, New Delhiconsulting and implementation assignment for a Infinity Business School, Gurgaonprogressive business school in central India. Gabolilaunched the Microsoft Live@Edu platform at IIMBangalore for life-long email and collaborationamongst the 4500 alumni.On the side, Gaboli has also helped Delhi Tourismwith the CWG and Delhi Celebrates campaignthrough social media marketing. It is a greattestimony to our ability to work with governmentorganisationsTo complement our leadership inalumni solutions Gaboli is launching services foradmissions management as an online service. Thisweb is aimed at reducing the cost of a high scaleadmissions process by over 30% for educationalinstitutions and helping streamline the process bytaking it online.About Gaboli OneSchool platform Contact Us:Gaboli’s OneSchool platform virtually connects For further case studies or for a personal meetingalumni and other stakeholders in a collaborative with us please email us at:manner while providing relevant services such asjobs & career support, directory services, card Tarun Varma - tarun@gaboli.comdriven loyalty programmes, mentorship,ecommerce, event management etc.The platform provides a vibrant communitythrough user generated content and harnesses thestrength of ‘weak ties’Alumni-India is a quarterly newsletter regarding news, events, articles in the realm of Alumni relations by institutes of higher education inIndia. This initiative is spearheaded by Gaboli (, a leading provider of alumni management software and services.