Level 6 Units 5 & 6


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The school year hasn't finished yet. We keep on with our grammar.

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Level 6 Units 5 & 6

  1. 1. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST PRESENT AFFIRMATIVE I/ You/We/They He/She GO LIKE SLEEP GOES LIKES SLEEPS to the park. apples. at night. Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)
  2. 2. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST NEGATIVE I/ You/ We/They DON’T He/She DOESN’T GO LIKE SLEEP Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft) to the park. apples. at night.
  3. 3. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST INTERROGATIVE DO I/ You/ We/They to the park GO apples LIKE SLEEP at night DOES He/She Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft) ?
  4. 4. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST PAST AFFIRMATIVE I/ You/ We/They WENT to the park yesterday. last week. LIKED apples on Monday. SLEPT at night He/She Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)
  5. 5. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST NEGATIVE I/ You/ We/ They to the park yesterday. GO last week. DIDN’T LIKE apples on Monday. SLEEP at night He/She Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)
  6. 6. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST INTERROGATIVE I/ You/ to the park yesterday GO DID We/They LIKE apples last week on Monday SLEEP at night He/She Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft) ?
  7. 7. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST Regular verbs finish in –ed: Walk – WalkED, Help – HelpED, Like – LikED, Wait – WaitED. Irregular verbs: Check the list: Go – Went, Buy – Bought, Sell – Sold, Sleep – Slept. Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)
  8. 8. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE PRESENT I GO to the park. I LIKE apples. Aaron LIKES bananas. PAST Yesterday I WENT to the cinema. I LIKED the film. Adrian LIKED the film. I DON’T go to the park. Yesterday I DIDN’T GO to I DON’T like apples. the cinema. Ander DOESN’T like I DIDN’T LIKE the film. bananas. Andoni DIDN’T LIKE the film. DO you GO to the park? DID you GO to the cinema DO you LIKE apples? yesterday? DOES Andrea LIKE DID you LIKE the film? bananas? DID Daniela LIKE the film? Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)
  9. 9. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST THE VERB TO BE PRESENT Short form I am I’m You are You’re She/he/It is He’s/She’s/ It’s We are We’re You are You’re They are They’re PAST I You She/he /It We You They Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft) was were was were were were
  10. 10. L6 – U5/6 THE PAST Some examples: Did you go to the cinema yesterday? Yes, I did. I watched a very good film. Did Egoitz sleep in class? No, he didn’t. He slept at home. Were you happy yesterday? Yes, I was happy because I wasn’t at school. Was Ekaitz in the park last Monday? No, he wasn’t. He was at school. Gk’s Pirate Production (copyleft)