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How to create Ming Dynasty Porcelain

How to create Ming Dynasty Porcelain






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    How to create Ming Dynasty Porcelain How to create Ming Dynasty Porcelain Presentation Transcript

    • How to create Ceramics
      Gabi Mills
    • Step 1
      Gather your materials:
      China clay (Gaoling or Kaolin)
    • Step 2
      Knead the clay on a clean surface. Keep the clay free of any contaminates and other clay.
      Knead the clay thoroughly to rid it of any unwanted air bubbles.
      Divide the clay into balls large enough for the piece you want to make.
    • Step 3
      Place the clay firmly on the wheel. Lightly cover the clay with water, and center the clay around the wheel.
      As the wheel spins, press on the wad of clay evenly.
      Once the clay is centered, begin to form the shape you desire.
    • Step 4
      Begin to apply pressure to the center of the wad until you are an inch away from the wheel.
      Begin to pull the sides of the bowl up and apply pressure on both the inside and the outside of the bowl, while still forming the shape.
    • Step 5
      Let the clay sit, so as to the clay harden. Trim the top of the piece to even it out. This process could take a few days.
      Center the piece upside down on the wheel, holding it down with bits of wet clay. Once it is secure, slowly form the bottom of the piece using your trimming tools.
    • Step 6
      To dry to piece, there are two ways; Leave the piece in the sun to dry for a few days, but doing this will make the piece weaker.
      The advised way is to place the piece in a kiln, or over hot coals.
      Once the piece is firm and dry, cover it with celadon (A.K.A. a glaze.)
    • Step 7
      Using blue Chinese paint, paint on your design. The paint pigment will look black. This is expected. Once the paint is dried, dip the piece in glaze. If the piece is too big to be dipped, brush the glaze on smoothly, blowing on it to even out any brush marks.
    • Step 8
      Place the piece back into a kiln at 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it in the kiln for up to 3 days.
      When you take your piece out, the paint should now be a brilliant blue.
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