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Sharks Power Point
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Sharks Power Point



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  • 1. Sharks
    A brief presentation about the worlds most feared creature
  • 2. #10 – Lemon Shark
    Found in the Atlantic coast of the North and South Americas
    As of yet, the Lemon shark has not yet killed any human
  • 3. #9 – Blue shark
    A recorded 32 attacks on humans killing only 3
    Prefers tropical waters over cooler waters
    Has been known to come as far North as southern Alaska
  • 4. #8 – Hammerhead Shark
    There are 9 known species of Hmmerhead Sharks in the world.
    Of the 9, only 3 have been known to be predatory on humans.
    These include the scalloped, great, and smooth hammerhead sharks.
  • 5. #7 – Sand Tiger Shark
    The sand Tiger is also known as the Grey Nurse Shark
    This species has attacked 64 humans, killing 2 (on record)
    This Shark is on the Endangered Species list
  • 6. #6 – Grey Reef Shark
    This shark enjoys warm the warm waters of Australia and South Africa
  • 7. #5 – ShortfinMako shark
    42 Attacks on humans, 2 being fatal
    Fastest shark recorded with speed bursts of 74 km/hour
  • 8. #4 - Oceanic Whitetip Shark
    Lives in warm temperate waters
    No reported deaths have been caused by this shark, although, many victims of shipwrecks and aircrafts that crash were most likely meals for this shark
  • 9. #3 – Tiger Shark
    The tiger shark has hunted down 116 humans killing 29
    The largest tiger shark to date was caught in Australia It was 5.5 meters long and weighed 1,524 kilograms
    That’s 18 feet and 3360 pounds!
  • 10. #2 – Great White Shark
    This shark is on the endangered species list
    116 people have fallen victim to the Great White, 67 of those have been fatal
    With one bite, a Great White can take up to 30 pounds of flesh
  • 11. #1 – Bull Shark