Advertising Media Plan Presentation: GW + Nike


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Designed presentation for group project in GWU Advertising course.

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Advertising Media Plan Presentation: GW + Nike

  1. 1. GW Athletics & Nike Media Plan
  2. 2. Overview  Competitive Analysis  Objectives & Target Market  Media Tactics  Media Promotions & Logistics  Continuity, Calendar & Budget  Integrated Marketing & Media
  3. 3. Competitive Analysis Bookstore   Local  Brick-­‐and-­‐ Online  Retailers   Brands   Mortar  Stores    •  Alta  Gracia   •  Adidas   •  Sports  •  Cu4er  &  Buck   •  City  Sports   Authority  •  Ping   •  Lululemon   •  Dick’s  SporGng   •  Georgetown   Goods   Running  Co.   •  Under  Amour   •  Nike   •  Modell’s   •   •  Nordstrom  
  4. 4. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Unique, quality products  Premium Cost of products Broad product line themed  Lack of original Nike products offeredspecifically for GW students  Customers are limited to students GW Bookstore has high traffic and alumni Reputational equity of Nike  GW Bookstore is not well known for sportswear retail OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Purchases can be made on GWorld  Competition from online & local retailcards stores who are constantly capitalizing Athletes compete in Nike gear on sportswear trends Capitalize on online sales  Partnerships require relinquishing Social Media as inexpensive control, one brand could easily harmadvertising the reputation of the other
  5. 5. Objectives  Promote products created by the GW Athletics & Nike partnership  Raise brand recognition and engagement with GW Athletics  Improve school spirit among students on campus  Increase sales of GW Athletics & Nike products
  6. 6. Target Market  Market: Foggy Bottom  Primary Audience: GW students  Secondary Audiences: GW faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and DC community
  7. 7. Media TacticsOut-of-Home Newspaper Digital
  8. 8. Media Promotions  Use of jumbotron during basketball games  Partnership with the Lerner Health & Wellness Center  Free giveaways & coupons  Personal letters to family, friends, and alumni
  9. 9. Media Promotions Take $5 OFF any GW & Nike product with this coupon! #RaiseHigh
  10. 10. Media Logistics PRODUCTION OF OOH: PRINT: DIGITAL:billboards, in newspaper, banners,and outdoor mailings, & email, & display palm cards promo video
  11. 11. Launch CalendarMONTH JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DECGW Hatchet Ads *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *Outdoor DisplaysIndoor DisplaysEvent PromotionVideo PromotionOutreach LettersSocial Media *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * Awareness   PromoGon  
  12. 12. BudgetMedia Cost per Unit Total CostGW Hatchet Web Banner $450/month $5,400AdGW Hatchet ¼ Page Ad $331/month $3,972Vern Express Wrap $1,500 $12,000Banners Free: GW Creative $0Elevator Wraps Free: GW Creative $0Promotional Videos Free: GW Sports Marketing $0Promotional Events Free: Pep Band, Cheerleaders, $0 First Ladies, and AthletesE-mail Newsletter Free: Already In Place $0Social Media Free: Already In Place $0
  13. 13. Budget  Low cost for large reach  Most items done through services at GW for free  Items that are produced externally have both high reach & high frequency
  14. 14. Continuity: Evaluation  Evaluate effectiveness   Objectives   Target market   Media  Changing content
  15. 15. Continuity: Repairs & Damages  Items with no cost   Take down immediately   Replace as soon as possible   Use opportunity to make changes  Items with cost   Attempt to repair   Ensure quality   If irreparable, remove and replace
  16. 16. Integrated Marketing Communications Principles1.  Everything communicates.2.  A brand is a unified vision (the art) and a complex system (the science).3.  Brand relationships drive brand value.4.  You can’t be externally if you are not integrated internally.
  17. 17. Cross-Functional Team  A team is created involving members from all of the relevant parts of a company that interact with customers, other stakeholders, and with outside agencies.
  18. 18. IMC Components  The Foundation  The Corporate Culture  The Brand Focus  Consumer Experience  Communication Tools  Promotional Tools  Integration Tools
  19. 19. A Unified Message  Key = Consistency  Keywords represented throughout all communication media   #RaiseHigh
  20. 20. GW Athletics & Nike Media Plan