Laboratory tools and equipment
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Laboratory tools and equipment






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Laboratory tools and equipment Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Laboratory Tools and Equipment
  • 2. Foreign country settingTHE SCIENCE LABORATORIES…
  • 3. Philippin e settingTHE SCIENCE LABORATORIES…
  • 4. Did you know that… Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory.
  • 5. Laboratory equipment isgenerally used to either performan experiment or to take measurementsand gather data.
  • 6. Are you ready to know the different tools and equipment in the laboratory?Here they are...
  • 7. MeasuringtoolsTesting toolsMagnifyingtools
  • 8. Glass and Porcelain Equipment
  • 9. Used to measure the volume of liquidsGraduated Cylinder
  • 10. Used as a container when measuring approximate volume of liquidsBeaker
  • 11. Graduated flask used in volumetric analysisFlorence Flask
  • 12. Erlenmeyer flasks are suitable for heating liquids, e.g. with a Bunsen burner.Erlenmeyer flask
  • 13. These are widely used by chemists to hold, mix, or heat small quantities of solid or liquid chemicals, especially for qualitative experiments and assays.Test tube
  • 14. Used in filtration and in transferring liquidfunnel
  • 15. Used as a container when observing the reaction of a substance when exposed to airWatch glass
  • 16. Used in mixing solutions; directs the flow of liquidsStirring rod
  • 17. Used in glass connections, preparation of medicine dropper, glass jets, etc.Glass tube
  • 18. Used to transfer and measure small amounts of liquidMedicine dropper
  • 19. Container for evaporationEvaporating dish
  • 20. Used for grinding solidsMortar and pestle
  • 21. Container for high- temperature heatingCrucible and cover
  • 22. Container for observing small amount of solidsSpot plate
  • 23. Used in determining the temperature of a substancethermometer
  • 24. Metal Equipmentand Accessories
  • 25. Iron standUsed to hold iron ring, utility clamp, etc.
  • 26. Iron clampUsed to hold apparatusin a set-up
  • 27. Wire gauzePlaced over the iron ring to prevent direct heating
  • 28. Iron ringUsed assupport to the wire gauze
  • 29. tripodUsed as astand during heating
  • 30. Bunsen burner/ alcohol lamp Sources of heat
  • 31. Test tube rackUsed as a stand for test tubes
  • 32. Rubber stopperCover for test tubes and flasks; used in glass connections
  • 33. Clay triangle Holdscrucible andcover during heating process
  • 34. Test tube holderUsed to hold the test tubeduring heating process
  • 35. Crucible tongsUsed to hold hotobjects, especi ally crucible and cover
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