Presenting the G7 Skin Care System!


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Product presentation on the G7 Skin Care Sytem. For orders and dealership inquiries: 09291416056 or email

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Presenting the G7 Skin Care System!

  1. 1. GMACS Cosmetic DistributorOver 3 yrs. in the businessRegistered at DTI and FDA (BFAD)Owner - Malcolm CrawleyIPO Owner of the brand name “Skinglow by Gmacs”IPO Owner of Product Name : “G7”
  2. 2. Skin Care System with a special base coat formula processed under Nano Technology Formulated in the U.S. but locally manufactured.FDA (BFAD) approvedSafe for all skin types, for men,women and teens (13 y/o & up)1 pack good for 25-30 days
  3. 3. FACIAL CLEANSERHas wonderful exfoliating propertiesRemoving dead skin and specifically damaged skinServes as cleanser and toner.Tightens poresControls oiliness and outbreaks of pimples and acneEvens out skin tone.An activating soap that opens the pores fordeep cleaning Active Ingredient PAPAYA ENZYME
  4. 4. DAY CREAMCollagen Moisturizes (hydrates) the skin Gives strength and elasticity to the skin, makes the skin smooth and soft Reduces fine lines and wrinkles Feeds the dermis with vitamins and mineralsHydrolized ElastinPrevents loss of elasticity of the skinRestores young and smooth appearance ofthe skin Active IngredientHelps prevent sagging of the skin COLLAGEN & HYDROLIZED ELASTIN
  5. 5. SUNBLOCK DAY GELPhenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic AcidA sunscreen agent which gives anon- greasy finish Aloe Barbadensis Leaf JuiceMoisturizing agentsLaminates and protects the skin from heatProtects skin from UV raysAllows the skin to breath while protectingPrevents premature ageing of the skinProtects from pollution and dustFeeds the skin with minerals and vitamins all dayProtects against discolorations and skin cancers Active Ingredient PHENYLBENZIMIDAZOLE A MUST FOR EVERYDAY USE SULFONIC ACID & INDOORS OR OUTDOORS ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE
  6. 6. NIGHT CREAM FRUIT ACID COMPLEX Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)Acts as an exfoliating agent that dehydratesthe skin cells allowing the skin to micro peel,encouraging the re-growth of new skin in the dermisWill reduce skin aging and skin sagging. Reducesdryness, discoloration, acne, wrinkles and agespots.Feeds the fatty tissues making them plump againwhich will give your face a youthful look with less Active Ingredientsagging. FRUIT ACID COMPLEX - ALPHA HYDROXY ACID (AHA)
  7. 7. 1 Facial Cleanser • Wet your face with water. HOW TO USE G7 • Lather the soap into your palm until very soapy. (to activate the papaya enzyme) • Apply the suds onto your face and neck for a few seconds, count to 5 then wash off throughly • Pat dry. 4 Night Cream (P.M.)2 Day Cream (A.M) Wash face again first with our cleansing soap• Apply pea size in each area of your face • Apply pea size in each area of your (forehead, face, chin, nose and neck). face (forehead, face, chin, nose and• Then spread it all over your face. neck). • Then spread it all over your face. 3 Sun Block Gel Leave on for 8-10 hours while sleeping. • Apply pea size in each area of your face (forehead, face, chin, nose and neck). • Then spread it all over your face.
  8. 8. For Orders and Dealer Inquiries:Contact: 0929-1416056Email: