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This forum focuses on the CIO Toolkit: Open Source, Cloud Computing, and Software Automation. These are exciting innovative technologies that are worth paying attention to and are poised to transform ...

This forum focuses on the CIO Toolkit: Open Source, Cloud Computing, and Software Automation. These are exciting innovative technologies that are worth paying attention to and are poised to transform the way organizations get services and capabilities to market. Find out how you can enable improved business performance for your company today.



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G2iX CIO Forum - Updated CIO Innovation Toolkit G2iX CIO Forum - Updated CIO Innovation Toolkit Presentation Transcript

  • The CIO Innovation Toolkit Open Source Cloud Computing Engineering Automation 2
  • Open Source Consumption Features Open source is the best platform for the enterprise to and construct business defining STRATEGIC INTELLECTUAL Innovation PROPERTY. Companies that have embraced this have Function proven the benefits of Open Source and have demonstrated its power. These are companies like FedEx, Google, E*trade and Apple. The COMMODITIZATION EFFECT of Open Source enables the enterprise to increase the number of IT projects at lower costs thereby increase the ability to react to IT innovation requirements. At this stage, the Agility adoption curve of large enterprise continues up the stack to key Enterprise Applications like CRM, ECM and ERP. e rc ou eS Cost os Benefit Cl This is the point where companies begin to realize the initial value of Open tio n Source - The rapid commoditization of mainstream OS, DB and Middleware. U tiliza Most progressive companies go through a PLATFORM and MIDDLEWARE e urc RATIONALIZATION. Best examples are adoption of LiNUX server, Apache So Web Server and Java Application server. en Op Time 3
  • Cloud Computing Value Proposition Typical Deployment Instant Dramatic Cost Unlimited ry Reduction live Availability Capacity De 30-70% stic Once Cloud Computing Ela is established users are Resources within can able to engage provide near unlimited “productized” capacity for burst infrastructure within Actual Infrastructure Utilization requirements. minutes. Automatic Scaling The main benefit of CLOUD COMPUTING is the provision of instant capacity and the release of that capacity when it is not needed. Morph has developed technologies and deployed an operational center to bring the benefit of cloud computing to the enterprise reliably. 4
  • Amplifying Engineering Performance Management of source Build Automation and code and components Continuous Integration Project Management Functional and Load and Issue Tracking Test Automation Adapting the best practices of Open Source development processes to the Enterprise 5
  • Solutions Maestro Build and Test Automation Morph Cloud Infrastructure Exist Engineering Automation 6
  • Maestro Technology Project Object Model Declarative Model 7
  • Exist Strategic Sourcing World class experience in Enterprise Software Development Media and Brand Financial Social Web 2.0 Healthcare management Services Networking Start-ups Best in class technology practice Java, RoR, Adobe RIA, Mobility Quality Architecture, Assurance Platform and and Tooling Process Management, Sustaining Acceptance and Visibility Enterprise outsourcing enablement services 8
  • Rapidly Deployable Enterprise Solutions High Scaling SaaS Enterprise Disaster Enterprise Infrastructure and Web Operations Recovery Expansion The MAP Builder can simulate and The Morph Routing Center (MRC) can The Morph Platform is an ideal platform replicate the internal footprint of an be implemented into an “On Premise” for high volume Software as a Service enterprise and the Morph Routing Center platform to enable large enterprise Vendors that require elastic platforms. can provide redundant connections to customers to deploy a hybrid Morph simplifies the process of scaling enterprise 3rd parties. This allows Morph infrastructure that allows their internal the infrastructures and provides a full to offer cloud-based Disaster Recovery infrastructure to scale out to the cloud. service operations team to monitor and environments. enforce service level agreements. 9