Good for nothing & price pie short brief final (1)


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PricePie brief for Good for Nothing Brighton #summeroflove

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Good for nothing & price pie short brief final (1)

  1. 1. PricePie is all about pricing transparency.It’s a social enterprise that helps businesses show their customers where theirmoney goes when they buy something from them, and helps consumers see whatbusinesses do with their money.Ethical pricing of all goods / services is where we aim to be. was set up in Jan 2011 by Sam Zubaidi. He had previously worked for theUK’s largest gap year travel company, Realgap, which was a vibrant, exciting andvery fair place to work. It was taken over by a large multi-national firm in 2009, whomade many changes to the business, which had a negative impact on customers,suppliers (some of whom were NGOs and charities in the developing world) andstaff.Following these changes, Sam noticed that increasingly, customers were phoning upand asking,“where is my money going?”Having handed in his notice and whilst travelling around South America, Sam thoughtone day, “Customers are increasingly asking where their money goes, so let’s helpbusinesses show them”.UK businesses supply PricePie with their financial data, which demonstrates howthey decide to price their goods / services. PricePie then formulates the data in to apie chart, which is then placed next to the selling price on the businesses’ website /label, so their potential customers can see exactly where their money will go if theydecide to buy. See here.Just as we can see the nutritional information on food which allows us to decide ifwe’d like to buy it or not, PricePie aims to do the same large scale, but with pricinginformation.In todays harsh economic climate the public continue to spend, however thedifference, is that they are far more careful about who they spend their money with. 1in 2 UK adults now claims their primary motive when deciding between companies isethics.PricePie aims to be the difference that helps ethical businesses sway that 50% ofconsumers.
  2. 2. The Challenge For Good For Nothing1. Develop a Consistent and Attractive Looking Product That Will EngageConsumersOur current PricePie charts have been developed slightly differently for each client.We are know looking to maximise brand recognition and maintain consistency. Wewant to develop a pie chart that looks attractive and is the same from client to client.More specifically, they would like to have the same segments of the pie chart foreach client, i.e. ‘what we keep’, ‘marketing’, ‘production’, ‘we give back’ and ‘we paystaff’ and the segments should be the same colours from client to client. Each piechart is to be juxtaposed to the PricePie logo.2. Create a Tool / Program That Enables PricePie to Produce TheseCustomised Pie ChartsWe need to develop the software / tools that will enable us to produce the same piecharts from customer to customer automatically without manual intervention.In particular, with some clients we will require the ability to upload pie charts to LEDscreens that will be positioned within a shop or other physical spaces. The tool /program will need to be easy to use, as there are likely to be multiple changes on aweekly basis, across many products.3. Develop the Brand, Positioning and CommunicationsIn order to start a movement and gather momentum, we need to engage and hook upconsumers, businesses and the media.We need to develop our brand positioning, guidelines and communications assets tomore clearly demonstrate the potential and the ‘what’s in it for me?’ for the threedifferent audiences, explored and brought to life in creative ways.We would love to have a mechanism to sell the proposition to businesses moreeffectively, so are looking to develop a sales tool/presentation.4. Building an Ambassador ForceWe need to create, grow and empower grass roots ambassadors. People who careabout where their money goes and businesses who are taking innovative, freshapproaches to doing business that does social and environmental good. We arelooking for new ways to find, and engage these groups.