A Time for Mozart


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Shawshank Redemption

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A Time for Mozart

  1. 1. Time for Mozart Scene 19 Shawshank Redemption
  2. 2. Guard on the Toilet • Close up. • It shows the guard’s position of vulnerability. It shows that the guard is engaged in a news paper. • This shows that for a moment Andy has power and freedom.
  3. 3. Andy putting the music on • Close up of Andy’s hand on the record player. • Where the hand is placed suggests that Andy’s in control. • It is a high angle shot which shows the significance of the record player.
  4. 4. Andy after first playing the Music • “Andy, can you hear that?” • This quote shows the trust the guards have in Andy. It also shows the guard gives Andy the benefit of the doubt, although Andy’s a prisoner. • Close up of Andy’s face showing his emotion. He looks satisfied with himself, and it is a sense of achievement.
  5. 5. Astonishment in the Yard • Camera movement. The camera pans across the yard showing the astonishment of the other prisoners. • Tracking/mid shot. This shows the reaction of all the prisoners is the same. This shot also incorporates both the characters and setting. This shot is important because it shows that the prisoners are all responsive to Andy’s action, as well as showing the size of the reaction.
  6. 6. Astonishment in the Hospital • This is a similar shot to the yard shot. It shows the characters in the hospital have the same reaction as those in the yard when the music is played. • Wide shot showing the prisoners getting up and looking out the window into the yard to see where the music is coming from.
  7. 7. Prisoners and Guards stop in amazement • This shot is like an over the shoulder shot of the speaker showing the astonishment of the people in the yard and that they’re mesmerised by the music. • This shows the significance of the music because the speaker is the close up. The prisoners in the background are all merged into one and are insignificant in relation to the music. This shows how powerful Andy’s action was.
  8. 8. Andy is victorious • Mid/close up of Andy sitting contently listening to the music. • This shows how pleased Andy is with what he’s done. This shot incorporating the blinds in the background is similar to an office that a free man might work in.
  9. 9. The Warden arrives • This is a point of view shot from Andy’s perspective showing the Warden’s anger. • The fact that there is a door between Andy and the warden shows that there is a barrier and that it is not Andy who is imprisoned, but the warden. The door could also be seen as a barrier between every imprisoned man’s fantasy and reality.
  10. 10. It’s Business Time! • This again is a point of view shot from Andy’s perspective showing the pleasure the guard knows he will feel when he owns Andy. This shot indicates the power transferring back to the warden and the guards, and Andy coming back to reality.