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@012 Corp. Capability Statement

@012 Corp. Capability Statement

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  • 1. ARFF Training Concepts Inc.HELPING OTHERSARFF Training Concepts, Inc. ™ is a privately held Corporation headquartered inWashington State that specializes in creating, and offering standard and customtraining programs and services targeting Airports, Fire Departments, Law Enforce-ment, Security, Aviation & Maritime Security Environment, Emergency MedicalServices Agencies, Commercial, Industry, or other Response / InfrastructureGroups. Additional services are provided by request.Our Strategic Partners Group provides you with many additional opportunities toconsider, ranging from Tactical EMS, Law Enforcement, and other specialties…..We also provide International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or Pro-Board certification testing services to the fire service. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc. 8914 48th Dr NE Unit B Marysville, WA. 8270-2525 Phone: +01-360-658-9070 E-mail:
  • 2. CORPORATE PROFILE & CAPABILITY STATEMENT TABLE of CONTENTSThe Company…………………………………………………….…..………………………………………………..3The Service……………………………………….……………..………………………….…………………………..4The Materials…………………….………………….………………………………………………………………...5Pricing.……………………………....……………………………………………...……….………..………………..6Key Personnel………………………….………….………………………………………………….……………….7Summation…………………………………………………………………………………………………………...16 ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 3. THE COMPANYARFF Training Concepts, Inc.™ is a privately held Corporation that specializes increating and offering standard and/or custom training programs and services tar-geting Airports, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, Security, Aviation & MaritimeSecurity Assessments & Services, Emergency Medical Services Agencies, Commer-cial, Industry, or other Response / Infrastructure Groups. Additional services areprovided by request. We can provide International Fire Service Accreditation Con-gress (IFSAC) or Pro-Board certification testing services to the fire service.ATC Inc.™ is wholly owned by Harold E. McKee Jr. and Jonathan H. LaCount. We arebased in Marysville, Washington. All principals and instructional personnel are fire-fighters, law enforcement officers, security specialists, emergency medical techni-cians, or other professional’s employed with a variety of departments, companies,and agencies from around the world in order to maintain proficiency and currencyas instructors in their fields.The owners and principal employees have extensive experience in the design,training, and development of firefighting, ems, security, and aviation/aircraft relat-ed training programs and have long been instructors for various Fire Departmentsthroughout Washington State and elsewhere. Our fire training programs and spe-cialty security courses & services meet the requirements of the various, applicable,NFPA Standards, various Federal Regulations, and your needs. Additionally, ATCInc.™ has designed, developed, and written its own curriculum for Aircraft RescueFire Fighting (ARFF) that meets NFPA 1003 requirements for Airport Fire FighterProfessional Qualifications, FAR Title 14 part 139 requirements per the FAA, CAArequirements via CARS 303, 323, & 343, and ICAO requirements via Annex 14 anddoc. 9137. ATC Inc.™ is rapidly gaining a reputation for offering high quality cours-es in this specialized market, providing value long after the classes end. The compa-ny has been instrumental in building and shaping ARFF training in WashingtonState and elsewhere.ATC Inc.™ is an FAA authorized part 139 training provider for AIRCRAFT RESCUEFIREFIGHTING. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 4. THE SERVICEATC Inc.™ provides a wide variety of training programs and services that meetyour needs. Whether you are an industrial client who needs First Aid/CPR clas-ses or Fire Extinguisher training, Fire Departments that need “Firefighter” orTechnical Rescue training, Law Enforcement agencies needing “Aircraft Famil-iarization” training, or Airports and Seaports that require Vulnerability Assess-ments, we provide the expertise.These courses and/or seminars are generally conducted at the host agencieslocation for an added logistical and financial convenience to the customer. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 5. THE MATERIALSThis material will be provided based on customer needs. The material is laidout in a logical and easy-to-follow format that clearly illustrates the informationnecessary to provide the understanding required. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 6. PRICINGProjects are conducted on a contractual, retainer, fixed fee, or cost-plus basisdetermined after a review of customer needs, level of existing skills, and nego-tiation with key personnel. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 7. KEY PERSONNEL Harold E. McKee Jr. and Jonathan LaCount are the co-owners and managers of ATC Inc. ™. Both have significant firefighting, manufacturing, and training experience. Harold has worked extensively with the Washington State Fire Marshal’s office to gain acceptance and adoption of NFPA 1003 as the state’s ARFF standard, in the designing of the Skill and Task Sheets, and in certification of the ARFF test bank,which will be utilized for all ARFF Certification testing in Washington State.CEO/CSO Harold McKee has over 25 years in the fire service, starting in struc-tural firefighting and later becoming involved in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fightingwith the Boeing Fire Department. Currently a shift Lieutenant, an EMT, HazMatTechnician, and Rescue Technician with the Boeing Fire Department, and is alsoan industry recognized SME in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting and aircraft con-struction and familiarization. Harold also has an extensive manufacturing back-ground ranging from Undersea Oil Exploration Equipment to Space Programscoupled with a 16 year background in aircraft manufacturing in aircraft of allkinds. Harold has taught Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) at the Universityof Nevada in Elko, NV., Beacon Occupational Health Services in Kenai AK., Ever-ett Community College, Everett, WA., Washington State Fire Academy, NorthBend, WA., and Muntinlupa, Philippines.Harold is the Section 6 Manager for the ARFF Working Group and is responsiblefor a ten state area. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 8. KEY PERSONNELPresident/COO Jonathan LaCount has twelveyears in the fire service, predominantly as astructural firefighter/Officer. Jonathan is anhonorably discharged veteran from the U.S.Navy’s submarine fleets. Jonathan is cur-rently a Captain (volunteer) with SkagitCounty Fire Protection District 8, and haspreviously served as Assistant Fire Chiefresponsible for training with the same de-partment. Jonathan has also spent sevenyears affiliated with the Skagit Recruit Academy, the last two years of which heserved as the Chief (Director). Jonathan is very involved with local, county, andstate training issues, working with Harold to help improve state training as wellas being an IFSAC Senior Evaluator and Test Control Officer through Washing-ton State Fire Marshal’s office. Jonathan has spent the past eight years workingwith the local 911 center, local fire chiefs, and emergency organizations to cre-ate and set up a new infrastructure, as well as establishing better use of currentinfrastructure and resource management for the most efficient responses tolocal and state wide events. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 9. KEY PERSONNEL Sr. Vice President for our Security Operations & Services Division is Richard Hovel. Richard has over 30 year’s leadership experience in law enforcement, government, aviation, and corporate security operations. He will per- form needs based assessments that mold into your Safe- ty, Security, Law Enforcement, or Fire Department Oper- ations, and other local resources. Dick has extensive experience in creating, reviewing and performing securi- ty assessments that fit into all aspects of transportation.Sr. Vice President for West Coast Operations; DarinReid comes to us with a career that started in 1983as a volunteer and soon after graduated from thefirefighter training program at Bates Technical Col-lege and the paramedic program at BellinghamTechnical College in 1987. Over the 24 years of hiscareer in the fire, rescue an EMS service he progres-sively promoted to the rank of deputy fire chief/medical services administrator with the StanwoodCamano Fire Department, retiring from the fire ser-vice in 2011.During this time, he graduated from the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire OfficerProgram was the recipient of the 2010 Executive Fire Officer Program Outstanding Re-search Award and was designated as Chief Fire Officer and Chief Medical officer by theCommission on Professional Credentialing (CPC). He has managed major divisionsoverseeing emergency responses, budgets, personnel, communications, emergencymanagement, legal consult, apparatus and equipment purchasing, information ser-vices, special operations, grant acquisitions, facilities, training and safety, labor negotia-tions, joint marine rescue operations with the United States Coast Guard and on sever-al occasions has had to commanded the emergency operations center and fill the roleofIn- ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.cident Commander and Emergency Preparedness Manager. The successfully develop-ment, implementation and management of an agencies transition from a BLS, non-transport system to an ALS Medic One system was also a recent and rewarding
  • 10. KEY PERSONNELassignment. As a training officer, he designed NFPA compliant, technician level vehicleextrication and surface water rescue courses, presenting and teaching them at confer-ences statewide.Darin just recently finished a tour in Afghanistan working for a DOD contractor as anHSE medical supervisor and has transitioned into a career with the U.S. Department ofStates World Protective Services contract as an overseas tactical security medic. Sam Cheyne - Vice President for our Maritime Security Operations. Sam has been employed by The Boeing Com- pany as a Multi-Operations Security Specialist for 35 years. He has a diversified background in security; served in the military and has several certifications. Sam comes from a wide diversified background in Security, Military and holds several certifications with Anti-terrorism; Cargo Security. During a short break in service with The Boeing Company, he worked as a contractor, working Homeland Security consulting positions. He performed seaport and military base vulnerability studies and mediations. Heearned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science; he is Certified in Homeland SecurityLevel III; and Certified in Anti-Terrorism Studies. He is listed in “who’s who” of the In-ternational Cargo Security Organization. Sam had a 29 year career in the United StatesNaval Reserve and retired as a Senior Chief Information Technology Specialist. He per-formed three tours of Vietnam; taught computer classes for a college; Rota Spain; Yo-kosuka Japan; Pearl Harbor; three admiral staff positions for office automation; Com-mand Senior Chief of 650 shipboard personnel; a major Navy Supply Unit attached tothe Yokosuka Naval Base and at Bangor Submarine Base. He is a trained user for theNational Incident Management System (NIMS); a Project Planner for security cameras,access management systems, and entrance deterrents; and inter-modal security. Samwas a consultant for Homeland Security and has written detailed Emergency Opera-tions Center policies and procedures. Sam has extensive experience in surveillance andcontrol mechanisms, intrusion detection, and underwater detection; analyzed specificcommunication systems for various law enforcement agencies, fire departments andHomeland Security HQ. Maritime Security has been a specialty of his for nearly ten ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.years. He has a three year background in Continuity of Operations and was recognizedby FEMA for his performance during a major disaster.
  • 11. KEY PERSONNEL Executive Director of East Coast Operations Jason Graber is a Captain with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authori- ty Fire and Rescue Department and is assigned to Washing- ton Dulles International Airport. He has been with MWAA since June 2003. In addition to structural, ARFF, and EMS duties, he is a member of the hazardous materials, technical and tunnel rescue teams. He is also currently a firefighter with the Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company in Loudoun Coun- ty, Virginia. Jason started his emergency services career in 1998 when he became a member of the Darien Volunteer Fire Company in Darien, New York (Genesee County). Heserved in an officer role as both a lieutenant and captain. In addition to firefightingactivities, Jason has experience as a law enforcement officer with the New York StatePark Police (1999- 2000) and the Attica Police Department (2001- 2003) and as anemergency services dispatcher with the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office (2000-2003) inBatavia, New York. He began his instruction career in 2006 with Loudoun County, Vir-ginia, Fire Rescue and currently is a volunteer instructor. Jason is a Pro Board Instruc-tor III and holds Virginia Fire Programs train-the-trainer certifications in Firefighter I andII, Mayday, Firefighter Down, HTR Vehicle Extrication—Operations Level, Farm Machin-ery Extrication and Driver/Operator Pump (Pump Operator).Director of our Medical Training Division is Sherry Gann. Sherry has an extensive back-ground in EMS as an EMT (18 years), Washington State Senior EMS Instructor (11 years)and an AHA BLS Instructor Trainer (10 years). She has been also been an Assistant FireChief and District Medical Officer. She has been the Training Coordinator for SkagitCounty for 9 years which is serving her well in establishing and operating this Divisionin our company. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 12. KEY PERSONNEL Asst. Director Rob Kintzele has been a professional firefight- er for 21 years for the cities of Mount Vernon, WA. and Bel- lingham, WA. Over the course of his career he has been as- signed to engine companies, truck companies, basic life sup- port units, advanced life support units, and command units. He has performed as a firefighter, driver/operator, paramed- ic, company officer, and chief officer. Most recently, Rob was our program director for a Firefighter I & II academy that ATCInc. operated in the Philippines. Rob has been trained to Fire Officer I & II, Instructor I, EMT-Paramedic, Confined Space Rescue Technician, Rope Rescue Technician,HazMat On-Scene Incident Commander, IFC Codes Inspector, Anhydrous AmmoniaEmergency Responder, Clandestine Laboratory Safety & Operations, among others. Hehas extensive training in pre-incident planning, respiratory protection systems and pro-tective clothing. He has a passion for communication, education, and safety, that haveserved him well in his leadership roles as a company officer and chief officer; as an in-structor to civilians, volunteer firefighters, professional firefighters, and employees inprivate industry; as an executive board member within the International Association ofFire Fighters, and as a community member sitting on various non-profit executiveboards. Rob firmly believes that there is something to be learned from every situationand that every day is another opportunity to do something new and exciting. ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 13. KEY PERSONNELAsst. Director Pete Kampen ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 14. KEY PERSONNELAsst. Director Klifton Spencer ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.
  • 15. KEY PERSONNELFIRE PREVENTION / SAFETYJerold L. Jacobsen; retired from a 31 years career with the Marysville Fire District, thelast 23 years of which he served as a Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal of a large fire districtwhich includes a medium size city, and a Native American Casino/Hotel. His duties in-cluded plan reviews, life safety inspections, fire investigations, code development andenforcement, and public education. Jerry oversaw and managed an Assistant Fire Mar-shal, Fire Inspector, the Public Information/Education officer, and an Engine Companyfire inspection program. Some of his accomplishments include: attending code hear-ings and participating in the development and adoption of the International Fire Code,Charter Member of International Fire Code Institute, certified IFC Fire Code Inspector,certified Washington State Fire Marshal, National Fire Academy "Executive Fire Officer"graduate, part time instructor at Everett Community College, Associate Degree in FireScience, active in many committees and organizations in the public safety area, Direc-tor for the Northwest Fire Investigators, and Director for Marysville/Tulalip Chamber ofCommerce.Jerry has extensive background in the area of Fire Safety, Arson Investigation, and plan-ning, and will work with clients to develop and deliver plans that best fit their needs.PUBLIC SAFETY & EDUCATIONStephanie Price; is a "native" of Washington State and attended Western WashingtonUniversity where she received a BA in Education with a teaching certification. Soonafter, she began a career teaching intermediate elementary 4th, 5th and 6th grades forEdmonds School District. An opportunity arose for an exceptional position as a PublicInformation Officer/Public Educator for Marysville Fire District, which she accepted.This position allowed me to serve the community I live in through public safety out-reach programs, media relations and support for emergency management and person-nel. While with the fire department, she graduated from the "Analysis of CommunityRisk Reduction" class offered at the National Fire Academy. Stephanie has also receivedher IFSAC (International Fire Accreditation Congress) Public Educator certification. Col-laboration with various department spokespeople and educators was invaluable for on-the-job training and in being very successful.Stephanie’s education and Public Information skills allow her to work well with client’s ARFF Training Concepts, deliver and /or develop and deliver training materials that fit the client’s needs.
  • 16. SUMMATION ARFF Training Concepts, Inc.