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Tradesto cell-overview -feb-2013


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  • Trond Hov 2 hours ago
    A Game Changer in the Finance world

    What TraDesto can be for the personal finance situation is no doubt a serious door opener for regular people to access the oportunity to partisipate where the high interests are made. We will give you a chance to see, taste and feel before acting, Every choise you made is based on your own judgement of a professional trader that you can see minimum 3 month history of trades. You can see what tactic he use, what risk he is taking, and how long he is in the trades. Even if you dont know anything about Forex Trade, you would get a easy picture of the potential of partisipating before spending a dime.

    The Normal way to do things today is that you hand over your savings to a broker and hope for the best, until you go back and finds out there was more costs then returns . Obviously this is not always the case, but with small savers this is happening to many times and the costs are to hight for it to bring in some good results if your not able to put in significant amount of money.

    I hope we can serve YOU as well and show you that there are people that makes regular income, serious income from trading daily !
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  • 1. TradestoJust imagine that you are able to become a ‘venture capital funder’ for the next Google, Facebook,LinkedIn, or Twitter. Often the opportunity to fund such investments is limited to high net worthindividuals or sophisticated investors as was seen with the pre-IPO of Facebook where it was onlyoffered to institutional funders.Well what if now ‘anyone could become a potential venture capitalist’ and minimize his or her risk indoing so as well as earning an income from a wider community involvement and from their activitiesin asking others to participate.The first project of the Fund is to create a social network focused on offering information on financialservices, a comprehensive range of financial services and products with feedback on each from awider community, as well as providing the ability for individuals to be able to engage in online tradingas well as to review and purchase investment products through the social community. This ensuresa more transparent product offering opposed to the traditional method of distributing financialproducts.The key to success is in finding a way to work with Facebook, LinkedIn or other major socialnetworks to identify persons that wish to be involved in creating such a new incentivized socialnetwork that offers real value for money and savings on products and services, a forum forinformation sharing, and an ability to earn income. 1
  • 2. To illustrate how critical ecommerce is to world financial firm, we gather the information on online- ads spend by US financial services companies such as banks and credit unions, credit card companies, brokerages, asset managers, insurance-related firms and others. US alone, they spend $ 4.66 billion in online ads in 2012, 15.7% more than 2011. The biggest growth segments for targeted advertising spends are foreseen as mobile phone advertising and professional social networks.Given that the global foreign exchange market turnover alone has now exceeded an average dailyturnover of USD $4.0 trillion, it is not surprising that companies engaged in online trading brokerageservices and support are the most aggressive with online spending within this segment.Google analytical statistics below show the popularity of key word searches online related toForex. Combined total word searchers for topics related to Forex exceed over 3.5million permonth. Financial Services and related words get over 2.8 million searches per month Forex – Gets 7,480,000 Global Google searches per Month with 550,000 of these searches being done on mobile devices. Forex key word searches – Get over 1.03 million searched worldwide Forex Trading – Gets 673,000 Global Google searches per Month across all languages with nearly 30,000 via mobile devices. Forex Strategies - Gets 60,500 Global Google Searches per Month Forex Tips - Gets 14,800 Global Google Searches per MonthSource: and Google Adwords. In fact the highest cost per customer acquisition is paid by companies in the Forex Trading industry as shown in the table below. E*Trade topped the list amongst all brokerage houses spending, followed by spending only 25% per quarter of E*Trade online. 2
  • 3. How it WorksThe VCI Fund Managers have established the TraDesto Cell, which will invest in TraDesto HoldingsLtd which is the 100% owner of Tradesto Ltd the financial social network.The holding company owns 100% of Tradesto Ltd, and will invest in the setup and expansion of afinancial services social network to be called, which will have its own full onlinebrokerage license and be incorporated in New will promote online currency trading, equity trading and share trading as coreservices. It will provide a social network built around financial Services allowing the sale andpromotion of financial services and products to its members. Other than spot trading instrumentsand equities, other product offerings will range from medical insurances, unitized funds, privateequity funds and a host of other financial products to be recommended by IFA’s (IndependentFinancial Advisors).Investments made by TraDesto Cell will be reflected as Net Asset Value (NAV) which will beupdated every week. NAV of the cell will fluctuate according to the profit sharing revenue from 3
  • 4. Tradesto Holdings Ltd will be looking to list the shares publicly when it is ready to doso.The minimum amount that an individual can buy 1 unit of Tradesto Cell at 500 USD for 5,000Tradesto Cell Shares and the maximum amount that 1 individual can contribute is 250,000 USD for500 units of Tradesto Cell which is equivalent to 2,500,000 of shares in Tradesto Cell.VCI Fund’s Tradesto Cell has a maximum uptake of a total of 50 million shares in Tradesto HoldingsLtd, for total investment value of USD 5 million. Therefore as owners of Tradesto Cell, you ownstakes in Tradesto Holdings Ltd.TraDesto cell will also benefit from profit sharing pool from trade volumes generated by individualsthat use the platform and percentage of advertisement revenue generated by theplatform. This profit sharing further contributes to the NAV of the cell.There will be a 18 months lock in period for Tradesto Cell, after which investors shall be eligible toredeem their vested units in Tradesto Cell or to transfer them to other owners. Redemption shall bebased on the current NAV value. During redemption, Tradesto Cell shall liquidate investors share inTradesto Holdings Ltd at the best possible price, depending on the trading liquidity, if it is alreadypublicly listed.All investment in Tradesto Cell will be monitored and administered by a reputable independent fundadministrator Ninetyeast Financials with the objective of providing transparency of the activities inthe fund and to protect investor’s interest. 4
  • 5. Business ObjectivesIn order to rapidly gain market share will be offering real dollar incentives to reward itsmembers directly for building a social network in supporting of the community. This will includecommission sharing from any trades places by members within certain levels of their Social Networkbased on the member’s qualification. It will include also commission sharing from the sale of anyfinancial services, products or training purchased through the TraDesto platform.Furthermore, Reward Points will be issued to any members of that help introduce newmembers to the social network. These Reward Points can then be used to redeem products andservices worldwide. Instead of spending heavily on advertising online will implement anumber of marketing initiatives that can assist with reaching millions of persons worldwide throughincentivized viral social marketing strategies and give has as an objective attracting 1 million members worldwide to the TraDesto.comcommunity within a period of 12 months of launching the new TraDesto social trading platformanticipated for July 2013. 5
  • 6. Steps To Own Your Share in Tradesto the Ultimate Financial Social Network 1. Register at Use sposor : FXWorld 2. Go through the registration process 3. Read and agree to subscription agreement 4. Key in how many units of Tradesto cell you wish to subscribe. (1 Unit = $500, 5000 shares in TraDesto Cell)/ (Tradesto Cell will own 10% TraDesto Holdings) 5. You must upload your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents online via members area as part of the due diligence process required by international law for anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering 6. Make payment by bank wire to Barclays Bank (which will be given to you during registration) 7. Ninetyeast Financials will oversea the entire process to be in line with international law to protect your interest. 8. You will receive a receipt which states details of your subscription and acknowledgement of payment. 9. Redemption is allowed after 18 months of lock-in period after date of subscription 6