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Book of Ruth in the Bible

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  1. 1. [Enter Post Title Here]The Bible: Its All About JesusRuthIntroduction: Ruth Explains Our SalvationThrough the story of Ruth, Jesus shows both His plan and purpose to us. To see it though, requireslooking at the meanings of the names of the places and characters. As always, please read it with anattitude of asking God to reveal what He wants you to know about His Son. Enjoy and let the Spirit leadyou into all truth as you find that the entire Bible is about only one thing: Its all about Jesus!Names and Their MeaningsThe meanings of Hebrew names can almost tell the whole story by themselves. They reveal the hiddenmeaning to the allegory. For example: Naomi means "Beautiful Grace of God" and her husband isElimelech which means "Strength of the King". This is a description of the relationship we have going onwithin our being. It shows Gods Grace drawing us to Him. However, as long as we remain apart fromGod and reliant on our own strength, the only possible outcome is pictured by the offspring: Malion(Sickly) and Kilion (Failing). That pretty well sums up what we can do to please God by way of our ownabilities.Ruths StoryThe story begins with Naomi --Ruths mother-in-law. However, its really about how Ruth (our humanspirit) connects the down hearted Naomi (the weary and humble soul) with her kinsman redeemer(Jesus our true Redeemer) through Gods grace.Name Meanings Help in Understanding RuthThe meanings of Hebrew names can almost tell the whole story by themselves. They give insight to thehidden meaning of the allegory. For example: Ruth means "friendship." She represents our spirit whichis the only part of man which can respond to Gods offer of friendship through the finished work of JesusChrist. Elimelech means "strength of the king." He represents the sin nature which attempts to live by itsown capabilities rather than the grace and mercy of God.As you read through this story about Ruth, you might want to use this list of meanings to help put thestory together. Name Meaning Representation Ruth Friendship Human spirit Naomi Beautiful Grace of God Human soul Elimelech The Strength of the King Sin nature
  2. 2. Judah Worship Presence with God (heaven) Bethlehem Celebrated Praising God Moab Incest Sin Mahlon Sickly Self effort Kilion Failing Self effort Orpah Stubbornness Pride Mara Bitterness Broken hearted Boaz Strong Redeemer/Pillar Jesus Obed Servant Born again David Beloved Son Jesus Jesus Christ Salvation Jesus Israel He will rule Man as a wholeRuth - The StoryThere was a famine in the land and a young man named Elimelech (The Strength of the King) leftBethlehem (Celebrated or Praised) in Judah (Worship) and went to Moab (Incest). –Ruth 1:1-2After mans fall in the Garden of Eden and the Lord departed from him, he was left with an emptiness –afamine– in his heart. Since that time, man has hungered to be truly satisfied with something that wouldlast. And thats why Jesus presented Himself as the "Bread of Life"; only He can satisfy that need.Man doesnt naturally praise God in worship. Instead he worships the creation (people, places andthings). (Romans 1)Through the character of Elimelech –one who is reliant on his own strengths and abilities– we see apicture of mans fallen nature.Having left Judah, Elimelech and his wife Naomi (the Beautiful Grace of God) could only produceMahlon (Sickly) and Kilion (Failing) in Moab (Incest). –Ruth 1:2
  3. 3. Apart from God, mans soul –represented by Naomi– can only have a relationship with his own fallen,sin nature: Elimelech. The products of that relationship can be nothing better than sickly and failing.What else could there be when man does not have a personal relationship with God? Thats becauseapart from God, he can do nothing.The marriages of Mahlon (Sickly) and Kilion (Failing) to Orpah (Stubbornness) and Ruth (Friendship)produced no children. –Ruth 1:3-5The two options that man has for a relationship with God are: accept His friendship through His Son orreject Him through stubbornness (pride).In this case, the human spirit –Ruth– desires a fulfilled relationship with God, but it cant be fruitful aslong as its based on human abilities.Elimelech and his sons came to an end and died in Moab. –Ruth 1:3-5Like Elimelech, man will die in his sins if he does not choose Jesus as his savior. However, this picture isof a persons human-sinful nature (the flesh) dying along with its pitiful attempts to please God. InColossians 2:11-14 were told that the old nature was cut off and discarded; and in Galatians 2:20 weread that the flesh was crucified with Jesus.Apart from Judah, Naomi (Grace) faded into a mere shell of outward beauty; she became Mara(Bitterness). –Ruth 1:6-7, Ruth 1:19-20This certainly shows what happens to a man when he recognizes his condition without God. Althoughhis outside may appear to be fulfilled, he knows the emptiness deep within his heart. That emptinesswas intended to be filled by Jesus Christ.Naomi resolved that nothing good could ever come of her and gave up her daughters-in-law Orpah(Stubbornness) and Ruth (Friendship). –Ruth 1:6-9When a man recognizes his condition –dead in his sins– it is then that he realizes that there is nothing inhim of any value: not his possessions, nor his power, not even his prestige– nothing has true and lastingvalue.The man can either receive Jesus into his life or be stubborn and follow his pride straight to hell.In desperation, Naomi resolved to return to Judah alone, but Ruth (Friendship) would not leave her. –Ruth 1:10-18What a description of a humbled man! This shows a broken soul with his only companion: his humanspirit. That spirit will remain his closest friend because it is the conduit by which Gods Spirit cancommunicate with him.After Naomi and Ruth had reached Judah, the natural kinsman-redeemer (he has no name) refused topay the price required to provide for the womens needs. He abandoned them, willing to let them diewithout any hope. –Ruth 4:1-6Mans natural kinsman redeemer is Satan. When man recognizes that all the world has to offer is futility,there is nothing that Satan can provide to satisfy his spiritual needs.
  4. 4. Ruths entry into Judah touched Boaz (the true and final Strong Redeemer or Pillar). He gladly paid theprice to adopt them into his own household. –Ruth 4:7-15When mans spirit seeks a relationship with our Redeemer –Jesus– a wonderful thing happens: He findsthat the price to be free from sin and death (the wages of sin) have been paid.Naomi and Ruth were downtrodden and empty-handed when they came to Judah, but the Redeemermet all their needs and loved them as they were. –Ruth 2, Ruth 3When a man comes to Jesus weary and heavy-burdened, Jesus takes those burdens upon Himself sothat the man might experience the peace and contentment that only Jesus is able to provide.Naomi (the Beautiful Grace of God) was restored to be as she was intended to be –leaving herbitterness behind. Soon, the Redeemer joined Ruth to produce a child named Obed (a Servant). –Ruth 4:16-17The joining together of Jesus and the human spirit restores man to the state he was created for: a stateof unity with God through His beloved Son. And that new creation is intended to be one who servesothers in love.Obed fulfilled the hope of the Naomi by producing David (a Beloved Son). –Ruth 4:16-22The person who becomes a servant is pleasing to God, but it can only be done through Jesus: the Onewho humbled Himself to be obedient to death, even death on a cross!