Power of Social Media


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Power of Social Media

  1. 1. and why we should be making use of it…
  2. 2. The Break Up - Click here to view video (The Break Up - Click here to view video.mp4)
  3. 3. Traditional advertising is losing pace and popularityMillions spent could be better utilised andchannelled into social media usage which is lowerin cost but more effectiveAs it attains measurable results that go a longerway because of the outreach and engagement ofclients
  4. 4. Businesses and organizations have  realized the power of social media…Social media has helped businesses to engage clients at a higher level of interactionthrough forming conversationsPaving way for more honest and direct relationsIn addition, communities have formed within client baseSmall acts by businesses on social media platforms translate into opportunities for morepeople to get to know them
  5. 5. The most popular brands currently found on socialmedia leverages on the word-of-mouth strategy;hence, they tend to post less about their products andservices.Instead, they discuss the things that help the clientsknow the people and personality of the company.The ultimate goal may be to ‘sell’ but on socialmedia, but there must first be ‘engagement’ withthe crowd.
  6. 6. As we embark on the route to consolidate and showcase a singlecorporate brand, we need to unify our voices such that ourpresence can be felt stronger through these various channels.It is important that any business partner or client of TataChemicals is able to access information regarding all of ourlocations easily from any channel he or she subscribes to.Do not be worried that the corporate identity of each companywill be eroded, in fact, these social media outlets will be able touphold and instill even more geographical flavor and personalitythrough the contributions of each and every one of us regardlessof locations.
  7. 7. As Tata Chemicals shift its focus into services andemphasizes on developing the Living and FarmingessentialsIt is important for us to establish effective andaccessible mode of communications with our clientsHouseholds, farmers, customers…It also serves as a platform for them to raise anyquestions or doubts they have regarding our servicesand products…
  8. 8. Consolidate the overall Tata Chemicals Group’s Global Web PresenceStrategize by using current social media tools to achieve objectivesEnhance the level of usability, interactivity, uniformity and corporateidentity
  9. 9. Tata Chemicals currently has 8,236 fans on Facebook and 100 followers onTwitter.The figure may say something, but the relations that we have forged withthe online community speak louder.The responses for our online activities, quizzes, events, and polls have beenoverwhelming and often we feel like going online is the best decision wehave made.Now, we need you to think so too.