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Information marketing products are easy to sell. These 3 three steps will show you how.

Selling information products online is an excellent way to generate a very lavish income from the internet.

Most of the time people new to internet marketing are directed to start with affiliate marketing and the benefit of starting this way is that you will learn how to get traffic to a website.

Although affiliate marketing is good way to earn as you learn how to drive traffic to your website there is a downside that needs to be thoughtfully considered...

The downside of affiliate marketing lies with the fact that a large portion of the visitors that you send to your affiliate link will not convert right away.

When you're generating traffic as an affiliate marketer your efforts only serve to improve the brand awareness of the person who owns the product you are promoting.

There is a more effective way... produce your own information products.

Here are three practical components that anyone can use to successfully sell their own info products on the internet.

Step #1 Create a Salesletter
Step #2 Get Traffic
Step #3 Follow up

Creating the Salesletter

There are two ways you can go about writing the salescopy for your product.

1. write the sales copy before you assemble your product
2. write the sales letter for your info product after you have completed it.

Once your sales letter and website are complete and ready for business then you can focus on sending traffic to your website.

Attract Visitors To Your Website Getting traffic is more involved than just getting people to visit your website.

If the visitors that come to your website are not particularly interested in the product you are promoting, sales will be low.

Although your Web Stats may reporta large number of individuals landing on your website, statistics don't generate revenue, paying customers do.

The most criticalpart of the process is to make certain to follow up with the visitors that don't purchase your products right away.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

A simple way to get people to give you their name and email address is to offer something of value for free in return.

A simple way to encourage your vistors into giving you their name and email address is to offer a portion of your product for free as a taste of what your product can provide.

By giving away a free sample of your product you are helping to whet your visitors appetite which will in turn help you with... your follow up email series.

To get this done what's required is an autoresponder set up and filled with pre-written email messages to continue persuading, educating and redirecting your prospects back to your sales letter.

Selling information products online does not have to be any more difficult than that.

The fastest way to make sure that you start making money on the internet is to outsource what you don't know how to do and focus on the things you can do.

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Information marketing products easy 3 step formula

  1. 1. Information Marketing Products 3 Steps To Constant Profits Brought to you by Fernando Morales
  2. 2. Selling your own information marketingproducts online is definitely a verylucrative way to make a living on theinternet.
  3. 3. Most of the time beginners are encouragedto start with affiliate marketing because thebenefit of starting this way is that you willlearn how to get traffic to a website.
  4. 4. They say that the best teacher isexperience and affiliate marketing willdefinitely help you to hone your trafficgeneration skills but...
  5. 5. The downside to affiliate marketing is thatthe majority of the traffic you send tosomeone elses business will not converton the initial visit.
  6. 6. As an affiliate marketer, all of yourpromotional efforts only serve to increasethe brand awareness of the productcreator.
  7. 7. There is a better way... Sell your own information products!
  8. 8. Here are three simple steps anyone can use to sell their info products on the internet…
  9. 9. Step #1 Create a Sales LetterStep #2 Get TrafficStep #3 Follow upLet’s go into a little more detail…
  10. 10. Creating the SalesletterThere are two ways you can go about writing the salescopy for yourproduct.1. write the sales copy before you create your product2. write the sales copy after you create your productThe benefit of writing your sales copy before you create yourproduct is that you will take care to make sure that the product youcreate delivers on the value you create in the sales letter.Once youve created your salesletter and setup your website toshow it off to the world, the next thing you need to do is get traffic.
  11. 11. Get Traffic To Your WebsiteThis means that youve got to get the right people to lookat your offer. Getting traffic is about more than justgetting people to visit your website.If the people who come to your website are notinterested in your offer, you will not make any money.Big numbers in your Web Stats dont make money,targeted visitors do.The most critical step in the process is to make sure tofollow up with the traffic that doesnt buy right away.
  12. 12. Follow Up, Follow Up…A simple way to get people to give you theirname and email address is to offer something ofvalue for free in return.An easy way to do this is to offer the first chapterof your product or a free video or audio to givethem a taste of what youre product has to offer.
  13. 13. This is also an effective way to whet yourprospects appetite for the product itself as thiswill assist you with the next part of the process...your follow up email series.To do this you will need to set up anautoresponder loaded with pre-written follow upmessages that continue to educate and redirectyour prospects back to your offer.
  14. 14. Selling information products online doesnot have to be any more complicated thanthat. AND…The fastest way to make sure that youstart making money on the internet is tooutsource what you dont know how to doand focus on the things you can do.
  15. 15. If you would like to know more aboutselling information marketing productsonline and how you can do this from homecheck out my free step by step 1kadayformula internet marketing course