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  • 1. Assignment 2.1By Forest Workman
  • 2. Magna Carta• The Magna Carta was made for England.• It was written on 1215.• It made it so that the king had to follow the law.• The king was not above the law his power was limited.
  • 3. Glorious Revolution• It took place the in England.• King James the ll took over as king.• The english bill of rights.
  • 4. The English bill of rights• It was written in 1689• It limited the power of the king and queen and they were just a figure head. It gave everyday people more rights.
  • 5. The Enlightenment• It was also know as the age of reason.• It was an elite cultural movement intellectuals in the 18th century.
  • 6. Charles-Louis Montesquieu• He was from France• He held public office in Bordeaux.
  • 7. John Locke• He is from Wrington Somerset• He lived from 1632 to 1704• Natural rights are considered to be self- evident or universal. They are not from laws, rules, religion, or beliefs just common sense.
  • 8. Jean Jacques Rousseau • From Geneva • Lived from 1712 - 1778 • The social contract was like principals of political right. To determine wether there can be a political authority.
  • 9. Thomas Jefferson• He wrote the declaration of independence• He was from Virginia• He changed it because it was based off of his morals.