Ed 203 orientation fall 2013
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  • Quote from Sanne Bloemarts http://www.coetail.com/educationjourney/2012/11/11/technology-is-a-given-not-a-debate Image from John Biehler www.flickr.com/photos/retrocactus/7179067109 Slide created by Dr. Scott McLeod http://www.dangerouslyirrelevant.org/copyright Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported copyright license


  • 1. Welcome to ED 203 Educational Technologies Please do the following as you arrive: 1.Sign in by placing your initials next to your name on one of the class section sheets. 2.Take one of the “playing cards” that are face down on the table and go to the table that matches the number on your card. 3.Begin filling out the Gmail addresses document that is on your table. 4.Get to know others at your table and in this class.
  • 2. ED 203 Educational Technologies Orientation – August 28, 2013 AL 114 The Terrace Room Sections: ED 203 0 (10490-201410) ED 203 2 (10491-201410) ED 203 3 (12638-201410)
  • 3. First, Let’s Connect with God … Lord God Heavenly Father We thank you for this day and we thank you for sharing Your Son, Our Savior, with each one of us. Help us to stay anchored in Him and bring You glory as we serve others who become part of our lives.
  • 4. Bless the learning we experience in this class and help us to use it as we continue to prepare to become professional teachers. Grant us Lord, through our involvement in this course, to grow in our understanding that technology is a gift from You, and used correctly, can bring blessings to us and to those we serve. In Jesus Name we Pray Amen
  • 5. ED 203 – What type of class is this? • It is an online class … – We meet face-to-face for orientation – We then do our activities and discussions online using Angel as our management system – We do not meet at any particular time, yet we “will be connected.”
  • 6. Screen Cast from edutopia’s 2009 A Digital Odyssey: Dive into the Future of Leaning
  • 7. Screen Cast from edutopia’s 2009 A Digital Odyssey: Dive into the Future of Leaning
  • 8. • This class’s main purpose is not to teach about programs or technology tools … • It is about using technology as an educational tool to enhance and extend our classroom curriculum to support student learning. • It is about developing a relationship with each other and learning from each other.
  • 9. • It’s about becoming a facilitator of Learning • Perhaps, it could be about becoming a Teacher Leader (Teacherpreneur – Barnett Berry – Teaching 2030) • It is about having an experience with online learning … • Why?
  • 10. Technology is a given not a debate. www.flickr.com/photos/retrocactus/7179067109 www.coetail.com/educationjourney/2012/11/11/technology-is-a-given-not-a-debate
  • 11. Wayne Gretzky • “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”
  • 12. Our Textbook is the Internet
  • 13. Typical Fears About Online Classes • Communicating online • Silence • Technology – how competent do I need to be with technology? • Managing my online class • Looking foolish and incompetent
  • 14. I have taken online classes before 1. Yes 2. No
  • 15. Which “Fear” Best Describes You? 1. Communicating Online 2. Silence 3. Technology Competency 4. Managing time for your online class 5. Looking foolish and incompetent 6. None of the above
  • 16. How Competent do you feel with using technology? 1. 0-3 2. 4-6 3. 7-8 4. 9-10
  • 17. I have used the Discussion Board on Angel 1. Yes 2. No
  • 18. Should all teachers use technology as an educational tool to prepare their students for living in today’s and tomorrow’s world? 1. Yes 2. No
  • 19. Educational Technologies ED 203 0 10490
  • 20. Getting Started
  • 21. Right Side of Class Home Page
  • 22. Lessons Tab
  • 23. Unit Tab
  • 24. Week 1 – Print and Save These
  • 25. Activity 1.1 Building Your Vision
  • 26. Activity Drop Box and Attachments
  • 27. Hello Nathan I pray that you and your classmates will have a many great learning experiences in this course. I encourage you to do your best and to contact me with any questions or concerns you have during the course. In His and Your Service, Professor Wegner
  • 28. Collaborative Teams – Activity Three • When you came in you should have picked up a card. Those with cards with an “artistic” star on them are the team leaders/captains. • Make sure you are with your team • Fill out the Gmail address document and share it with one another. • Note: This is a two-week activity, but do get started on it right away. • Google Drive (Docs)
  • 29. Google Drive (Docs) • Under the Required Readings heading in Unit Three there are two YouTube video site addresses you can use to familiarize yourself with Google Drive. • The Team Leader/Captain, or his/her designated person is to create the Google Document and invite the other team members – including me. This is to be done at least by the first Monday of this unit’s time period.
  • 30. Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone, iPod, or iPad?
  • 31. NCREL / Metiri Group enGuage 21NCREL / Metiri Group enGuage 21stst Century SkillsCentury Skills 1. basic, scientific and technological literacies 2. visual and information literacy 3. multicultural literacy and global awareness 4. adaptability, managing complexity and self- direction 5. curiosity, creativity, and risk-taking 6. higher order thinking and sound reasoning 7. teaming and collaboration 8. personal and social responsibility 9. interactive communication 10. prioritizing, planning, and managing for results 11. effective use of real-world tools 12. high quality results with real-world application http://www.metiri.com/features.html What do our students really need in order to thrive in the 21st century world? What do our students really need in order to thrive in the 21st century world?
  • 32. Contact Information • fwegner@charter.net • Frank.wegner@cuw.edu • Email within the class • 715-304-8633 Cell • I am here to help you be successful with this class.
  • 33. • I look forward to working with you as we take this adventure together! • Questions/Concerns
  • 34. Vision – Who Am I? • I am Professor Frank Wegner and I teach two graduate online classes and one undergraduate online class for Concordia University Wisconsin. These classes are designed to help participants learn how to correctly use technology as an educational tool in their classrooms and schools to support student learning.
  • 35. Vision – Where Am I Going? • I will facilitate learning in these virtual classrooms by engaging participants in learning activities and learning experiences that prepares them for a life of service to others as professional educators who use a student centered approach in their classrooms to provide students with what they need to thrive in the 21st century world.
  • 36. Vision – What Will Guide Your Journey? • I will do my best to use the following core values to guide our journey: – Be Christ Centered – Live as Christ’s Disciples in a Digital World – Have Integrity – Be Hardworking – Be Trustworthy – Be Self-disciplined – Be Knowledgeable – Be Caring and Loving in my Approach to Others
  • 37. We will Connect and become a Professional Leaning Community 