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Presenting tele town hall for hr
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Presenting tele town hall for hr






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Presenting tele town hall for hr Presenting tele town hall for hr Presentation Transcript

  • Presenting
    tele-Town hall
    Cutting-edge technology for targeted, live communication
  • Today
    The Masses
    The Individual
  • The Individual
    Personal Contact.
  • CDU Berlin
    Frank Henkel, mayoral candidate
    via Telephone Townhall
  • CDU Berlin
    Dr. NielsKorte, member of Berlin State parliament
    in person and by phone via Telephone Townhall
  • France
    UMP Secretary General Jean-Francois Cope
    60.000 calls in one hour
  • Fidesz Mayor of Budapest
    Participation rate: 64%
    2/3 of those reached decide to opt-in and participate
    Average duration of participation:
    more than 7 minutes!
    Technological advantage: dials thousands of households simultaneously
    Creates an enormous conference call, or
    A live “town hall meeting” with thousands of citizens
    …all over the telephone.
    Enables a live, personal contact with citizens in their own homes.
    It’s interactive.
    Participants ask questions, vote on polling questions.
    …most cost-effective means of making direct, live contact with citizens.
  • It works through a simple user interface over the internet
    here’s how…
  • Prior to the event,
    pre-program polling questions…
  • Configure questions
  • For example:
    “Do you agree or disagree…
    If you agree, press 1
    If you disagree, press 2”
  • Start the event
    The program begins calling thousands of telephones in minutes
  • and watch the rising number of participants joining the call
    Watch the call progress as the program dials the list of telephones
  • Operator screens questions
    Those joining the call are instructed to press “0” to pose a question live to the VIP
    A call operator is standing by to screen the incoming questions from those in the queue.
  • The operator clicks on the name of a caller who would like to ask a question…
    screened questions
    then clicks “allow to talk”
    and, speaking privately with the caller, takes notes on the question
  • Vip Speaker responds live to questions
    Those callers whose questions have been screened by the operator then appear on the VIP’s control screen
  • And the VIP, by clicking on the name and “allow to talk” is able to choose the questions.
    Like a radio call-in program, the VIP has a dialogue with the caller while all the other participants listen live to their conversation
  • Vip conducts a mini-poll
    The VIP may also poll the audience on the pre-programmed questions
    And while listeners respond on their telephone keypads the poll results appear live for the VIP
    Many more add-ons are available – like webcast.
    But it’s simple.
    And it’s the most cost-effective means of live, targeted communication.
  • TELE-TOWN HALL Results
    Average participation rate: 63%
    Nearly 2/3 of those who pick up the phone decide to participate.
    Average duration of participation: 7-10 minutes
    Here’s what European voters are saying:
    “To organize a gathering like this, it’s a more direct form of politics, closer to us. To me, it’s a completely different style.”
    “It’s terrific to be be able to say what we think directly to the party leader. It makes me truly happy to see that he is really listening to us, that he really pays attention to the party’s supporters.”
    Here’s what they’re saying in Europe
    “I was truly touched that the leader called me personally to have a dialogue.”
    “What a great thing that an MP called me at home!”
  • next@fwdaffairs.com