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CCCTC Parent portal

  1. 1.  Website Address Parent Portal Login Student Home Page Student Attendance Student Discipline Student Grades Student Schedule Logout
  2. 2. The ClassMate Parent Portal is a secure site that allows only authorizedparent contacts to easily access important student information. Prior tothe first login, authorized users much have a valid email address entered intothe ClassMate System. You must have an internet connection to use theParent Portal. Contact your CTE ClassMate administrator with any questions.Getting StartedThere are two paths to gain access to the Parent Portal  Internet URL  In Classmate Modules>Portal Processing>Parent Portal Tab
  3. 3. Getting Started• Using your computers Internet Browser, access your internet homepage• In the address field type: The name you will use in the URL will be provided by your CTE • Click Enter
  4. 4. The ClassMate Parent Portal Welcome Page• Authorized parent contacts can Login• A video tutorial is also available to assist in navigating the portal• A Customized Message from the CTC is displayed
  5. 5. First Time UsersPrior to logging into the ClassMate Parent Portal you must create an account.You will only have to create the account as a first time user.• Click “Create an Account” Link located in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  6. 6. First Time UsersThe following informationis mandatory for portal access.Enter the following: Name Username Email Password Verify PasswordClick the Grey Register ButtonAn email registration confirmationwill be sent to the email addressentered during registration. Note: You must enter the email address supplied to the Clearfield County Career & Tech Center
  7. 7. Logging In• Enter the User Name you created during registration• Enter the password you created during registration• Click Login
  8. 8. Accessing Student Views• To access Student Views, click on the name of the student.
  9. 9. Student Views• There are 6 student views to choose from: • Attendance • Grades • Discipline • Schedule • eMail Alerts • Reporting• Click on a student view icon to view student details
  10. 10. Viewing Student Attendance• The attendance view provides attendance details for the selected student• You can sort by the date and attendance condition by clicking on Date and Attendance Field Headings
  11. 11. Selecting a Course• Use the Course Name Drop Down box to select a course to viewTeacher Contact• Teacher contact information may be available if provided by the CTC
  12. 12. Grade Summary• The Grade Summary shows Marking Period grades and Current gradesGrade Details• Grade Details are provided for Skill, Knowledge and Work Ethics Grades
  13. 13. Skill Grade View• A skill grade assesses hands-on practical tasks• Task ID’s, Descriptions, Dates and Grades can be viewed
  14. 14. Knowledge Grade View• A knowledge grade assesses a student’s understanding of basic theory• Activity ID’s, Activity Names, Dates and Grades can be viewed• A descriptive activity name is recommended.
  15. 15. Work Ethics View• A Work Ethics grade assesses a student’s employability attributes, including punctuality, proper attire, communication and teamwork skills.• Work ethics grades are displayed in a real-time environment.
  16. 16. Discipline View• The Discipline View displays the Referral Number, Date, Discipline Name and Action Taken
  17. 17. Schedule View• The schedule view displays the student’s current schedule
  18. 18. eMail Alert View• The eMail Alert view allows the parent to select (click checkboxes)and customize (enter minimum grade) email alerts they would like to receive
  19. 19. Reporting View• The Reporting view allows the parent to view submitted Progress Reports and Report Cards
  20. 20. Report Card View
  21. 21. To Logout• Click Logout to close the District Portal