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  • 1. OpenSpan Proof of Concept
  • 2. OpenSpan POC Use Case Overview• Auto Login functionality• Unified Composite View• Account Inquiry Across Web CSR• Authenticate Caller• Get Specific Account Details• Create New Contact Record• Create New Case in and Web CSR• Auto Notes – Call Wrap up2
  • 3. Auto Login• Improve agents’ initial setup times• Streamline login process• Stage applications within the desktop workspace3
  • 4. Unified Composite View• Provide a 360 view of the customer• Data from multiple disparate applications• Quick Link Buttons for specific business processes– Get Consolidates notes history– Create new case4
  • 5. Streamline Account Inquiry ProcessEliminate:• Copy and Paste• Rekeying of Data• Toggling Applications5Reduce:• AHT• Processing Time• Training TimeIncrease:• Accuracy• Compliance
  • 6. Authenticate Caller• Enforce compliance to authenticate a caller• Log values used for authentication• Govern the business process flow6
  • 7. Consolidated Account Details and Notes• Simplified view of customer data:History, All Accounts, Specific Account Details7
  • 8. Create New Contact Record8• Auto create contact records when onedoes not exist• Maintain data integrity across legacy applications• Eliminate repetitive data entry
  • 9. Create New Case in Multiple Applications• Reduce process times to create new case records andupdate other legacy applications• Ensure proper data values are notated correctly whilemaintaining a consistent format9
  • 10. Auto Notes – Call Wrap• Auto-append notes to System ofRecord(s)• View notes in Composite GUI• Maintain consistent note formats• Audit trail for day’s work• Reduce call wrap up times• Eliminates data entry• Eliminates errors• Forces process adherence• Accurate System of Record10
  • 11. POC “Quantified Impact” MetricsProcessBeforeKeystrokesBeforeTimeOpenSpanKeystrokesOpenSpanTimeTotal Savings(Time and %)Startup/Login 65 54 14 12 42 78%Acct Inquiry/Authentication10-28 28 10 16 12 43%Notes 27+ 26.3 31 + 11.3 15 57%View Notes 7 30 1 8.5 21.5 72%Create NewCase75 + 59 30 25 34 58%Call Wrap upLots ofkeystroke59 1 2 57 97%