OpenSpan - A Better Way to Work, A Better Way to Manage


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OpenSpan - A Better Way to Work, A Better Way to Manage

  1. 1. How it works
  2. 2. Today’s Agent Desktop1
  3. 3. How OpenSpan Desktop works OpenSpan creates a plug-in like architecture for each application So each object can be monitored, acted upon or automated Monitors user, application & desktop activity for refining areas for user process Improvement Quickly create automations using easy to use design tool Automate and Improve manual steps Rapidly automate cloud (API) with legacy apps Reap quick ROI
  4. 4. Agile Agent Desktop 360 View of Customer Account Basics Wireline Broadband Wireless Notes Customer MoodName: CPNI: # POTS Lines: DSL (Y/N): Speed: Qual (Y/N): # Lines: Billing Service LD Carrier: BVoIP Eligibility: Tech360: (Y/N): Voice Plan:Address: 800 Service (Y/N): Data Plan: UverseBTN: Acct Code: Offer All-for-Less # Lines: Internet: Voice: TV: Mobile Hotspot (Y/N): Launch Pad CRM- IEX Total ExpressPay BOCRIS ROS iSTORE CasWeb BVA CCTOOL CRM Telegence BOOST Direct TV Phoenix BLOOPY Clarify View Admin Tool Bar Quick Search Bar Contextual Guidance
  5. 5. Agile Agent Desktop Real-Time Agent Performance (Gamification ) Customer 360 View Shortcuts & Task Optimization
  6. 6. There is aBETTER WAY TO MANAGE
  7. 7. Opportunity!Based upon engineered standards• Call wrap should take 3 minutes• There is a large amount of non-productive timeResulting in• 24 hours of non-productive work for the team total
  8. 8. OpenSpan Desktop Analytics OpenSpan captures all relevant user desktop activity. Identifies opportunities for Business Process Improvement as well as an audit trail for performance monitoring, risk, fraud & compliance purposes. OpenSpan OpenSpan MS SQL Analytics or Server Any BI Tool Other Use Cases for Events • Drive Process Guidance • Knowledge Management • Compliments Enterprise Reports Custom • IT / Operational Desktop Statistics Connectors • Workforce Management • Combine with Call recordings • Real Time Dashboards 8
  9. 9. Delivering Visibility High Level Events (App Usage) Custom Events (User Defined) • Application Usage / Switching • Track User Workflows / Tasks • Web Sites Visited • Nested Task Correlation • Keystroke Activity Counts • Detect Task Variances • Mouse Clicks, Tabbing • Define Custom Event Markers • Copy and Paste Occurrences • Insert Compliance Tracking • Scrolling, Resizing Screens • Log Variable Contexts Per Task • All apps, no configuration required • Completely User Defined Time Stamp + Duration + Idle Time + User Details + Workgroups + Sequencing + Frequency Events sent to SQL Database, 3rd party Technologies, real-time alerts
  10. 10. Why OpenSpan?• OpenSpan determines, measures and enforces gold standard behavior for every activity• OpenSpan monitors activities in every application and across applications• OpenSpan analyzes data from every application to offer the right advice in real-time• OpenSpan automates tasks and influences agent behavior on every call
  11. 11. OpenSpan in SummaryWe are focused solely on technology and solutions to meet the needs of where People & Technology meet – Flexible, cross enterprise applicability – Agile – we change as you change – We provide start to provide benefits in weeks not years. – We provide in year ROI – We do not change any of your underlying technologies – We do not change any of your current company proceduresWe have done the same thing for hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of users