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Narrative Report Guide (Preliminary Pages)

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AIT Narrative Report Guide 2013 1

  1. 1. Republic of the P Philippines LAG GUNA S STATE POLYTE P ECHNIC UNIVER RSITY Remo ove Sinilo Host Campus oan s Sin niloan, La aguna Commen [o1]: nt Margins 5” Left – 1.25 Right – 0.7 75” Top – 1” Bottom – 1” 1 Commen [o2]: nt Title Page contains the Tit page of the N tle Narrative Report Commen [o3]: nt A Nar rrative Re eport On Narrative Font - Arial F ON-THE-J O JOB TRAAINING UNDERTA AKEN AT THEMUNICIPALITY OF PAE Y ETE - GEENERAL SERVICE OFFICE S E E PA AETE, LAG GUNA A Rep port Submmitted to the Facu of the ulty e COL LLEGE OF ARTS A AND SCIENCES Commen [o4]: COLL nt LEGE OF STUD DIES LAGUNASTATEPOLYTECHNICUN NIVERSIT TY Siniloa (Host) Campus an ) s Sin niloan, La aguna In Par rtial Fulfillment of f the Requirem ments for the Dipl r loma in ASSOCIA A ATE IN IN NFORMAT TION TECCHNOLO OGY JON NATHAN BELLEZA VILLAN A NUEVA 2012 Commen [o5]: 2013 nt Tips to H Hide First Page Numbe P er i angle Insert Recta Format – Shape Fill – W S White Sha Outline - White ape
  2. 2. LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNICUNIVERSITY VISION, MISSION, CORE VALUES, COLLEGE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF THEINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM Comment [o6]: Copy the Pre-Formatted VMCVGOVISION The Laguna State Polytechnic University is a center of development transforminglives and community.MISSION Laguna State Polytechnic University provides quality education throughresponsive instruction, distinctive research, sustainable extension and productionservices for improved life towards nation building.CORE VALUES Spirited Transparent Upright Disciplined Efficient Noble Trustworthy SkillfulCOLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES GOALS Comment [o7]: Change to COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES In pursuit of the University Vision/Mission, the College of Arts and Sciences iscommitted to develop students with well-rounded personality flexible enough to adjust inthe changing needs of time for global competitiveness which are related to research,extension and production; equip them with knowledge and skills in Computer Educationand other related fields in arts and sciences. Comment [o8]: Refer to the Dean for the new College GoalTHE OBJECTIVES OF THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMGeneral The Associate in Information Technology leading to Bachelor of Science inInformation Technology program of the Laguna State Polytechnic University aims todevelop the students intellectual, emotional and skills competencies provided with theadvanced and detailed knowledge of the design, implementation, and managementissues involved in the application of IT as well as to prepare him to become moreresponsive regarding to the local, national and global demands affecting the IT industry.The theories acquired through various academic exercises coupled with on-the-jobtraining activities are expected to increase the number of globally competitive experts inthe field of IT environment. ii
  3. 3. Specific The specific objectives of the program are aligned to the four-fold functions of theUniversity – Instruction, Research & Development, Extension and Production:A. Instruction 1. Provide theoretical and technical skills through instruction, seminars and workshops; 2. Expose students to globally competitive graduates with desirable work values and attitudes; 3. Develop locally and globally competitive graduates with desirable work values and attitudes; 4. Initiate creative and innovative professional enhancement among instructors and students through skills training, on-the-job training and training and industry.B. Research and Development 1. Strengthen competencies of both instructors and students in the field of research that will serve as a basis for technological problem-solving; 2. Conduct information technology survey, interviews and feasibility studies to meet the demands of the changing world through information technologies and processes; 3. Produce IT researchers and researches to serve as a self-generating critical mass of human resources for research and development in information technology area.C. Extension 1. Forge critical linkages with local and foreign partners to support the activities of the department; 2. Conduct outreach programs such as basic and advance computer literacy programs, and the like; 3. Create training plans and information technology packages to supply the need of the community; 4. Provide assistance for project development.D. Production 1. Produce information systems and technologies that can be used as an income generating project of the college; 2. Construct improvised and innovative teaching materials, tools and equipment. iii
  4. 4. APPROVAL SHEET Comment [o9]: Approval Sheet contains the approval sheet Comment [o10]: All preliminary headings-Font Size 14 This narrative report attached hereto entitled“A NARRATIVE REPORT ON ON-THE-JOB TRAINING UNDERTAKEN AT MUNICIPALITY OF PAETE, J. V. QUESADAST. PAETE, LAGUNA” prepared, presented, and submitted by MR. JONATHAN B.VILLANUEVAin partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation for the Diploma in Comment [o11]: BoldASSOCIATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, is hereby endorsed for approval. FOR-IAN V. SANDOVAL BEVERLY S. FIGAROLA Comment [o13]: English Critic depending to the assigned Critic I.T. Practicum Coordinator/ English Critic Assigned by the ITSystems ITCore Director- Office of Student Affairs Comment [o14]: and Services Change to Technical/English Critic Comment [o12]: Change to Chairperson, LSPU-SC OSAS & __________________ __________________ InfoTech, Program Head Date Date Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Diplomain ASSOCIATE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (AIT). Comment [o15]: Make it bold JOEL M. BAWICA Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Comment [o16]: Change to College of Computer Studies ____________________ Date iv
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Comment [o17]: -Trainee’s gratitude to all the people who gave significant contribution - The people to thank for -The people who provide help The I.T. Specialist trainee would like to convey his sincerest and profound Comment [o18]:gratitude to those who willingly and wholeheartedly extended their helping hands during Provide 2 single line spaces before the 1st paragraphthe time of his OJT. Comment [o19]: Apply proper line spacing First paragraph after the headings – 2 line spaces It is a great pleasure for him to acknowledge Mr. For-Ian Sandoval, Director- Comment [o20]:Office of Student Affairs and Services for the untiring support, time, and effort and All paragraphs – apply double line spacing (Ctrl+2)words of encouragement shared to the trainee; Apply double line spacing per paragraph Comment [o21]: First line indented – 0.5” Apply proper line spacing THE I.T. SPECIALIST TRAINEE In between paragraph – single line spacing Comment [o22]: Apply 2 line spaces before the THE I.T. SPECIALIST TRAINEE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Comment [o23]: Follow this format 1 After (Formatted) 2 Comment [fvs24]: The I.T. Specialist trainee would like to convey his sincerest and profound Referring to line space/s – Font Size 12gratitude to those who willingly and wholeheartedly extended their helping hands duringthe time of his OJT.1 It is a great pleasure for him to acknowledge Mr. For-Ian Sandoval, Director- Comment [fvs25]: Bold the namesOffice of Student Affairs and Services for the untiring support, time, and effort andwords of encouragement shared to the trainee;1 Finally, to the greatest one to be praised, the Almighty God, for His everlastinglove, guidance and blessings showered to the trainee in making this training programsuccessful. 1 2 THE I.T. SPECIALIST TRAINEE v
  6. 6. DEDICATION Comment [o26]: -To whom you dedicate this Narrative Report 1 -Kaninomoinaalayang narrative naito 2 -Gumawangsarilingpag-aalay This success is not Comment [o27]: Format the paragraph to the desired shape attainable without the presence of the -Diamond -Cross + -Heart following person who became her helping hand to finish -Rectangle -Inverted Rectangle this work. Above all, to the Almighty God for showering His unending blessingsand guidance upon her. Most especially to her beloved parents for working too hardjust to send her in school. This success is a stepping stone for her future career. She must keep up the good work and pursue her respective profession for her endeavors. To all her co-trainees, who became her inspiration in striving and pursuing her goal in life. Despite of many efforts, trials and hardships exerted during the training, she would like to dedicate all her accomplishments to everyone who made this work possible. 1 2 Comment [o28]: Mary Joy Castillo -It can be your name -Use your own formatting vi
  7. 7. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Comment [o29]: Note -Make your own biographical sketch format -Put all the important events or detail in your life -Do not copy the previous narrative -It should be in third person Apply previous formatting for Line spacing Paragraph spacing vii
  8. 8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Comment [o30]: Summary of Chapter 1 to 5 It contains the following -Self-definition of OJT/IT Training -Overview of the Company/ -Department assigned -Trainee’s Supervisor -The duration of the Training -Areas of Training -Summary of Self-Assessment (Skills & Technology Learned, Best experience during the training, personal relations, etc.) -Summary of Recommendation (as a training ground, advised to future student-trainee etc.) Apply previous formatting for Line spacing Paragraph spacing viii
  9. 9. TABLE OF CONTENTS Comment [o31]: Table of Contents depend on the Trainee’s Documentation Page No. Comment [o32]: Check your page numbersTitle Page iVision, Mission, Core Values, College Goals and ii Objectives of the Information Technology ProgramApproval Sheet ivAcknowledgement vDedication viBiographical Sketch viiExecutive Summary viiiTable of Contents xCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1 Comment [o33]: Chapter’s page number - bold Historical Background of the Company 3 Vision/Mission/Objectives of the Company 7 Organizational Chart of the Company 8 Department/Division/Section 9 Personnel In-Charge and Designation 10 Inclusive Dates of Training 11 2 IN-PLANT TRAINING PROGRAM 12 Timetables 13 Areas of Training 16 Function and Duties of Employees 16 List of References in the Company Library 16 List of Forms or Document Dealt With 17 Comment [fvs34]: Addition/New Include all forms or documents 3 DAILY ROUTINARY ACTIVITIES 18 Daily Routines 18 4 SELF-ASSESSMENT 27 Achievements 27 a. Skills and Current Technology Learned/Enforced 27 b. Equipment, Machinery, Testing Apparatus, etc. Handled c. Strong Points Versus Weak Points 28 d. Best Experience on the Job 28 e. Evidence of Background Preparation 29 ix
  10. 10. Faults 29 a. Causes 29 b. Suggested Solutions 29 Personal Relations: Integration with the Company Personnel 29 Attendance and Punctuality 30 Interest and Commitment 305 RECOMMENDATIONS 31 Potential of Company as Training Ground 31 a. Availability and Appropriateness of Facilities, Tools, Machinery and Equipment 32 b. Company Personnel Cooperation 32 Assessment to the Duration of Training 32 Proposed Revisions for the Improvement of the 32 Training Program 32 Advised to Future Student-Trainee 33 APPENDICES Comment [fvs35]: Adjust appendices letters if you will insert new Appendix A. I.T. Specialist Trainee Profile Appendix B. OJT Pre-Interview Ranking Appendix C. Endorsement Letter Appendix D. Parent’s Waiver and Consent Appendix E. Memorandum of Agreement Appendix F. Certification of Completion Appendix G. Evaluation Sheet for OJT Appendix H. Daily Time Record Appendix I. Company Location Map Appendix J. Company Logo Appendix K. OCT Photos Appendix L. OJT Photos Appendix M. Compiled Documentation and Presentation on Light Scribe CD x
  11. 11. xi