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Sant josep school
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Sant josep school


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  • 1. St. Josep school is situated in ctra. Viver, 20. There are 240 studens 5 in our school. We’ve got 20 teachers. We are a green school. We celebrate festival... In our school there are toilets, an english class, music class a gym a computer clasroom, a library, corridors, art and craf, a garden, one video room.The toilets, ther are six, there for girl,s and for boys. In the English class we learn English. In my music class we do music. OUR School: Sant Josep school
  • 2. In the gym we play football , we play basketball, we play tennis, we play voleyball and other games. Ther are five playgrounds. In the library ther are books. In the corridors ther are clasrooms. My garden is big. The video room is big and there is a video room in the english clasroom. By: Pol, Guillem and Aitor
  • 3. In the computer room there are 16 computers. The children use them many times a week. Word art is a programme to write and to make an essay. Paint shop pro is a programme to draw. We learn Catalan, English, Spanish in the computer room. By: Roger and Albert
  • 4. English classroom In our English classroom we’ve got desks and chairs. We’ve got a board, a blackboard and it is next to the video room. Our English teacher is Fina. In this class we learn a lot: we listen to stories, read books, sing songs, and play games…with our teachers Fina, Joana and Emily. There are a lot of desks and chairs. There is a blackboard, a computer and a projector in this class, there are a lot of books and funny games. This class is on the second floor next to the video room. By Mercè and Mireia.
  • 5. Video room In our video room we’ve got two TVs. We like this class, we go to watch films here. It is a big class, there are a lot of chairsand a lot of films. This room is on the second floor, next to the English class and the library.   By: Mercè Berner & Mireia Romero
  • 6. LLIIBBRRAARRYY In the library we’ve got books,novels, Magazines,and the library we read the books. In the library we’ve got tables,chairs and shelves.There is a library service every day at breaktime. We read stories,poems,we make bookmarks... We learu about poets and writers too. By: Maria and Ainoa
  • 7. Toilets We’ve got three toilets for girls and three for boys. We’ve got two washbasins. We’ve got soap,toilets paper and wastebasket. In our toilets we’ve got windows. By: Carla and Paula
  • 8. It´s a big garden, is separated with stairs. In my garden there are trees ,and big plants and flowers. There is a giant fir ,there are different species of bushes in the garden. On the giant pine there is a Place to hide us! . By: Pol, Guillem and Aitor
  • 9. THE PLAYGROUND There are 4 playgrounds. is the playgrounds the children play football or basketball.There is a playground for children of 1st and 2nd levels of primary and another playground for children of 3rd,4th,5th and 6th primary.There are two baskets on the first playground. On the second playground there are two trees and one fountain.On the third playground there are two toilets.The last playground is at the back of the school and it is for younger children. By Arià and Adrià.
  • 10. In the dining room we have many benches and many tables. We have windows and a door too. There is a cube where we put the dirty forks. The monitors are M.Alba, Imma and Eva. We eat pizza, rice, fish and meat. My favourite food is caneloni. After lunch we go and play in the playground. We also brush our teeth. By: Ariadna and Nerea.
  • 11. Kindergarten The kindergarten is very small. There are many colours. There are three classrooms P-0, P-1 and P-2. At the entrance there are plants and flowers. At the door there is a ring. In the school yard there is a little park. There are sleeping coots too. They have hangers for coats and bags. They have pictures of the children. They have very small desks and chairs. There are mirrors to be visible. They have lots of toys. The bathrooms are very small. Little children play and learn a lot of things in our Kindergarten. The teachers of the Kindergarten are: Anna , Gisela, Monica and Laia. By: Paula and Carla
  • 12. MUSIC CLASSROOM In our school there is a music classroom . Our music teacher is Núria. We like music. We learn a lot in this class. This year we start to play the flute, and we love playing the flute.Once a week we go to the gym, we don’t do gym we do Music, but we don’t do worksheets or play the flute :we dance and sing! By: Xavier and Marc
  • 13. Wood craft The wood craft is in the school. The teacher is Montse Mas. We work with mud and paint. There are four desks and there are sixteen chairs. There are lots of brushes. There is a board too. By:Anna and Nadia.