Different ways of helping people


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Different ways of helping people

  1. 1. looking after younger brothers and sisters wash help with the our dishes parents’ jobs At home we can… clean thehelp with the bedroom cooking dust the furniture lay the table
  2. 2. work in the school garden. help Plant younger treeschildren to recycle the learn paper of the classrooms At school we can… help during help the the lesson teacher in the library
  3. 3. help adults to respect the environmen visit ill t neighbours take care of public monuments In the help in the neighbourhood church we can… help carringheavy bags from the shop offer seating help in the bus elderly people to cross the street
  4. 4. collect food, money and clothes for poor and set up sick people charities help people to give up addictions In our country we organise help in can… a case ofdisasters such asflood, drought, ts collaborate unami or with solidarity earthquake organizations: develop DOMUND voluntary services
  5. 5. Szkoła Podstawowa im. Tadeusza Kościuszki w Gębicach• At home:- At home: Karolina Nalewaj, Vb- Help with our parents’ job: A bakery: Barbara Wolkiewicz, Agnieszka Stefaniak, Iga Lewandowska, Vb- Dust the furniture: Marlena Walkowska, Vb- Wash the dishes: Monika Cieślewicz, Vb• At school:- At school we can… Marcelina Śmigielska VIb, class Vb and other students- Work in the school garden: Green Oasis: Gabrysia Winkiel, Vb and other students- Helping during the lesson: Agata Karczmarz, Jagoda Guźniczak, class VIb• In the neighbourhood:- In the neighbourhood: Planting trees: class VIb- Help in the church: Anna Kozłowska, Marita Banaszkiewicz, Klaudia Rutkowska, Marta Kameduła, Agata Reszelewska, Vb- Take care of public monuments: class IVb• In our country:- Organise help during the flood: Patrycja Zdunek, Agata Górna, Agata Wiśniewska, Dominika Walkowska, Va- Develop voluntary services: Adam Jankowiak, Va and his mum- Help people to give up addictions: class IVb, Va, VIb and II - VIs- Set up charities: WOŚP: all students
  6. 6. Sant Josep school, Navàs• At home:- Cooking, by: Jordi Busquets and his mum Laura.- Cleaning the room by: Adrià- Laying the table, by: Oriol Costa- Looking after younger sisters, by: Mireia Muñoz, Mercè and Marina.• At school:- Recycling, by: Roger and Jordi B.- Looking after younger pupils, by: Mireia Pujantell.- Helping the teachers, by: Ernest• In the neighbourhood:- Help our parents to carry heavy bags, by: Francesc and his mum Agnès.- Visit ill people, by: Marc Torrente and his sister Marta- Give seat in the bus, by: Marina- Help old people to cross the street, by: Sergi Serra , Oriol Fíguls and Sergi’s mum Susana.- Take care of the environment, by: Oriol Fíguls and his mum M.Àngels.• In our country:- Collecting food and clothes for poor people, by: Meritxell Serena- Collaborating with solidarity organizations: DOMUND. The whole school.