Mgt 420 all discussion questions


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Mgt 420 all discussion questions

  1. 1. MGT 420 AllDiscussionQuestions PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREWeek One Discussion Questions· What is the most important foundational element in the quality process? Why isit the foundation of success in this process?· What are some approaches taken by leadership in planning, developing, andimplementing a quality process? What type of leadership is necessary toimplement the plan and keep it focused until completion?· In the manufacturing industry, who are the various stakeholders inimplementing a quality process? How is each stakeholder impacted? Are allstakeholders impacted equally in implementing the quality process? Explain.· In a global market, source venders – or stakeholders – may or may not havequality control enforcement that meets the standards of the country producing theproduct. What are some approaches to control quality across the global supplychain? What are some implications or consequences of not properly controllingthe quality of raw materials and components in the supply chain? Provideexamples to support your answer.· What are the different elements within a supply chain? What are some qualitymanagement approaches available for a supply chain? How does each qualitymanagement approach impact elements of the supply chain?· Why is quality management so important in the supply chain? What mayhappen to the supply chain if the quality management approach is notimplemented correctly? What are the consequences of the faulty implementationof a quality management approach?Week Two Discussion Questions· Why was Deming’s theory on quality embraced by the Japanese auto industryand rejected by the American auto industry? What impact did the rejection ofDeming’s quality theory by the American auto industry have on the rise of theJapanese auto industry?· What is Crosby’s quality theory? In what way is it unique among the varioustheorists? What influence does adhering to Crosby’s unique theory have onproduction?· What are the distinguishing elements of a process-driven quality requirement?What is unique about a process-driven quality requirement? What are some of
  2. 2. the unique elements of implementing customer-driven quality requirements asopposed to process-driven quality requirements?· What are the distinguishing elements of a customer-driven quality requirement?What elements are unique to a customer-driven quality requirement? Why isinterfacing between the provider and the customer so critical in the successfulimplementation in customer-driven quality requirements?· How does one evaluate the characteristics of a quality tangible product? Howimportant would reliability and dependability factor into your evaluation?· How does one evaluate the characteristics of a quality intangible product? Howimportant would courtesy and knowledge be of the person representing theprovider in resolving an issue with a quality intangible service?Week Three Discussion Questions· What are the two principle activities in strategic planning? Why is it important tocorrectly identify and address these two activities to ensure success in the qualityinitiative?· What are some quality management issues? What are some strategies foraddressing quality management issues? How did you determine which ones aremost applicable? Defend your position.· How do issues involving people enter into the strategy development andimplementation activities? Why is it important to have your key people involved inall aspects of the total quality process?· When deploying a quality process, what is the first most important step to beconsidered? If you miss this step, does it have systemic implications through outthe process? Explain your answers.· Would completing a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)analysis be advantageous when deploying a quality process? How doidentification and correction of internal weaknesses result in a more successfuldeployment of the quality process?· When measuring results of quality initiatives, which factors should beconsidered? How do these factors influence the criteria?· Is customer input important in developing quality measurement criteria? Doesdetermining the customers needs create a positive result? Why?· Do quality initiatives result in an immediate profit improvement? How would anorganization determine if the quality initiative results need to be measured? Howwould the organization determine when to measure the improvement?
  3. 3. Week Four Discussion Questions· What are some KPIs that can affect alliances with certain vendors? Which KPIsare most important? Why?· Would a manufacturer view the KPIs differently for a commodity-type itemversus a high-end product? If yes, why would the manufacturer view theseproducts differently? What effect does the manufacturer’s choice have on theprice of the product being purchased and produced for the end product?· What supplier qualifications would indicate the probability that your supplierwould be a successful strategic partner? In your opinion, how would you prioritizethese qualifications? What long-term effect would these choices have on anorganization?· After qualification of the vendor, at what point do you initiate a performancereview? Does it make a difference if you measure their performance at the middleof the cycle or at the end? Why?· What are some areas of a company adversely affected when switchingsuppliers? How would altering suppliers affect the different areas of amanufacturing company? How would it affect the different areas of a servicecompany?· What are some of the major costs in altering an existing supplier relationship orestablishing a new one? What significant costs might be incurred by amanufacturing business upon modifying a supplier relationship? What are someof the primary costs you would use in evaluating a service provider?· Can all costs be determined up-front when altering a supplier relationship?Explain how altering a supplier relationship would affect each of the followingareas:o Warehousingo Deliveryo Billingo Reliabilityo Quality of products or serviceso Transportationcosts· Is cost the most important factor to be considered when changing suppliers?Why?
  4. 4. Week Five Discussion Questions· What are some external quality management organizations? What value dothese organizations bring to each of their targeted industries? How does theirpresence enhance the particular industry they target?· What value does an external quality management organization bring to acompany that employs their methodology? Does receiving the endorsement froman external quality management organization bring long-term value to acompany? Why or why not?· When a company wants to improve its quality performance, should it seekadvice from an external organization? Why would it seek membership in anexternal organization?· Does participation in state or local quality management organizations continueto add value to an organization? Does this participation affect the line worker? Inwhat way?