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Roel Croes, GreenICT


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Science meets IT
Wat heeft de Nederlandse wetenschap eigenlijk in de naaste toekomst te bieden op het gebied van duurzaamheid. Discussie met Nederlandse topwetenschappers Ton Koonen en
Prof. dr. ir. Gerard Smit.
Moderator: Roel Croes (mede-oprichter en bestuurslid Stichting GreenICT) Ton Koonen (hoogleraar Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
Prof. dr. ir. Gerard Smit (hoogleraar Universiteit Twente)

Published in: Technology, Business
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Roel Croes, GreenICT

  1. 1. Greening the Enterprise 3.0 Mr. Roel L. Croes Media Plaza Utrecht Mede-oprichter / 25 november 2009 bestuurslid Stichting GreenICT Discussie: science meets IT Initiator ICT Innovatie Platform Duurzame ICT Prof. ir. Ton Koonen, TU/e Directeur Croes Consultants Prof. dr. ir. Gerard Smit, UTwente Moderator Roel Croes, Stichting GreenICT 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 1 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 2 Mr. Roel L. Croes Gerard Smit, hoogleraar Universiteit Twente Gerard J.M. Smit received his M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the Mede-oprichter / University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands. He finished his Ph.D. thesis entitled “The Design of Central Switch Communication Systems for Multimedia Applications” in 1994. bestuurslid He currently is a Full Professor with the faculty of EEMCS, University of Twente, Stichting GreenICT leading the CAES chair, where he is responsible for a number of research projects sponsored by the EC, industry and Dutch government in the field of multimedia and efficient reconfigurable systems. After receiving the M.Sc. degree, he worked for four years at the Research laboratory of Océ, Venlo, The Netherlands. In 1994, he was a Visiting Researcher Initiator ICT Innovatie Platform with the Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University, Cambridge, MA and, in Duurzame ICT 1998, he was a Visiting Researcher with Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations, Murray Hill, NJ. Since 1999, he has been leading the Chameleon group, which investigates new hardware and software architectures for energy- Directeur Croes Consultants efficient systems. Currently his research interests include low-power communication, and reconfigurable architectures for energy reduction. 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 3 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 4 1
  2. 2. Ton Koonen, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Het IIP Duurzame ICT Ton Koonen received the M.Sc. degree (cum laude) in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology. In 1979 he started working as a member of Het IIP Duurzame ICT is een open samenwerkings- technical staff doing applied research in fibre-optic communication systems in Philips Communication Industry, which merged with AT&T in 1984. In 1987, he verband tussen onderzoekers, bedrijven, maatschap- became the technical manager of an applied research group on broadband telecommunication systems at Bell Laboratories in Lucent Technologies. He also pelijke instellingen en gebruikers ( was a part-time Professor at Twente University from 1991 to 2000. He is a Full Professor at TU/e and Chairman of the Electro-optical Communication Systems Group at the COBRA Institute. Betrokken organisaties zijn onder meer: His current research interests include broadband fiber access and in-building networks, radio-over-fiber networks, and optical packet-switched networks. He TU Delft, Philips, TU/e, TNO, Cisco Systems, IBM, has initiated and led several European and national R&D projects in this area on dynamically reconfigurable hybrid fiber access networks, fiber-wireless, packet- UTwente, HP, Microsoft Nederland, Rabobank, SARA, switched access, and short-range multimode (polymer) optical fiber networks, stichting GreenICT, WUR, Capgemini, Atos Origin, and label-controlled optical packet routed networks. Currently, he is involved in a number of access/in-home projects in the Freeband program, the IOP GenCom WebEx, Lennox Benelux, IMEC Nederland, Fomax, program, and the EC FP6 IST and FP7 ICT programs. He authored and co- authored more than 250 conference and journal publications. Toltech Solutions, Fontys Hogescholen, Getronics Prof. Koonen is a Bell Laboratories Fellow since 1998, an IEEE Fellow since 2007, Pink Roccade, TI WMC, Hogeschool Arnhem en and an elected member of the IEEE LEOS Board of Governors since 2007. Nijmegen, Plugwise, Oracle Benelux, Turtlestep, KPN en …. 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 5 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 6 Green ICT is gewoon gewone ICT maar met in achtneming van Bedankt voor uw aandacht ! duurzaamheid Heeft u vragen? Het wordt dus hoog tijd dat we aan onze toekomst denken en aan onze Voor meer info toekomst beginnen bezoek Kortom: of mail info@ Start Greening our Enterprises! bezoek of mail info@ and save our planet BIT by BIT! 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 7 29 september 2009 © 2009 GreenICT 8 2
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