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Cwt Price List (31 March 2012)

  1. 1. . . . . CLIMATE WORLD TRADE . . IMPORTERS . EXPORTERS . DISTRIBUTORS . . . www.ClimateWorldTrade.comPhone: +2779 539 6161 Fax: 086 6974 777 E-mail: Skype ID: Box 5635 Worcester 6862 Western Cape SOUTH AFRICA 6 Caledon Avenue Worcester 6850 Western Cape _________________________________ PRICE LIST to SHOPS/VENDORS/RESELLERS This list applicable for our clients worldwide Price List A Due to the many products we have available we had to split our price lists to ensure each fit into an email (less than 3Mb)Prices valid for orders received on or before: 31 March 2012Categories in this price list: 1. Car & Outdoors 2. Health & Medical 3. Hobby & Work How to calculate delivery charges How to convert USD to your country’s own currency 1. All prices are in USD, i.e American dollars. To convert a USD-price to your own currency simply uses CWT’s fixed C-Rate for your country that is applicable for this month. (More info on website under Services>C-Rate.) 2. ‘VAT and GST’ are sales taxes levied on goods and services in 99% of countries worldwide. 3. If you are one of our bulk-buyers (re-sellers, shops, fund-raising, schools, for example), you will already know that our Recommended Retail Prices are to act as a guide line only – you can set your own prices. 4. Our Recommended Retail Price apply for orders of 9 or less items placed with us 5. A Bulk Order consists of just 10 or more items, in any combination, even for 10 different items. 6. Product codes were simplified, please remember to include them on order forms 7. Reference codes/names is IMPORTANT with all orders placed and payments made. Use your agent’s first 3 letters of his/her surname + the last 3 digits of his/her mobile phone number with all orders. (Example for John Presley: ley742.) This helps us to process your order faster. 8. Most products can be branded with your company’s name and logo if you wish to establish your own brand (you will see some of our products under other names in the market; guess where they got it...) 9. Some products may not yet appear on our website (our agents get info about new releases first) 10. We may be in another country than you but we most probably have an agent (or even ten of them) close to you, right there in your country or home town. To ensure personalised service for bulk orders, orders of 10 or more items/units – if you want some significant discount - can only be accepted via one of our agents or sales representatives, and not via the online shopping cart on our website. Do write down your agent’s contact details (search for it in his/her email), or contact us for your nearest local agent. SALES TAX (VAT) is INCLUDED with ALL PRICES: To make it easier to understand our pricing structure, the prices that you see in the Recommended Retail-column are the total you will have to pay, with all relevant taxes and shipping/postage to your nearest post office anywhere in South Africa included (for international orders a small extra shipping charge apply) With Bulk orders – the column second from right – all taxes are included, but delivery charges are excluded. Please refer to the chapter dealing with that at the end of this price list. We have been described before as an ‘international online mail order wholesaler for shops, with an agent in your town’. ............................
  2. 2. CAR & OUTDOORSPIC CODE PRODUCT WEIGHT BULK RR-PRICE PRICE FS4 Fuel Shark 0,075 kg 15,98 23,95 HCM1 Hot & Cold Travel Mug 0,100 kg 3,35 5,25 SEM1 Stainless Steel Electric 0,100 kg 6,00 9,65 Mug RWL1 Rechargeable LED 0,250 kg 21,70 33,25 Lantern MFL1 Multi-Function 0,400 kg 24,00 34,50 Rechargeable Lantern/Fan/LED/Tube BRT1 Black & Red O,170kg 10,65 15,95 Rechargeable Torch RPL1 Rechargeable Portable 0,200 kg 15,35 23,95 Emergency Lantern TF1 Stainless Steel 0,150 kg 19,90 29,85 Thermos Flask 1,8 litre Hot & Page 2
  3. 3. RHL7 Multi-Purpose 0,200 kg 8,00 11,85 Rechargeable Hand Lamp HTL1 Halogen Tischlampe 0,250 kg 15,55 23,85HEALTH & MEDICALPIC CODE PRODUCT WEIGHT BULK RR- PRICE PRICE HRW1 Motion Plus Heart Rate 0,0490KG 15,94 23,90 Monitor Watch Black BPM1 Digital Wrist Blood Pressure 0,1870KG 28,90 49,35 Monitor & Heart Beat Meter SGA1 Snore Gone 0,116 kg 18,65 28,65 SGA2 Snore Go away Stop Snoring 0,217 KG 38,05 53,15 Anti Snoring Wristband Page 3
  4. 4. NMP1 12 in 1 Stainless steel Nail 0,2600KG 16,32 24,85 Clippers Manicure Pedicure set HLC1 Breakthrough Hair Laser 0,650 kg 51,82 68,85 Treatment Power Grow Comb RSM1 Princeshave Rechargeable 0,200 kg 11,35 22,85 cordless shaving machine RSM2 Ruifeng Rechargeable 0,250 kg 13,25 25,85 cordless shaving machine RSM3 Supreme-4 Rechargeable 0,400 kg 15,35 32,75 cordless shaving machine with 4 blades RSM4 Rocksonic Hair Clipper 0,300 kg 19,15 25,10 Sun798 Hair Straightener 0,200 kg 8,10 15,65 8 Page 4
  5. 5. Sun788 Pro Slimline Professional 0,250 kg 10,75 18,35 3 Hair Iron HS1 Sokany Hair Straightener 0,250 kg 15,85 24,85 HS2 Ionic Hair Permer 0,200 kg 5,85 8,95 PED1 Original PED Egg 0,075 6,92 9,65 DJR1 Digital Jumping Rope with 0,150KG 14,98 22,45 Timer/Calorie/Counter/Cloc k/Fat Function F138 F-138 EAR Sound Voice 0.080KG 28,08 46,15 Amplifier Deaf Hearing Page 5
  6. 6. HOBBY & WORKPIC CODE PRODUCT WEIGHT BULK RR- PRICE PRICE MMB1 Military Marine 8 x 0,600 kg 48, 60 62,30 42 Hi-Tech Binoculars with matching padded bag IT6 ePad 7" Touch 0,742 KG 139,76 189,95 Screen TFT LCD Google Android 2.2 (VIA WM8650/800MHz) Tablet PC WiFi/Camera - Support Flash 10.1 and 3G BC1 Electronic Bicycle 0,0690 12,84 17,90 Computer kg SMC2 8GB Underwater 1,700 KG 180,90 304,90 Diving Scuba Mask DVR Camcorder with Snorkel AFF9 Digital Timer 0,2450 36,15 61,55 Aquarium Auto Fish kg Food Feeder SGP1 Shock Gag Pen-Black 0,023 4,88 7, Page 6
  7. 7. FFS1 Max. 100M Depth 0,5680 96,60 149,50 Range 2.0" LCD kg Screen Portable Sonar Fish Finder BT-08 Breathalyser 0,060 kg 9,02 13,75 Keychain Car Gadget - Flashlight + Stopwatch BT-10 Breathalyser Alcohol 0,080 12,92 22,15 Tester - Dual LCD Display DM1 USB Digital 0,310 70,74 88,45 Microscope with Super Macro + LED Light DM2 USB Digital 0,5100 89,70 112,15 Microscope with 300x Magnification (Handheld) DM3 Mini Microscope 0,132 kg 9,70 12,95 with 60 times Magnifier and LED Page 7
  8. 8. ORDER & PAYMENT METHODS:Would you like to pay in your own currency – that you are familiar with - instead of US dollars? CWTaccepts several different international payment methods (refer to our order form, website, or your agentfor them.)Some of them are:PayPal Google Checkout PayFast PayAlertMoneybookers EFT Western Union CashSenderMoneygram Wire Transfer Credit card payments (and Letters of Credit (LC’s) most debit cards) All of these methods will automatically convert the USD-price to your own currency when you makepayment, or even when you just visit their websites to see what our price will be in your currency.(Or, ask your agent how CWT’s C-rate works.) Easiest, of course, is when you place your order on our website and pay via PayPal. You don’t needan account with them; your credit or even your debit card will do the job, and you’ll see the price inyour own currency.Please note: When you order ten or more units of an item, or even just ten different items, youqualify for our significant bulk discount prices as on our price lists. A bulk order can only be placed viaan order form from your agent, or by using the online order form on our website, but not by using the‘Add to Cart’ feature next to an item on our website. When you are using (y)our agent to place yourorder CWT can ensure that you receive more personalized service especially if you plan to re-sellthose products. Some items are only available via our agents and cannot be ordered from our website; orders have tobe accepted by an agent but payment can still be made by using any of the methods in the table above.HOW TO CALCULATE COURIER COSTS FOR BULK ORDERS: For deliveries in South Africa, shipping / postage costs are included with all deliveries for orders atour Recommended Retail prices (column on far right) of 9 or less items OR of the same units each(called Individual Orders), but excluded for all bulk orders (prices in second from right column) of 10or more items/units. For deliveries to countries other than South Africa, a subsidized delivery charge applies on both RR-prices and bulk prices. CWT mainly makes use of the South African Post Office for delivery of orders up to $ 1 000, exceptwith fairly large orders or where other couriers will be cheaper. We don’t make any money frompostage/shipping, and we will most definitely aim to find you the cheapest and most reliable methodof delivery. Individuals, re-sellers and shops are welcome to suggest or make use of their own couriers andobtain a quotation from them instead of the SAPO. Shipping with SAPO is normally calculated onweight and not volume, with some limits that may not be exceeded. We aim to display the accurateweight of all products on our website/price lists to make it easy to calculate the cost.The formula below is used to calculate the correct shipping costs. If you’re uncertain about the costs,contact us and we’ll be glad to assist Page 8
  9. 9. Formula used for deliveries anywhere in South Africa (for bulk orders only, it is already includedwith orders at our RR-prices):“Econoparcel”: A parcel weighing no more than 1 ZAR 20,50kg, and smaller than 458 x 324 x 100 millimetres.A parcel weighing more than 1 kg, but in a box no ZAR 31,50 for the first kilogram, and thereafter Rbigger than 1 metre by 2 meter by 2 meter. 4,25 for every kilogram or part of a kilogram. This is for delivery to your nearest post office anywhere in South Africa. To track your parcel, and input your tracking number there. Unfortunately that website isn’t always asupdated as it should be, so for a more accurate answer on where a parcel is, phone 0860 – 111 - 502When it is several large and heavy boxes and/or you want them delivered to your shop’s premises, wewill get you a quotation from other couriers that may be cheaper than SAPO then.DELIVERY TO ANY OTHER COUNTRY than SA: Instead of using the above domestic South Africanrates, an international shipping rate apply with a standard rate of R 169,25 for any parcel weighing upto 3 kg, for any of the products shown on our website or price lists. This is calculated on weight pershipment, regardless of the quantity of items ordered.(When you visit you will see we actually subsidize international deliveries for normalparcels significantly.) For any other products or materials that you requested a quote from us othershipping rates may apply.Should you need an accurate quote on any order bigger than 5kg you want to place, please contactyour agent or CWT direct. REMEMBER our Unique 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee We understand that although one product may be a top-seller in one town, it may not be selling that well in another town For any stocks that you don’t get sold within 90 days, just return the remaining stock unopened in its original packaging to us, and we’ll refund you in full minus courier costs, from 3 months up to 12 months after the order date. Please refer to our website for a list of all our comprehensive guarantees and warrantees to both end-users and Page 9