Waste management perspectives_ in st.petersburg

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Team Finland Future Watch report

Team Finland Future Watch report

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  • 1. Waste Management Perspectives in St.Petersburg Denis Zavyalov Head of the Development and Investment Projects Department St.Petersburg City Improvement Committee
  • 2. St.Petersburg Key Facts:  Population – 5,028 million people  Area –1,439 km²  Area of industrial zones – 240 km²  Gross Regional Product 2012 – US$ 67 billion St.Petersburg:  Russia’s second largest city, industrial, scientific & culture centre  Supportive local authorities  Strong FDI – Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Nokian Tyres  Major tourist destination – “Venice of the North”
  • 3. St.Petersburg Key Projects «The Western High Speed Diameter Road» Project description: Whole length of the route: 46,6 km Traffic capacity: up to 128 000 vehicle per day Financing form: PPP The Northern and Southern parts of the road have already been finished till this moment. Only the Central part is building now «Pulkovo Airport Development Project» Project description: Passenger traffic capacity: up to 17 million per year Financing form: PPP Construction is completed and testing of airport operations began on October 1, 2013
  • 4. Waste Treatment Industry in figures  St.Petersburg generates about 10 million m3 of MSW annually  Waste treatment plants treat about 15% of total amount of waste  The rest 85% are disposed at the landfills  Forecast for 2020 is more than 12 million m3 (2 million tons) of MSW to be generated
  • 5. Existing Infrastructure of the Waste Treatment Industry 2 plants «Yanino» and «Volkhonka»  Using technology: mechanical-biological treatment Useful materials such as paper, plastic and metals are recovered first through the mechanical separation stage. The rest organic material goes through the composting stage. The end product is CLO (Compost-like output). 2 landfill sites «Novosyolki»  Capacity: 34 million tons (residual capacity in 2012 3,7 million tons) «Novy Svet» Capacity: 18 million tons (residual capacity in 2012 7 million tons)
  • 6. Waste Collection System St.Petersburg has 25 060 waste collection sites including:  arranged collection sites (outside the buildings and structures) – 8 951  collection sites with underground containers – 271  collection systems (inside the buildings and structures) – 15 838
  • 7. Waste Management Perspectives According to the «Regional target program for municipal and industrial waste management in St.Petersburg in 2012-2020» the key directions of waste management development are the following:       MSW treatment facilities construction Hazardous and medical treatment facilities construction Construction of modern landfill sites Improving of the waste collection system Establishing the efficient monitoring system Development of the general scheme of the city sanitation
  • 8. Modernization of the Sorting Unit of the Plant «Yanino»     Technology: mechanical-biological treatment Current stage: the design works are carrying out Planning capacity after modernization: 250 000 tons per year Planning commissioning date: end of 2014
  • 9. Waste Treatment Plant     Investor: Helector S.A.–Aktor Concessions S.A.–Aktor S.A. Capacity: 350 000 tons per year Financing form: PPP Technology: - mechanical and optical separation - biological treatment – biodrying - residual fraction of the plant is not more than 20%  Current stage: - tender procedure took place in 2009-2010 - due to Greek financial crisis the project was suspended and now is under negotiation
  • 10. Medical Waste Management Complex     Technology: the high temperature incineration system of all types of medical waste with flue gas treatment Current stage: - expertise of the design documentation - equipment ordered Planning capacity: 5 000 tons per year Planning commissioning date: July 2014
  • 11. Reclamation of the landfill «Novosyolki»    Technology: reclamation with active degassing process Current stage: expertise of the design documentation Planning commissioning date: 2017
  • 12. Thank You for Your attention