Future Solent: The Road to a Solent Low Carbon Economy


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Gary Wilburn, Director HPW. Trustee AECB

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Future Solent: The Road to a Solent Low Carbon Economy

  1. 1. Future Solent:The road to a Solent Low Carbon Economy Gary Wilburn Trustee
  2. 2. "We are now entering an age of consequences" Winston Churchill "Every no takes you one step closer to a yes" Winston Churchill to sport artist Paul Trevillion
  3. 3. Are we blinkered? !!!
  4. 4. Retro-fit: the opportunity...To achieve an 80% reduction in carbon by 2050:I 600,000+ housing retrofits every yearI 2,500 retrofits per working dayI 333 per working hourI 5.5 a minute!In the South East region:I 45 retrofits per working hour costing £1,000,000 per working hour!Creating the largest ever UK engineering and construction project if £20-30,000is to be spent per home to achieve the 80% targets.Totaling £16.05 Billion (at 2007 costs according to BERR)
  5. 5. What is the real retro-fit challenge?...I Complex and involving processI Dealing with good and bad standards of original constructionI Every site is uniqueI Behaviour of the suppliers, contractors and tenantsI Upskilling and educating the supply chainI Sourcing products and technologies (least of our problems!?)I Cost and ROI
  6. 6. New build housing...I Exemplar new build social housing scheme designed 1999I PRP ArchitectsI Huge housing portfolio and experienceI Southampton CC support and Hyde Housing Association commissionI POE studyI Lessons to take from construction shortfalls including renewables
  7. 7. Portswood Road - Souhampton
  8. 8. Retro-fit housing...I Passivhaus targets for a retro-fit homeI Prewett Bizley ArchitectsI 22 kWh / m 2 achievedI Victorian terraceI MVHR and air tightness challengesI Owned by a Building Physicist!
  9. 9. Culford Road - London
  10. 10. York stone barn retro-fit I Low carbon conversion I HPW designed I GSHP I Triso super 10 insulation I POE study ongoing I Listed exterior I Owner living through building works
  11. 11. Domestic retro-fit (before)
  12. 12. Domestic Retro-fit (after) Charts created using heating system data created Elevation G (NORTH 1) by DSM in IES and lighting data
  13. 13. Batschuns House Austria
  14. 14. Building materials showroom Austria
  15. 15. Building materials showroom Austria
  16. 16. Sandy Balls - Welcome building
  17. 17. New sustainable food factory - Evesham
  18. 18. Freshwater Beach Holiday Park - Dorset
  19. 19. ‘Peppa Pig’ new attraction - Paultons Park
  20. 20. ‘Peppa Pig’ new attraction - Paultons Park
  21. 21. Rushden Lakes - New leisure, tourism and retail destination in the Nene Valley Marina Skew Bridge Ski lake Boathouse Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) Visitors Centre Restaurant Restaurant Retail Terrace C Hotel Ctreche Garden Centre Leisure Club Retail Terrace A Retail Terrace B Drive-thru
  22. 22. Gary Wilburn - PVT and PV at home
  23. 23. Thank you... any questions?