The Indian Growth Story


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What is driving growth in India and what will inhibit its potential

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The Indian Growth Story

  1. 1. India:10 Insights into the Indian growth story
  2. 2. Asia 5 Bringing you a flavour of business trends in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. more workers India will add 10 million new workers to its population everyyear til 2025 (i.e. the equivalent to the size of Portugal each year)Goldman Sachs says: “Indias demographics are astonishing, the most favourable in the World”
  4. 4. hard work cultureIn smaller companies, an Indian manager will typically work 11 hours a day, 6 days a week
  5. 5. clever workersIndia has second largest pool of science and engineering graduates in the world and churns out 2.3m per year (source: Ernst and Young)
  6. 6. entrepreneurs 12 largest population of Highest Net Worth individuals in the World (source: Merrill Lynch, World Wealth Report)
  7. 7. spending powerThe number of middle-class Indianswill swell to 267Mn by 2015 – up 67% from todays levels (source: National Council for Applied Economic Research) Per capita incomes are $3703 in PPP-adjusted terms (source: IMF, 2011) Economically, Goldman Sachsforecast that, by 2050, India could be 30 times bigger than today making it easily the third biggest economy in the World
  8. 8. versus ChinaIndia has huge differencessome positive, some negative- Autonomous regions- Bickering democracy- Antiquated caste system- Competing faiths- Complicated colonial heritage- Poor transport- Credible legal system- English language speaking- Home-grown technology companies
  9. 9. but poverty In 2010, 37% were below poverty line (source: Economy Watch) Whilst 82% of the Worlds population is literate, only 67% are in India Only 11% have health insurance
  10. 10. but corruption India is ranked 95th in a corruption perception index (source: Transparency International, 2011)In 2011, the planned anti- corruption bill failed to pass into law Billionaire Ajay Piramal wants to invest but says “the problem is not opportunity...its India”
  11. 11. but paralysisIn 2011, Indian Parliament passed just 22 laws – the second fewest since 1952 After a bust up inside Parliament in December 2011, the opposition spoke darkly of “the murder of democracy”
  12. 12. but protectionism Will they, wont they? After it looked, finally,that India would open up its retail to FDI, themeasure was blocked yetagain in December 2011
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