Risk proofed innovation


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How to be successful at innovation when so many product launches fail - or where products even fail to get launched?
The key is to de-risk ideation and the best way I know to do this is to ensure ideas intercept future consumer demand through a trends approach. Find our how to run a trends-based creative process

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Risk proofed innovation

  1. 1. Risk-proofedInnovation Improving the hit rate of Product Innovation
  2. 2. Innovation is hotThese days, innovation is near the top of every executive agenda
  3. 3. Innovation is hard....but few businesses do innovation well
  4. 4. Starting with goodideas There are many reasons why innovations MAY fail ....culture, process, strategy, execution BUT INNOVATION WILL ALWAYS FAIL IF THE IDEAS ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH
  5. 5. 101 approaches There are many ways to stimulate ideation (from TRIZ to regressing to childhood)
  6. 6. Trends: riskproofing Using consumer Trends as a catalyst for ideation is THE BEST APPROACH I KNOW1. Trends give neutral space away from company politics 2. Trends are a dynamic way to kick start creativity 3. Trends are future facing by definition: there is a higher probability that products will intercept future consumer demand
  7. 7. Creative processusing Trends Filter of RelevantBusiness Briefing Trends Trends Creativity Capture of ideation Building business Workshop(s) outputs case for top ideas Selection of Build workshop Brainstorm Group process & content
  8. 8. Who shouldparticipate?Several considerations:- number – never more than 10- seniority – a mix including young turks (but need to avoid people who will dominate due to rank)- gender - male and female- departmental – as necessary but want people who think across the business (not in silos)- HQ - often important to bring in people from field operations & customer facing- creatives – free thinkers and communicators (but without a political agenda)
  9. 9. Who works likethis?Futures Coaching works with many Blue Chip companies running ideation processes using Trends as the jumping off point
  10. 10. Successful ideas Virgin Atlantic used the Trends process to identify 10 keyconsumer dynamics across its customer journey in airports Following ideation, the result was radical changes to its airport Clubhouses (eg. the Cowshed spa) A number of prestigeous awards followed....
  11. 11. Open for business If your brand needs any of the following, please contact Futures Coaching: - better ideation - radical innovation - refreshed pipeline - risk proofed concepts and products - consumer-ready evaluation - ideas filtering - inter-cultural validation - future proofing
  12. 12. About Futures Coaching Celebrating 6 years!Working for great clients Doing great things Anticipating * the future of retail * the future of offices * the future of banking * the future of Asian women Innovating * new fund-raising offers * consumer healthcare NPD Coaching * trends training for insight teams * personal rejuvenation training Speaking * engagements from Taipei to Toronto Researching * management interviews * expert in-depths * consumer focus groups
  13. 13. ContactLandline: + 33 1 3908 0542Skype: futurescoachingE-mail: chris@futurescoaching.com