Little Indulgences


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The art of self treating in times of crisis

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Little Indulgences

  1. 1. Little indulgences:10 Insights on where to grow business
  2. 2. GrowthStories Bringing you a flavour of business growth just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. Compensation theory“Individuals invest more heavily in one domain to make up for what is missing in the other domain” (Staines,1980)
  4. 4. the dipstick is lipstick Estee Lauder coined the recession-proof lipstick index Small luxuries are things to get you through the bad times as well as the goodToday, nail polish also qualifies: up 65% 08-11 (source:NPD Group)
  5. 5. against all oddsIce-cream sales are rising in Greece In Britain, M&Ms sales were up 12% in 2010 (source: Euromonitor)
  6. 6. out with small austerity Rise of small luxuries means declines in small austerities Example: Danones Activia creamier yoghurts are booming but health-focused Actimel struggles
  7. 7. trend is global Nestlé Eclairs are a recent hit in India: “with anirresistible outer layer of caramel and a yummy milky filling, you will not find a better temptation”
  8. 8. for all pockets Royal Salute costs upto $600 a bottleAs the brand says: “its a bottle you need not mortgage the family home for” (!)
  9. 9. products > services Surge in sales of pricier Unilever shampoos as compensation for fewer visits to the salonExpensive food ingredients get a boost as people cut down on eating out
  10. 10. focus on NPDLondon Tea Companys recent launch of a white tea in silk bags swiftly overtook staples like Earl Grey
  11. 11. problem with profits Adding value can come at a cost. It takes six times as long to make silk tea bags; toothpastes which whiten cost more to makeAs Unilevers Polson reminds us: “good innovation over time should be margin-accretive”
  12. 12. getting it wrongPadoras charm braclets took the market by storm: an ideal pick-me-up productThen it pushed up the average price of these treats by 40% in 18 months to $40Result: the 2011 revenue forecasts were cut from 30% to 0
  13. 13. Acknowledgement These insights are drawn from The Financial Times article of August 6, 2011 “In the age of austerity, indulgence is back”
  14. 14. Working with Future Coaching Conference speeches on major trends - accelerating management awareness Workshopping trends – evaluating impacts on businesses or brands; future-proofing existing offers Brainstorming sessions – innovating to harness growth Reports on the future of sectors or industries – jumping ahead of the curve; achieving thought leadership; building in longevity Training for consumer insight teams – boosting internal futuring capabilities
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