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10 Trends in Asian entertainment

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Leisure Asia

  1. 1. Leisure Asia:10 Insightsinto Asian entertainment
  2. 2. Asia 5 Bringing you a flavour of business trends in Asia...in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative www.futurescoaching.com
  3. 3. I bet you can Macao attracts 25 million visitors & expected 2011 gamblingrevenue of $35Bn is at least 3x that of Las Vegas (Source: Straits Times) Singapore is actively considering doubling its casinos to 4
  4. 4. a load of balls Still popular – Japanese Pachinko parlours rake in anincredible $300Bn!, 4x the size of the global casino market (source: PWC)Music, random jackpots, customisation keep players coming
  5. 5. shoppingIndia added 20M ft² of retail space in 2010-2011, going from 190 to 280 Malls in the process (source CBRE). Whilst deregulation has just been put on hold again, Indians are shopping as never before
  6. 6. hello boysManga remains popular, worth $3.6Bn in 2007 (Source: Cube) Evolving genres include self published Dojinshi novels and Yaoi manga (depicting idealised gayrelationships - but aimed at female audience?!)Yaoi was worth $262Mnin 2010 (source: Yano research)
  7. 7. k-popThe winner of MTVs European award for best worldwide act was Bigbang from KoreaPop culture has spead in Korea since the late 1990s and,worldwide, 182 hallyu fanclubs attract 3.3Mn members
  8. 8. whats new? The common greating amongstShanghais young is whats new? Bars close and others launchseemingly overnight, keeping the night scene fresh
  9. 9. social networkingUsers in Japan spend on average 2.9 hours online; in China its 2.7; USA 2.3 (source: Business Insider) Facebook is gradually taking over in Asia, but China still blocks it
  10. 10. in the picture Instagram is a worldwide photo sharing phenomenon with 2 million users (source: Mashable) Its very popular in countries such asSingapore, Philippines, Japan and Korea
  11. 11. gaming Whilst mobile gaming is growing, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) remain huge World of Warcraft has 5.5Mn gamers in the East; only 4.5Mn in the West. Overall, gaming was worth $5Bn in Asia in 2009 vs $3.8Bn in USA (source: MMO Hut)Cheap & engaging, Chinese govt. runs anti-addiction campaigns
  12. 12. When leisure iswork Quote from a Western businessman in Shanghai: “Im selling my liver to open up hotels”Getting down to business in China can take 6 months of socialising in order to establish the relationship (hic)
  13. 13. LONDON • PARIS Website: www.futurescoaching.comBlog: http://futurescoaching.typepad.com Email: chris@futurescoaching.com
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