Future Of Consumer Health


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A snap-shot of some of the structural changes underway in consumer health - and why the health industry is having difficulty adjusting. Includes three 'rejuvenation' strategies ensuring that the audience get to the future first.

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Future Of Consumer Health

  1. 1. The Future of Consumer Healthcare What is needed to be successful in the future?
  2. 2. Coming up... A. Why we miss the future B. Blindspots and Trends C. How to be Different
  3. 3. A. Why we miss the future “Increasingly, competition between companies ....is competition to imagine the future” (Gary Hamel, Competing for the Future)
  4. 4. ...But humans are ill equipped to imagine the future
  5. 5. We are hardwired to ignore change
  6. 6. So... managers are late to recognise and react to • social transformations • structural turning points • regime shifts
  7. 7. AND YET...
  8. 8. Change happens!
  9. 9. Look how women have changed!
  10. 10. B. Blindspots and Trends A Blindspot is a Trend which managers don't see - or choose to ignore - due to their need to hold on to the past
  11. 11. Blindspots can be dangerous!
  12. 12. Example of a Blindspot “The record labels...kept looking at the small picture instead of the big one. They wouldn't let go of CDs. It was one of the greatest examples in history of collective corporate stupidity.” Ted Cohen, former executive at EMI, December 2007
  13. 13. Blindspots in Health 1. It is NOT just problem, solution “The women's OTC health market stigmatizes women treating them as having defects that have to be fixed” (2008 European industry survey results)
  14. 14. Blindspots in Health 1. It is NOT just problem, solution Good health is... living a full autonomous life, not just absence from pain Well-being: Ill-health; Healthy health, diseased; dying happiness, prosperity Cure Energize Maintain
  15. 15. Blindspots in Health 2. 'Health' is being defined by customers 'Health' used to be defined by 'top down' authorities
  16. 16. Blindspots in Health 2. 'Health' is being defined by customers “When & where I want it” Medical tourism is national industry in 50 countries By 2012 $100billion 780m global health tourists Bumrungrad Hospital, Bankok
  17. 17. Blindspots in Health 3. 'Health' is going rapidly beyond medicine
  18. 18. Natural 50 Consumer Search for High-Performance Bio-Affinity New Witchery Health Postures Desire for Optimal Achievement Back to Mother Nature Hi-tech Health Vitality Junkies Alternative Medicine Desire for Eternal Youth New Spirituality The Systemic Body Desire for Perfection Modesty in Ageing Holistic View Complementary Medicine Desire to be Unhealthy Sense of Fatality Techno Nature Perverse Desire to be Unhealthy Condition Controlled Postponing Death Money Metric Ageing is Natural Quick Fix Carefree Pleasure Body Piloting Lack of Guidelines Hedonistic Attitude ‘Health Capital’ Managers Hyper Focussed Health Disillusioned Health Alibis Completely Confused Sacrificial Balancing Body Purging Health Anxious Rhythmic Credits and Debits Seeking Symptoms Belief in God Lifestyle Management My Wonderful Body Cocoon Protection Religious Conviction Food Dominance Allergy Obsessed The Environment is the Enemy Obsession with Cleanliness Belief in Human Potential Science Paradigm Learning Body Mental Health First Belief in Science Zero Tolerance Focus on Health Hobbyists New Innovations Sceptics Appearance Brain Power Belief in Miracle Cure Treatment Overdose Health as Fashion Health Experts Belief in Bio-technology Social Pressure
  19. 19. C. How to be different “The 'surplus society' has a surplus of similar companies, employing similar people...coming up with similar ideas...with similar quality” (Kjell Nordstrom, Funky Business)
  20. 20. 1. Build a better assumption base about consumer futures
  21. 21. 2. Future-proof the existing offer – making it more aligned with consumer Trends
  22. 22. Video games : Home centric activities, fitness and fun
  23. 23. 3. Innovate to create real value for consumers
  24. 24. Innovation in action
  25. 25. Conclusion : How to be successful in the Future Be open to change Move beyond Blindspots Analyse Trends Deploy 3 Rejuvenation Processes
  26. 26. Chris Middleton web: www.futurescoaching.com blog: http://futurescoaching.typepad.com