Consumer End Games 2012


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2012 will be make or break for many businesses.

Has business survival ever been more dependent on knowing how consumers will react in the future?

This detailed analysis highlights the four key strategies consumers will deploy in 2012.

Consumer 'End Games' come to the fore in times of uncertainty, where having a survival strategy matters.

  • For sure, most of us with choices can do this to some extent. However, everyone has a 'centre of gravity' where they operate most often and from where they make the most important choices in their lives. A football analogy. As a 'defender' you can join the attack every so often but you spend most of your time in your defender role. So with these End Games. If you are 'Recoiling' you might occasionally find yourself just 'Holding On' ; its just that the majority of your decisions are based on a hunkering down mentality.
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  • In these uncertain times, I think I probably combine all four of these views to some degree, and fluctuate between them!
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Consumer End Games 2012

  1. 1. End Games for 2012
  2. 2. End GamesEnd Games talks to the life strategies people carryinside their heads and use to take decisionsEnd Games can be explicit or implicit; conscious orunconsciousEnd Games come to the fore in times ofuncertainty, where having a survival strategymatters
  3. 3. 4 Key End Games for 2012New Life: survival lies beyond todays realitiesInto The Sun: survival by winning throughRecoiling: curl up and wait your momentHolding On: just hang in there
  4. 4. New Life Into The SunHolding On Recoiling
  5. 5. End Game: New Life “Fundamental dissatisfaction with life will lead many to look for tectonic shifts”For some, shift will come from real world realignment - Bloody social and political protests will reach boiling point and extremist figureheads will emerge to crystallise radicalism - New technologies will support more and more essential aspects of life, leaving few everyday needs untouched by Apps - Many brands will race to the top - meeting impossible, extreme aspirations: being newer, better, rarerFor others, New Life means escape from real world constraints - Brands will give trapdoors to other, more exciting, Worlds - Myth-making brands and heros will give people an excuse not to think
  6. 6. Message to marketeersCreate a New Life for meIt must have cut thoughMy aspiration knows no boundsEnsure it really, I mean really, worksAllow me to dreamMagic me from everyday lifeRelease racy new emotionsBe convincing so that I can follow youThink for meIf I accept the cult; I am your worshipper
  7. 7. End Game: Into The Sun “Hard times will bring opportunities and some will fight and battle through”For some, 2012 will be a time to get real and knuckle down - Employees will be prepared to dedicated even more effort at work - perhaps at a cost to their health - No stone will be left unturned to get to the top – manipulation, physical fitness, mental alertness, laser and cosmetic treatments - Brands will do more to facilitate an always on mentality and a search for perfectionSome people will seek to become linchpins - Putting themselves at the centre of various social networks to win soft power - Becoming an information aggregator by tapping into targeted knowledge networks - Risk taking will become the norm
  8. 8. Message to marketeersPropel me Into The SunGive me the tools to get things done effectivelyI need to get going and stay goingMove obstructions out of my wayReward my successProvide information so I can panic earlyWhatever it takes to get ahead of the othersFriends must have their usesBeing the best I can beNothing sticks; problems fall like water off a ducks back
  9. 9. End Game: Recoiling “The world turns, but in the mean time, some will burrow deep, put up their armour and wait”For some, 2012 will be about hunkering down - In all aspects of life, dont make waves, keep heads down, let the storm pass - Importance is given to convenience, slimming down, finding stress and risk free options - Brands will give safety and security messages and guarantees of being there for the long term - Longevity, craftsmanship, quality – these customers seek solidityHome based activities are preferred - Home time is valued and indoors provides a safe haven in an uncertain world - Technology becomes even more pivotal as the way of relating to the World outside
  10. 10. Message to marketeersHelp me to RecoilI need short cutsIm not going to exert myself; that will leave me vulnerableIm super sensitive regarding my privacySpending is dangerous; Im saving for the long-termIf this will last my lifetime, Im interestedShort-term is riskyI value comfort, cosiness and having my family around meBring the World to meWhat is your guarantee?
  11. 11. End Game: Holding On “Im in the shit; Im going to close my eyes and hope for the best”2012 will be menacing for many - Economically, some families and communities will fall on extreme, hard times - Resources will be managed tightly; but excesses will be necessary to let off steam - Brands will cynically play on luck, hope and naïvetyPeople will seek warmth wherever it can be found - Hand outs, freebies, playing the system, alternative, opportunistic lifestyle will prosper - Value retail gives way to lowest possible price; quality is a luxury that cannot be afforded - Tone and feel is: “doing whatever it takes” and “trusting to luck”; miracle claims are believed
  12. 12. Message to marketeersProtect me as I Hold OnIf it costs something extra, forget itIll stick to what I know, thank youYoull not catch me out (again)Tell me precisely what I need to doIf the trial is free, why not?If I do this for you, what will you do for me?Can you offer me any shelter at all?Its good that you seem to be on my sideI look for alternatives to buying stuff
  13. 13. New Life Into The Sun 20% 20% Indicative Consumer PenetrationHolding On Recoiling 30% 30%
  14. 14. End Games: Market Mapping High Into The Sun Socioeconomic New Life axis Recoiling Holding On Low Source: Socio cultural Futures Coaching Traditional Modern Nov 2011 axis
  15. 15. How to Benefit in 2012 from Consumers End GamesWork with Futures Coaching:- bring brand teams up to speed with 2012s key trends- portfolio mapping vs End Games- white space analysis- marketing plan coherence- future-proof existing NPD pipeline & launch- focused innovation- senior management away days
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